fantasy premier league gameweek 20 review – Spurs 2 Chelsea 0

Here’s our fantasy premier league gameweek 20 review where we look at key player performances in Spurs 2-0 win over Chelsea.  With it only being 1 match there’s more information than in other articles.  This will help you make any transfer in and out decisions.

fantasy premier league gameweek 20 review – Spurs 2 Chelsea 0

Spurs 2 Chelsea 0

Goals:  Alli 2  Assists Eriksen 2

Match stats

Touch Maps





Blanked.  Very quiet.  Did nothing goal threat or assist wise


2 goals.  Played as a support striker for all intents and purposes.  Had 3 chances and scored 2 of them.  No assist threat


2 assists.  Very advanced but focused on the right.  Created 2 chances and Alli scored from both of them.  As usual alot of shooting from distance.  Set piece responsibility

Spurs defence

Reasonable stats although Chelsea had some good chances.  Went to a 3 man defence.


Blanked.  Played well though and had a few chances.  Great chance in transition on the edge of the box flew well over and another similar one saved.


Blanked.  Very advanced but focused on the left. Didn’t have many chances but had 2 great  ones.  Should have scored from a close range header and did beat the offside trap earlier in the game but shot poorly.


Blanked.  Advanced but focused on the right.  Minimal goal threat and no assist threat

Chelsea defence

Didn’t give many chances away but Spurs scored from practically the only chances they had. Usual 3 man defence.

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fantasy premier league GW20 review – Tuesdays games

January 4, 2017


January 6, 2017


  • Bao

    Should I replace Hazard by Alli? He is in good form while Hazard not translated his works to FPL scores.

    • G

      I replaced Hazard with Alli right in time for this match and glad I did. He’s in good form! Hazard is a great player to have but I couldn’t justify that difference in price!

      • Stephen

        Alli won’t last. His last 4 goals have come from his only 4 shots which isn’t sustainable. I feel by getting him now you are just chasing lost points.

  • John

    How do I accomodate Alli in this team?

    Heaton Grant
    Alonso Bertrand Holebas Amat Brunt
    Lallana Sanchez Hazard Phillips Zaha
    Costa Ibrahimovic Origi

    I was thinking either of these:

    A. Lallana to Alli + Zaha to Stanislas for -4
    B. Zaha to Alli + Ibra to Giroud to -4

    Which one?
    I am open to any other options.
    Please help.

    • Gold D Rogers

      Hazard to Alli + Origi to Giroud?

    • Jordan Sadler

      I agree with gold d Rodgers.

      I’d switch Hazard out for Alli and improve elsewhere with the extra 1.8. If you have 0.1 spare then you could upgrade Origi to Giroud. Then drop Giroud down to Defoe/Benteke/Origi if Giroud does a Giroud and gets injured. And use the extra value to upgrade Bertrand to like Rose/Walker. I feel like Hazards value for what he returns is slightly too high especially if you have Chelsea coverage in Costa.

      • James R

        Spot on Jordan and gold. One watch out – Chelsea play Hull at home in 2 games. I agree though, see my post about my team, time for Hazard to go and one of the spurs dynamic duo to come in.

  • Dave

    Really enjoying the this winter period of football! Managed to gain a rank of 243,000 from 600,000 at the start of December, any tips for breaking into the top 100k? I finished 91,000 last year. Here’s my team any advice would be welcomed:
    Grant Hennessy
    Azpilicueta Walker Peiters Mcauley Amat
    Sanchez Firmino(will be coutinho when back from injury) Alli Allen Fletcher
    Costa Ibrahimovic Gray

  • cristin

    Alli played played superbly. Love Tottenham.

  • Karol

    I went 400,000 up after this gameweek!!! A really good one after I was struggling since GW 13 :/
    Hazard>Phillips (last GW)
    so now I am able to Capoue>Alli
    A bit risky move because I already have Eriksen but Spurs are excellent recently and Chelsea has really tough fixtures.
    Now my MIDs are: Alli – Phillips – Sanchez – Fer – Eriksen
    Good mixture of reasonable price and good scoring 🙂

    Waiting for your fixture ease rank – as always <3

  • James R

    I’m also jumping on the spurs bandwagon. Thinking of this team with wc, any opinions valued.

    Foster (jak)
    Baines alonso jones (Amat) (ake)
    Sanchez Phillips snodgrass alli/Erikson (de roon)
    Ibra Costa giroud

  • Danilo

    I used my wildcard to upgrade my attack to Aguero, Ibra and Costa. Now i have some thoughts on my midfield. What do you think is better:

    A) Alli – Lallana – Barkley(/Pedro/Antonio) – Phillips – Kightly
    B) Sanchez – Jay Rodriguez – Allen – Phillips – Kightly

    Or do you have any better possibility?

    • Danilo

      PS: I have 32.9 total for midfield.

      • Stephen T

        I think it’s a bit overkill with all three of those forwards. Aguero isn’t having the type of year he has experienced in the past. Pep doesn’t have this City team firing on all cylinders. I feel the money is better spent to upgrade the midfield. I dropped Aguero and haven’t looked back. Zlatan and Costa have both been the superior options to this point in the season.

        Right now, I would go with option A. I am quickly loosing interest in both Hazard and Sanchez, even though their point totals are at the top. For the price, they just haven’t been worth the investment to this point. However I don’t like Barkley, would select Antonio over him. I do like the Jay Rod idea, it’s one I went with a few weeks back. Phillips is another solid pick, another potential mid is Cabaye of Palace. Good luck!

  • Billy M

    Hi Geek, I’ve had a very poor 4 or 5 weeks and decided to use my wildcard. Picked out my transfers and confirmed them. It was only once I looked again, I realised that I’d forgotten to activate my wildcard! Is there any way I can use it for the transfers that I made or do I take a 28 point hit for next week!!??

  • Ibrahim M

    FFG.. thank you! After seeuing your touch map article when Spurs played Southampton, I decided to draft in Dele Alli (he’s basically more advanced than Kane!). Since then, a 30pt haul in 2 games and his value sky rocketing.

    Now upto about 4.6K in the world, with a team value of 107.4m.
    My gameplan of TV building is going really well this year and I’ve also managed to get a good position whilst building TV (I intend to stop taking point hits around GW28! Currently i’ve made 48 transfers in 20 GWs) and just use the value built to get a great side. I’ve really not done great with my captain picks, because if I had, I think i’d be in the top 1000.

    This is largely due to the articles I see on here (especially the fixture ease and the pre-season Team Value strategy one!)

    Current team:

    Foster Mannone
    Bellerin Alonso Daniels Brunt Ake
    Sanchez Alli Lallana Phillips Stanislas
    Ibra Costa Giroud

    Decided that Ibra is better than Aggy this year (too much uncertainty around Guardiola’s team selection), Costa/Alli/Alonso are all season keepers, everyone else is subject to fixtures/form.

    • Stephen T

      Captain picks have been really hit and miss this year. Even when the pick is the proper one, the points haven’t been high at times. Squad looks strong Ibrahim M! Team value is even more impressive, still haven’t been able to break the 103.5m mark. Then again a very poor run for the past 10 weeks has caused nothing but major issues and transfers, like yours sit at 48 through 20 weeks. Not how I intended to run this season, but many of the “template” players have been far from consistent this year. It appears I am always a step behind a breaking player who ends up bagging a nice return. I hesitate to jump on the likes of Alli or Eriksen right now for fear those I am dealing away will rebound in the next two weeks.

      • Ibrahim M

        My team value has been built by making early transfers. I usually have a strategy of a 4/8pt hit. One transfer per week for value purpose (usually jumping on a bandwagon.. AND one transfer for point where I bring in someone who I think has a great chance at points (plus could be the next bandwagon).) That strategy has played out pretty well this year.

        But it’s important not to chase every bandwagon especially when the fixtures might not be there for them. Or if there’s potential for others to score heavily (i.e. I’ve had Walcott over Sanchez for the majority of season. Only brought in Alexis GW20)

        I think I’ve been pretty fortunate in getting on people at the right time (for e.g. had Eriksen/Kane over their big weeks; sold both for a profit thinking their fixtures had toughened after Burnley, but when I saw them destroy Southampton, felt like I needed coverage and Alli looked the best bet when I saw his average touch map position).

        For me, I’m convinced now, he’s a player to keep as long as Spurs’ team doesn’t suffer a big injury (to an Eriksen/Kane) which can affect their whole team. I think Alli’s the new Lampard/Gerrard. He’ll guarantee 10 goals/10 assists per year. Right now he’s cheap at the 8.1m I bought him. The only thing he lacks is set piece representation but he at least gets in the box for corners. I think if you have bought him already, at 8.4m, across the season he’ll work out and provide cover for Kane if you don’t have him (like my mini league rivals do).

        I think this year, we’ve learnt you can’t have all the big stars as there’s no real Mahrezs/Vardys/Allis who are so cheap that you can have basically anyone else. This year, TV is more important and you need to be able to have enough coverage across all the big teams depending on their form/fixtures.

        I’ve looked at getting the cheapest routes into each top 6 side (reliable scorers):

        Cheslea – Costa/Alonso
        Pool – Lallana/Coutinho
        City – Sterling
        Spurs – Eriksen/Alli
        Arsenal – Walcott
        United – Ibra

        And when their fixtures ease, I either double up or go for the premium options.

        Chelsea – Azpi/Hazard/Pedro
        Pool – Mane/Firmino
        City – Aggy/KDB
        Spurs – Rose/Walker/Kane
        Arsenal – Bellerin/Kos/Sanchez/Giroud
        United – Valencia/Pogba

  • Stephen T

    It’s a sob story that I am sure no one wants to hear but many have experienced this season. Going back a few GWs, I was at 26k after GW6 since that time I have dropped like a stone to 1.1m, total of 10 red arrows in the last 14 weeks and only 3 weeks with scores higher than 60 points. It’s been a real challenge to field.

    Current squad appears well rounded on paper:

    Courtois (Jakupovic)
    McAuley, Lovren, Jones (Cedric, Holebas)
    Sanchez, Hazard, Rodriguez, Allen (Capoue)
    Ibrahimovic, Carroll, Costa

    Defensively, Courtois, Lovren, Jones and Cedric are newcomers to my squad in the past 3-4 weeks. In the midfield, I continue to anchor with Sanchez and Hazard but my patience is growing thin with both players. Hazard more so than Sanchez, but with Giroud seemingly back to his striker roll, Sanchez will end up moving back out to the left. Jay Rod’s brace sucked me in for the potential up front for the Saints, but then didn’t start. Carroll was brought in as a budget forward, after returning from injury, still feeling good about him, hopefully he can get service.

    The WC is calling like a siren though and I continue to make moves and shift players to find a squad to start the new year with. Initially I wanted to hold the WC until the DGW, but I believe that plan has gone out with the window with my currently global ranking and the fact I am chasing in my mini leagues. Honestly, I haven’t been real pleased with mt midfield play and defensive, it appeared very few were recording CS, until Chelsea went on a nice run.

    In the current version with the WC activated I am looking at moving 13 of 15 players, leaving Costa and Zlatan as the only players to survive. The new squad would end up looking like this:

    Heaton (Grant)
    Baines, Brunt, Alonso, Daniels, Chambers
    Alli, Lallana, Eriksen, Cabaye, Stanislas
    Costa, Defoe, Zlatan

    With this squad it leaves me 0.4 ITB. Alli is still a bit of concern, 6 goals in 6 shots in his last 3 games but a favorable run outside of Man City and Liverpool. Would much rather stick with Eriksen and use the 8.9m to fund another midfielder. No Arsenal coverage is a bit of concern, especially with the likes of Burnley, Swansea, Watford and Hull coming up.

    Cabaye and Stanislas were added as my differtial players. Originally it was Zaha, but he’s at AFCON. Puncheon is my other option from Palace. However I have been watching and wanting Phillips of WBA. He’s played well from GW11, returning in 8 of those weeks with 3 double digit returns. After Spurs in GW21m a nice run of fixtures for 7 weeks. Jay Rod is still a possibly keeper, Southampton has favorable fixtures through GW25 and is playing OOP as a forward. Rotation risk with Long is my only concern.

    Suggestions? Ideas? A bit brash to take the axe to my entire squad….

    • Ibrahim M

      I like your new WC team and I think the DGW use might not be as effective this year if Arsenal fall out and with Pool/Chelsea not being involved in European action people could be holding on to that WC for minimal gains. Last year, I used my 2nd WC early and simply drafted players in weeks in advance to have 10 DGW players available. Worked well as I got 175points. The trick with that method is planning ahead, as soon the DGWs are announced or likely I used the articles on this site to prep).

      As for your midfield, I don’t really think doubling up on Spurs right now (with their next 2 fixtures is wise), especially with Arsenal’s run coming up. I’d look to get Sanchez and/or Giroud in but be prepared to switch Giroud to Lukaku in a few weeks, especially if he loses his place when Wally comes back.

      I plan 10 GWs at a time, so I’ve prepped for GW21-GW30 with my team, and all my intended signings over that period are written down with player rotations in defence. I like your defence, although I’d think about taking a risk and going for George Friend over Chambers (his attacking potential is A LOT better and I think he’s got his place back now). Cabaye, I’m not sold on his team Palace, but might perform still.. he’s got potentially pens now and has set pieces so if he’s cheaper than Phillips (who I prefer) and is a differential over your mini league competitors, I’d go for it.

      Also, with your GKs, I’d consider just getting value back from one of them (do you need a rotation?). Either by going with Heaton and Robinson (BUR). Or Foster and Jakupovic (and swapping one for Pickford when he comes back). Keepers usually don’t get injured to worry about a 2nd GK and save points are just as important as Mannone showed this week.

This window will close in