Fantasy premier league – the early GW11 bandwagons and sinking ships

Here’s my view on the fantasy premier league bandwagons and sinking ships as we head towards gameweek 11.  If your’e not familiar these are the 5  most transferred in and the 5 most transferred out players so far in the gameweek

The Bandwagons


Its no surprise after his goal and 3 assists that he’s had 3 times the transfers in of any other player. Really, home to Norwich was the best time to do it although away to Sunderland is still a pretty good fixture. 8 goals and 7 assists in 9 games plus arguably the best underlying stats with Luis Suarez make him a fairly essential purchase at the moment even as City’s fixtures stiffen. It’s an incredible 5 goals and 5 assists in his last 4 matches. A definite buy. Rotation is an inherent risk and will cause fantasy premier league managers alot of stress waiting for team sheets. However, like Silva  he is looking a fairly essential player for Pellegrini who will at least allow him to give the domestic cups a wide berth to concentrate on the Premier League and the Champions League. The scoreless draw away to Stoke without Aguero may have been enough to ensure he is rested sparingly in these 2 competitions. A definite BUY

Sunderland (A)  Tottenham (H)  Swansea (H)  West Brom (A)  Southampton (A)  Arsenal (H)


Fantasy premier league is currently awash with cheapie midfielders. Interestingly while none probably have the gametime risk that Januzaj has, none have the potential upside in my view. Utd need to score multiple goals to win these days with the defence looking shaky.  Januzaj is in the great position of having  RVP and Rooney as a target for his assists and this is a pretty good position to be in.  If your’e playing 4 midfielders and he’s your filler then its a risky call as he may not play every game but if you’re playing with 3 and rotating 2 cheapies it becomes far less so. A Buy for me

Arsenal (H)   Cardiff City (A)   Tottenham (A)   Everton (H)   Newcastle (H)   Aston Villa (A)


Every week I look at the stats, shake my head and wonder how this is happening and whether it can continue. And every week Ramsey seems to come up with another stunning performance. I’ve said it many times but this is someone who has never scored more than 3 goals in a season and was regularly booed by his own fans last season. Now he’s scored 6 in 10 games (not forgetting the 4 assists) and not needing anything like the shots you would think are needed to achieve this feat. Will it continue? All logic in me says no. However I bought him some time ago as even though I couldn’t see how it could continue at the reasonable price Ramsey is and with over 50% ownership it seems way too risky not to. My view is that you just have to go with the form and he is still a Buy for me even with Arsenal about to hit a tricky run of fixtures. It will be interesting to see what happens when Flamini and Walcott are back. This did worry me previously, now I just cant see how Arteta will stay in the team and Flamini will be the sitter in defence.

Man Utd (A) Southampton (H) Cardiff City (A) Hull City (H) Everton (H) Man City (A)


The thought of not having Suarez in the team for a home game to Fulham is not a pleasant one. If Southampton looked like they could have scored 10 against them a couple of weeks ago and Rickie Lambert looked like Ronaldo in that fixture anything could happen. I could give you the stats, how its 6 goals and 2 assists in 5 games and returns in 4/5 the fixture ease etc etc but I think common sense screams BUY

Fulham (H)   Everton (A)   Hull City (A)   Norwich (H)   West Ham (H)   Tottenham (A)


Strange one this. I am actually a fan I’ll say first, I just find him a little frustrating as he seems to have everything you want in a fantasy premier league midfielder outside the top teams except returns. No return in his last 2 which included the aforementioned siege of Fulham. Admittedly that was preceded by 4 consecutive returns but these were the only returns in his 10 games giving him an ordinary 40% consistency. I guess the transfers in maybe a look towards the Hull home game but as City and Spurs have found out Hull are no mugs defensively home or away. Add to that the fact that the next games after Hull are Arsenal and Chelsea away and then it doesn’t sound too logical a move to me. Its an ignore as far as I’m concerned

Hull City (H)   Arsenal (A)   Chelsea (A)   Aston Villa (H)   Man City (H)   Newcastle (A)

The Sinking Ships


He’s scored 5 goals and 4 assists in his first 10 games, has a 70% consistecy return rate and is a guaranteed starter for the top of the table team. So how is he treated by fantasy premier league managers? He’s the most transferred out player in the gameweek. Funnily enough I can see the logic. Arsenal have good midfield back up for fantasy premier league managers in Ozil and Ramsey.  Walcotts nearly fit and Cazorla is back in the team. So there is logic in filling your forward positions with no Arsenal players and getting Arsenal coverage via the midfield. The other strikers don’t have that option to the same extent. Liverpool only have Coutinho who is just coming back, has been unimpressive to date and is certainly no substitution for Suarez. The same can be said to a lesser extent for Aguero and Silva.  As for RVP and Rooney the only option for midfield coverage seems to be Januzaj. So selling Giroud for either Suarez or Aguero does make sense to me. I’m not going to classify him as sell just leave the debate like this

Man Utd (A)   Southampton (H)   Cardiff City (A)   Hull City (H)   Everton (H)   Man City (A)


Not returned in his last 5 and with no underlying stats in the last 2 to give you any hope. He’s also now injured for a couple of games. That should see him fit for the away game at Fulham after the international break which is some consolation if you’re watching his price tumble and then more so over the international break. He’s a sell for me with the injury, It’s just whether you wait until after the Fulham game

Stoke City (H)   Fulham (A)   Man City (A)   Newcastle (H)   Hull City (H)   Norwich (A)


Selling Lukaku before an away game against Palace sounds a fairly risky strategy to me. I guess if your’e looking to transfer into Aguero or Suarez I can understand but otherwise it makes little sense. He should be fit judging by the injury report and Martinez’s words. So its a hold for me although as I said I can understand transfers in of Aguero or Suarez

Crystal Palace (A)  Liverpool (H)  Stoke City (H)  Man Utd (A)  Arsenal (A)  Fulham (H)


Similar story to Giroud and for the 2nd week in a row. I definitely think Suarez is the better player without doubt so its a swap that makes sense (although if there was ever a game to have both of them in then it’s home to Fulham). For any other reason and I would include Aguero in this I definitely wouldn’t sell. Just to remind you it’s 8 goals and 2 assists in 10 games that he’s got so far.

Fulham (H)   Everton (A)   Hull City (A)   Norwich (H)   West Ham (H)   Tottenham (A)


Its now 5 games without a clean sheet. Its also only 3 clean sheets so far this season which is no where near good enough for the most expensive defence in the league. The defensive effort against Newcastle just wasn’t good enough and there will be casualties from it. So that’s the negatives, on the positive side up to last week Chelsea hadn’t conceded more than 1 goal and the underlying stats were good and suggested that clean sheets would be coming. In fact prior to the last gameweek I rated them the 3rd best defence. I wouldn’t sell before the WBA home game as I think there is clean sheet potential there and in all the games that follow but with the alternatives they are a sell for me unless there are some very quick improvements. The Newcastle game has moved them towards a tipping point that’s for sure.

West Brom (H)   West Ham (A)   Southampton (H)   Sunderland (A)   Stoke City (A)   Crystal Palace (H)


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  • Gary

    I have Michu in my side so i’m going to transfer him out, who would you recommend as a good player to change him for?

  • zuhayr

    What do u think of my starting 11:


    Fonte Coleman rat dawson

    Silva ozil ramsey

    Benteke suarez (cpt) aguero

    Morrison barkley chico

    I thinking of morrison for ozil or ramsey

    your thoughts?

    • admin Post author

      Hi Zuhayr
      not sure I understand your question totally but if your’e asking whether you should put Morrison in the starting line p rather than Ozil or Ramsey then I definitely wouldn’t. Arsenal have the potential to score in every game. So far this year they have not been scoreless and on 7/10 occasions have scored more than once, so definitely keep the Arsenal players in. Also remember Stoke scored twice against United and should have scored more so Utd’s defence isn’t wha it should be. If you’re talking about transfers I like your team and to me there’s not much thats needed to change it. I was a little confused about your comment of changing Ozil or Ramsey for Morrison as you have Morrison in your line up. Is this a James or Ravel confusion thing or was your question solely directed to your line up? Assuming Ravel is in your team I would more likely look to change Barkley although you might want to leave it until after the Palace game. Barkley lost his place but I think it maybe temporary. It just depends on when you bought him and your selling price and whether options such as Januzaj are better value.

      I would probably leave Ozil. You may want to take a punt on Hazard or Oscar over the next few games but personally I would stick with him. I wouldnt change Ramsey. Way too scary an option at the moment. Hope that all made sense from my side.

  • Matsoe

    please share your opinion

    Coleman – Clyne – Vertonghen
    Özil – Barkley – Yaya Touré – Ramsey
    aguero – Suarez – remy

    Remy good idea?
    Having doubts about özil and Yaya Touré
    Any suggestions?

  • mehraz

    hello guys,
    what would you say about this team:
    gk-boruc, mignolet(reserves)
    df-baines,lovren,fonte,terry, gabbidon(reserves)
    md-ramsey,silva,mutch, brady(reserves), amalfitano(reserves)

    please keep in mind that ive got -8 points this gameweek for swapping suarez for sturridge and for swapping silva for hazard.

    Could you suggest any improvements for this team

  • Will

    Just dropped Özil to bring in Aguero & Rooney.
    7.2 mil for a new midfielder.
    I already have Yaya T., Barkley, Ramsey and Morrisson (reserve)

    Who would you pick?

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