fantasy premier league blank gameweeks – a few words on those upcoming

Here’s a very short article just to remind you of where we are in the upcoming fantasy premier league blank gameweeks.

fantasy premier league blank gameweeks – a few words on those upcoming

So I’m sorry if you are someone who is bored to tears with hearing this but if you aren’t it seemed worth reiterating where we are in the blanks and double gameweeks cycle.  If you are bored to tears then I’m going to make it worse by repeating the summary position here:

Postponed in GW26

As you will have seen from your team and the fixtures for GW26 the following teams have postponed games due to the EFL final

Southampton v Arsenal
Man City v Man Utd

Those certain of fixtures in GW28

GW28 is the week of the FA Cup quarter finals (6th round).  Any team in the quarters will have their fixture postponed and it should be removed from the gameweek.  The following fixtures will definitely remain in GW28 as both teams are out of the FA Cup

Bournemouth v West Ham
Everton v WBA
Hull v Swansea

The 5th round fixtures are this weekend so we should know what GW28 could potentially look like after this weekend subject to replays

Here’s the 5th round fixtures from the BBC Football website:

Probably the most likely teams to lose are a 2nd string Leicester which will almost certainly make no difference as their GW28 opponent is Arsenal and a 2nd string Tottenham which would add Palace v Spurs to the GW28 fixture list.

How you deal with the blanks depends on numbers you have already and your attitude to the risk of having players blanking for those fixtures.

GW26 and GW28

Depending on your team you may want to wait until after the weekends FA Cup results to see how that effects your team for GW28.  Thats even apart from the additional injury risk.

Everton play Sunderland and don’t have a FA Cup fixture so if you don’t have the likes of Coleman, Baines Barkley and Lukaku you may want to make an early transfer if avoiding price rises is important to you.  Lukaku has an injury scare for a calf and isn’t going on the training camp although is expected to be fit.

Double Gameweeks

The most likely weeks for double gameweeks is GW34 and GW37.  My plan is to keep my 2nd wildcard, bench boost and triple captain for those gameweeks

Previous articles

Here’s the articles on the FPL calendar to show how the blanks and double gameweeks are structured in theory.

Original calendar,   update 1, update 2

Here’s the articles on using the 2nd wildcard and the chips

Thats all I thought was worth saying at this junction

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February 14, 2017


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  • Mick

    Only problem with saving two chips and a wildcard for two possible double gameweeks is that you can’t use a chip with a wildcard.

  • Krukan

    That’s why you use the wilcard the week before the first DGW. Then you can switch players up to just a few hours before that new GW starts.

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