Euro 2016

The Sun Euro Dream Team tips - a first go at a team
Here's the Sun Euro Dream Team tips article where we show our first go at a team with a fairly short commentary.  It's just a starter for 10 rather than anything serious so please take it in the spirit of how it's intended...
Sun Dream Team  - Euro Dream Team
Here's our Sun Euro Dream Team first article where we outline the basic rules and give the league code for you to join.  We'll also outline what articles we'll be doing...
telegraph fantasy football European Championship comes to FFGeek
After the rather perplexing McDonalds game it's nice to see the simplicity of the Telegraph fantasy football European Championship format.  We take a quick look at the rules as a pre cursor to a series of articles on players and the FFGeek team...
Euro 2016 fantasy tips – McDonalds Fantasy
I thought I'd start the Euro 2016 fantasy tips articles by focusing on the McDonalds Fantasy 16 tips format.  This will probably be the most popular format.  Essentially I've copied the rules from the site and made a few comments based it's comparison with fantasy premier league...
Euro 2016 fantasy football tips – Euro 2016 comes to FFGeek
I'm noticing people starting to get their teams together for Euro 2016 so I thought I would at least outline what we'll doing for the competition in this Euro 2016 fantasy football tips article.  We'll talk about what fantasy competitions we'll enter into and give you the league codes for those...

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    sanchez only really potent player arsenal have, but up-coming fixtures...»

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    Hi Guys, Need some advice! Current Team: (0.7 in bank) Foster (Va...»

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    Is it worth getting rid of Sanchez for Ibra? I'm happy with Kane &...»

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    If lukakau was in 9/10 teams, how come he was captain of all 10 teams?...»

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    Hi Dave, I'm currently on 1419 points and team is as follows. De Gea, ...»

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