fantasy football geek team performance – All formats – game week 6

Here’s a summary of the fantasy football geek teams performance this week game week 6.  A better week in all formats apart from barclays fantasy premier league due to the presence of Jelavic

Barclays fantasy premier  league

Total points:  GW  43  TOT 306

Fantasy Football Geek league position:  209/ 300 down from 200/300

Overall position: 451,205 down from 438,359   Total Players: 2,419,693

Gaivara555:  75  GW points   450 points OVR  overall rank 5

My value:  100.6

Facebook premier league fantasy

Total points: game week 48 total points 272

FFgeek league position: 10/26 up from 11/26

Overall position: 6648 up from 7,009 top 3%

FFgeek Leader:  DudeE Goa – 314 points overall rank 209 (top 0.1%)

ffgeek value: £149.5 down from £151.2

Telegraph fantasy football

Total points:  GW 50 TOT 274

FFgeek league position:  12/53 up from 13/52

Overall position:  9369 up from 19,235

Leader:   Neil Carrington – Tropicana3 339 points OVR position 221

League of leagues position: 20 up from 24

23 transfers remain

Sky Sports fantasy football

Total points: GW 58 TOT 289

week position 29,450 up from 189,337 last week

FFgeek league position: 30/109 up from 45/108

Overall position: 22,925 up from 55,692

Leader:   Gary Wood  –  Pistol Pete Sampras –  379 points

Fantasy football geek league position 8 up from 19

transfers 25

Sun Dream Team

Not analysed as ongoing due to Champions League and Europa League ongoing

onwards and upwards, I just need to have better luck regarding my captain choice for Barclays.  Here’s to GW7

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September 25, 2012

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October 5, 2012


  • Jason

    Is my team broken? I am getting killed in my head-to-head Barclays format (even though I have 329 points). Have not used my free transfer this week, and I am not sure I will. What do you think?

    Howard (Ruddy)
    Hangeland, Zabaleta, Cole (Rangel, Coloccini)
    Yaya, Michu, Pienaar, Sterling
    Ba, Tevez, RVP

    1.2 in the bank

    • admin Post author

      Hi jason, it looks ok to me and I certainly wouldn’t be grumbling with the points total. I think you might have been suffering from not having bale in the last few weeks?

      Heres who I wouldn’t change this week due to good fixtures this week or over the next 6:

      hangeland (next 6)

      plus Ruddy as only a back up

      that only leaves Coloccini who needs any attention this week but that can be resolved by benching him (have you omitted a midfielder btw). So I think things will come right. You may have a bit of an issue with no Spurs or Chelsea coverage this week and you look like you may have to go for RVP as captain this week unless you want to gamble on Tevez’s presence or Ba keeping his run going. Personally I would ride it out this week and do 2 transfers next week.

      Hi Im not sure this is the quick fix you may have wanted but if I had your team thats what I would do. Good luck and keep coming to the site, always good to get your comments