fantasy premier league alternate strategies – the bookies team and others

Last years success with the bookies team finishing with an overall rank of 6k has meant I’m looking to bring it in again this season plus 2 other strategy teams  as experiments of fantasy premier league alternate strategies.

fantasy premier league alternate strategies – the bookies team and others

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Last season the bookies team finished 6k overall rank.

fantasy premier league alternate strategies

I picked the team on similar principles to last season.  The defence and GK were picked on the best 7 clean sheet odds for GW1.  I had to make an adjustment though in the end with the GK to bring in Elliot and Schindler in order to not turn the midfield into something ridiculous.

I then picked the front 3 which had the best odds.  In order to get 3 captain options each week I’ve gone for a strong front 3 of players I think will definitely start.

I also only had 1 attacking player per team.  Captain is the player with the best anytime goal scoring odds.  2 transfers every 2 weeks no hits.

I then finished off with the midfield.  I went for 1 premium in Mane.  Then someone around 7 in Willian and lastly a £5.5m with Ward Prowse.  The idea is to play 4-3-3 each week given the defence and the cost upfront.  There are 2 4.5s with Carroll being 1 and a punt on Lokilo who’s played the last couple of preseason games as an AM.

Here’s some of the attacking anytime goal scorer odds for £1 bet.

Strikers:  Lacazette £1.80 £Kane £1.85 Lukaku £1.75, Aguero £1.80 Batshuyai £1.80 Morata £1.91 Jesus £1.91

I didn’t put Aguero and the Chelsea players in just because of some gametime uncertainty

Premium mids:  Salah £2.50, Willian £2.25, De Bruyne £3.30 £Alli £2.40 Mkhitaryan £2.15 Mane £2.45

Alli and Mkhitaryan didn’t go in as Kane and Lukaku were already picked

The interesting thing is no City players.  However the team survived without Sanchez and Alonso for long periods last season so it is possible to do without the popular picks

The shots in the box team

Last season the shots on target team was a bit disappointing finishing 77k overall.  This time I’ve gone for the shots in the box team.  Taking last years stats.  Defence is a set and forget type defence.  Captain will be poll leader and 2 transfers every 2 weeks.  No hits.  This ended up a 3-4-3 team

fantasy premier league alternate strategies

The bandwagon team

This is almost like the control team for the experiment.  Effectively I’ve picked the highest ownership players within a structure.  I’ll then look at the transfers in and out every 2 weeks but early in the week to increase team value.  I’ll then replace the most transferred out with the most transferred in subject to some sort of structure.  Captain will be the poll leader.

The tea started defence first, then front 3 then midfield.  Ended up a 4-3-3

fantasy premier league alternate strategies

I’ll keep you posted during the season

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August 10, 2017

fantasy premier league GW1 team – the FFGeek team


  • fred

    The bandwagon team looks interesting.

    Are you going to be using the transfer in/out or transfer in/out (round) under the stat tab?

  • Kyle

    Anyone wanna rate my XI
    Davies, bailly, ake, Bertrand
    De Bruyne, Zaha, Willian
    Kane, lukaku, Firmino

    • Jako

      That looks fine for a starting lineup.

      It seems a lot of teams have a variation over a basic structure for GW1-
      Foster as GK
      Southampton defender because of good fixtures
      KDB Willian Zaha
      Kane Lukaku


  • Mark

    Hey Geek I think there may be a problem with your site. It’s spaming dozens of adware cookies on my phone when I visit.

  • Matthew Cullin

    How does the bookies team work. Do you still only make 1-2 transfers a week and use all the extras as and when. Or just show a team that looks best overall?

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