fantasy football contributors wanted for fantasy football geek

Next season I’m hoping to bolster the fantasy football contributors to fantasy football geek so this is an early shoutout for anyone who’s interested.  There’s a bit more detail in the post below

fantasy football contributors wanted for fantasy football geek

If you’ve got a good history for fantasy premier league, sun dream team, sky sports fantasy football, telegraph fantasy football and would like to contribute articles to fantasy football geek then contact me at the following email address:

[email protected]

Give me your rank history and anything you’ve written.  You can either contribute weekly articles or articles as and when you have something to say.  It’s up to you, either a regular commitment or as and when you want to write something.

New areas

I’m also looking for people who can write about the following

  1.  New daily and weekly formats of the game
  2. Anyone who can do betting tips articles
  3. Champions League fantasy
  4. Telegraph fantasy football Championship

I’m also looking for statisticians who can help grow the stats the site will provide

Again contact me on email on [email protected]

Thanks and look forward to haring from those interested

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  • Stephen

    As we’ve discussed in emails, I am happy to do some Telegraph articles. Likely this will be a few pre-season articles (Can discuss what would be most useful) and then maybe a monthly or weekly review depending what would be useful.

    This could be extended to the world cup competition which i’ll be entering. Although I don’t usually do the champions league version.

  • Rob

    Would we get a cut of donations?

This window will close in