fantasy premier league best fixtures GW9 – Fixture ease schedule


Here’s our fantasy premier league best fixtures GW9 article where we analyse the teams with the best 6 and 3 fixtures from gameweek 9.  The schedule ranks the teams in terms of easiness of their opponents from an attacking perspective.  It ranks the next 6 fixtures and the next 3 fixtures from GW9.  We also highlight the teams with the best fixtures and make some player suggestions with stats to help you make transfer decisions.  We also use it as a proxy for defensive selections and give some suggestions for defenders

fantasy premier league best fixtures GW9 – Fixture ease schedule 

Essentially the team ranked 1 will have the best fixtures and the team ranked 20 will have the hardest fixtures.

Column 1 will focus on the attacking ease of the next 6 fixtures.  That gives a rough time frame to look at as you never now how long it will be before you can get someone out of your team.  However for a shorter perspective we’ve ranked the next 3 in column 2.

Below the table I’ve concentrated on the teams with the best 6 and 3 fixtures for the fixture based players to be part of your team.  This week I’ve also added 2 teams with good fixtures in the next 3 games.  I’ve outlined the next fixtures as well as some stats.  The stats being Minutes per FPL point.  Then the consistency rate.  Ie the % of games that a goal or assist is acheived.

Additionally although this is meant for attacking returns it’s not a bad proxy for defensive ones so I’ve made some defensive suggestions

Fixture Ease ranking schedule for 6 games and 3 games from GW9 (Next game in brackets)
Team (next game and 6 game rank ) GW9 next 3  
1  Newcastle (Norwich H) (1)
2  C Palace (West Ham H) (6)
3  Southampton (Leicester H) (4)
4  Swansea (Stoke H ) (8)
5  Man City (Bournemouth H) (3)
6  Chelsea (A Villa H) (12)
7  Everton (Man Utd H ) (13)
8  WBA (Sunderland H) (2)
9  Sunderland(WBA A) (15)
10  Stoke (Swansea A ) (7)
11  Watford (Arsenal H) (10)
12  Tottenh (Liverpool H) (5)
13  Arsenal (Watford A) (11)
14  West Ham (C Palace A) (9)
15  Leicester (Southam A ) (17)
16  Man Utd (Everton A) (16)
17  Bournemouth ( Man City A) (14)
18  Villa (Chelsea A) (18)
19  Liverpool (Spurs A) (19)
20  Norwich (Newcastle A) (20)

Teams with the next best 6 and 3 fixtures


Mitrovic £6.3m fwd (6 (3 starts) games 1 goal 0 assists) FPL point 37.8 mins. 1/6  17% consistency % of games that a goal or assist is returned)   

Wijnaldum £6.8m mid (8 games 2 goals 1 assists) FPL point 23.3 mins. 3/8  38% consistency % of games that a goal or assist is returned)   

Norwich (H)
Sunderland (A)
Stoke (H)
Bournemouth (A)
Leicester (H)
Crystal Palace (A)

Defenders:  Colocinni at £4.5m for value and Janmaat at £4.9m for attacking prospects

Crystal Palace

No one returns too spread

West Ham (H)
Leicester (A)
Man Utd (H)
Liverpool (A)
Sunderland (H)
Newcastle (H)

Man City

Aguero £13.3m fwd (8 games 6 goals 1 assists) FPL point 12.4 mins. 3/8  38% consistency % of games that a goal or assist is returned) has pens       

De Bruyne £10.3 mid (3 games 3 goals 2 assists)  FPL point 9.6 mins. 3/4  75% consistency)    – Wolfsburg 14/15 – 34 games 10 goals and 21 assists.  Goal/ assist every  98 minutes 14/15

Silva £10.1m mid (5 games 0 goals 6 assists) FPL point 12.3 mins. 4/5  80% consistency % of games that a goal or assist is returned) has pens

Defenders:   LB Kolarov at £6.2m has great attacking potential although Clichy will be returning from injury soon 

Bournemouth (H)
Man Utd (A)
Norwich (H)
Aston Villa (A)
Liverpool (H)
Southampton (H)


Pelle £8.1m fwd (8  games 5 goals 5 assists) FPL point 13.1 mins. 5/8  63% consistency % of games that a goal or assist is returned)   

Mane £7.9m mid (8 games 2 goals 5 assists) FPL point 13.0 mins. 4/8  50% consistency % of games that a goal or assist is returned)

Defender: Soares at £5.0m

Leicester (H)
Liverpool (A)
Bournemouth (H)
Sunderland (A)
Stoke (H)
Man City (A)

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  • Somnus

    RMT Please – I’ve been doing pretty well, but have already made 2 transfers this GW to sort out the Gomez/Pedro problem I had. Now looking at the fixtures above, while I won’t do anything else this week and cross my fingers for the 2nd bout of internationals, I would like some Southampton coverage (Cedric, Mane or Pelle). Any ideas?

    Myhill (McCarthy)

    Dawson, Kolarov, Darmian, (Richards, Ward)

    De Bruyne, Sanchez, Ayew, Mahrez, (Sinclair)

    Kun, Martial, Vardy

    $0.2m ITB

    • CB

      Easiest transfer will be Pelle for Kun as he’s injured.
      But I’d wait it out till the end of the following week, as very early days to consider.
      But if you tinker too much and don’t have enough funds to bring Kun back in when he returns, you might regret it…
      Pelle & Mane are both good shouts, and with the Soton schedule, Cedric is also a strong consideration. But you can’t really do anything unless you find the funds…

  • Hassan Ashas

    Aguero is injured? O.o O.o O.o

    • Dave

      Shhhhh, keep it quiet

      • Nick P

        Why keep it quiet? We’re all here to get tips and share information, very poor attitude.

        • Aseem G

          ^^Ermm..he was kidding I think.

          Just read the quotes from Pelligrini press conf- Kolarov and Silva might be out for 15 days too. I have Kola in my team who has already gone up in value..looking at his potential absence I am thinking I will cash on him and get Cedric.

          My team as of now:

          Myhill, De Gea [Would be cashing in soon on 1 of them]

          Sagna, Nyom, Cedric, Azpillicueta, Monreal

          Sanchez, Cabaye, Payet, Mahrez, Ayew

          Pelle, Vardy, Lukaku

          2.4 ITB, 0 FT

          Monreal, Nom, Sanchez, Payet, Pelle, Vardy look set to be the core of the team along with Myhill most probably. Rest all of them are on my watchlist..hope to get KdB IN soon. Need players from City.
          Suggestions are welcome.

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