Euro 2016 fantasy football tips – Draft FFGeek team lineups for the final

Here’s our Euro 2016 fantasy football tips article where we give our draft teams for the McDonalds, Sun Dream Team and Telegraph fantasy football formats.  I thought it was worth doing the prep rather than squeezing out 13 transfers in the hour or so between the lineups coming out and kick off.  So here we show you the draft teams, remind you of the transfer rules plus a bit of chat over the dilemmas

Euro 2016 fantasy football tips – Draft FFGeek team lineups for the final

So as I said in my previous article that overall rank is still my objective so I won’t be going mad with differentials.  I think picking an all French defence is one way of doing that but I wont be going that far.  The amount of French defenders has been the only question in all my team selections.  The rest of the selections are obvious.

McDonalds format

6 transfers for everyone to play with unless you’ve got a wildcard.  There’s a limit on 8 players from 1 team.  The one thing I found out is that money won’t be an issue.  Here’s the team in draft. Griezmann will be my captain.  Remember you can’t adjust the lineup in draft so just concentrate on players rather than the lineup as the lineup below isn’t the lineup.

Draft Transfers are:  Boateng out – Koscielny in.  Draxler out Matuidi in. Ozil out Joao Mario in.  Rami out Evra in.  Muller out – Giroud in. Thats only 5 transfers.  I’m thinking of Cedric out Umtiti in.

At the moment I will probably play 4-3-3. Draft lineup: (Patricio – Koscielny, Evra, Sagna, Fonte – Payet, Pogba, Renato Sanchez – Ronaldo, Griezmann (c) Giroud.  Thats fairly balanced and not just a total bet on France.

Here’s the draft team:


Sun Dream Team

I had 3 transfers here from my 11 from the knock out.  I couldn’t find where it explicitly said but I don’t think there are any limitations on the number of players from 1 team.

Similar dilemma here.  3 French defenders or Pogba and 2 French defenders.  I’ll probably go for Pogba.

Draft transfers are :  Muller out Giroud in.  Gotze out Pogba in.  Hector out Koscielny in

Here’s the draft team:


Telegraph Fantasy Football

No such dilemmas here.  4 transfers left from the 20 in the knockout phase.  Explicitly states that you can have any amount of players from 1 team

Draft Transfers are:  Hector to Koscielny.  Rami to Umtiti.  Ozil to Pogba.  Muller to Giroud.

Here’s the draft team.


I may do an article giving my final teams but I may just put it only on twitter depending on my location so follow me on twitter if you’re interested @fantasyfoot20.  Good luck.

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