fantasy premier league gameweek 25 review – Sundays games

Here’s our fantasy premier league gameweek 25 review of Sundays games.  These are Burnley v Chelsea and Swansea v Leicester.  We concentrate on the key attacking players performance although there is additional stats and graphics as it’s only 2 games

fantasy premier league gameweek 25 review – Sundays games


Here’s the lineups from the excellent site football-lineups

Here’s the match stats from BBC football

Here’s the pass and position map from the excellent site 11tegen11



It’s easy to see why Chelsea are successful. They’re strong defensively, patient in possession and lightening on the counter attack where Costa, Hazard and Pedro are always sat in a position to take advantage of it.  In Hazard they have the extra dimension of someone who can dribble teams out of shape. However Burnley set up to stop Chelsea’s strengths.   Burnley were content to sit deep and not press David Luiz in possession and then foul Chelsea on the counter if they could.   That was successful as apart from the goal and Hazard’s chance Chelsea didn’t really have a clear cut chance.


Blanked.  81 mins.  CF.  Did very little although ironically had a golden chance to win it when put through by Barnes after  David Luiz helpfully stepped over the pass.


Blanked.  90 mins.  SS.  Made good runs but his only chance was a sliced shot miles wide from the outside centre of the pen box.


1 goal.  64 mins.  LM.  Didn’t do much apart from the fantastic free kick which was Burnleys’s goal


Blanked.   90 mins.  CF.  Great hold up play and showed his overall skill with a pass to put Hazard through 1 on 1 with the GK early on.  No clear cut chances though. The best being when he tried to navigate his way around the army of Burnley defenders in the box only to eventually hit his shot against one of them


Blanked.  90 mins.  LAM.  Was a joy to watch in possession but missed the only real good chance he had when put through on goal by Costa.  Did set up Alonso in the area which Alonso messed up.


1 goal.  86 mins.  RAM.  Great finish for the goal on the counter when collected a horizontal pass from Moses at around the penalty spot.  Apart from that didn’t have another good chance apart from a wild sidefoot wide from outside the box.  Interestingly took some set pieces.


Swansea pass and position map

Leicester pass and position map

My theory on Leicester for what it’s worth is that they’ve lost the ability to defend.  Whether that’s Kante going or not is a moot point.  Games won especially in the latter part of last season when they would just sit deep and counter attack or score through Mahrez or Vardy magic seems long gone.  Having to chase the game early this season due to a dodgy defence just results in conceding more goals.  This game was typical.  The Olsson goal was a joke.  Schmeichel throws it to a Swansea player and after a few touches between Siggy and Carroll Olsson is through on goal and scores shooting straight at Schmeichel practically.


Blanked.  71 mins.  CF.  Disappointingly quiet


1 assist.  LAM.  90 mins.  An FPL managers dream in lots of ways. Plays pretty centrally advanced despite the graphic, shoots whenever he gets anywhere near the centre edge of the area.  Also has all set pieces and penalties.  The only deficiency is that he doesn’t get into the area enough to shoot and that prevented further returns here today.  There’s only so many times you’re going to score from outside the area..  Here he put on a shooting from distance exhibition having a go whenever he could.  His best chance was a real shank though when he did get into the area.  The first goal was a result of a Siggy set piece which resulted from a Mawson worldie volley after some head tennis in the area.  His assist for Olsson was a joy to watch


Blanked.  90 mins. LCM. No attacking output.  His price of £4.2m is the attraction


Neither defence covered themselves in glory and how Leicester and Slimani in particular didn’t score is beyond me

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February 12, 2017


February 14, 2017


  • Stephen T

    Someone please put me out of my misery! Maybe I should rename my squad to “Just About Average” because that is how they continue to play through 25 game weeks. Sure I made the mistake at GW12 and removed Sanchez and that “lock” that applies to the armband he wears. I can shoulder that mistake, but that is just one event during the entire season, which saw my squad go goalless…again!

    I know I am not the only manager who’s struggled, as my 1.5m ranking now reflects. It appears I am playing the season out wearing concrete in my boots or maybe that’s with my head up my arse. Decisions made or worse not made have cost me lots of points this season. Again, it’s probably a fairly common theme across the global with many managers.

    For the week, I was “just average” with 40 points, but I figure the 40 point average will move up after Man City plays “let’s see how many we can score” against Bournemouth. One bright spot this week, introducing Sigurdsson saved my week, wearing the armband and scoring a total of 12 points. Let down by Chelsea (Alonso and Costa) and my new nemesis, Romelu Lukaku. I knew better than to add him to my squad. Yeah I know, they played away to Boro, who’s always tough at the Riverside. A midfield consisting of Phillips, Stanislas, Ozil and Eriksen, that can’t themselves out of a paper bag. Defensively I felt a bit strong, CS from Yoshida and Coleman but Brunt finished with zero and Heaton, just 2 points.

    You can read about my woes:

    • Simon Garner

      @Stephen T. You’ve admitted that not having Sanchez in your team has hurt you. I’d look to get him in for GW29 after the blanks. Might take some careful planning as to not take too many hits but would be worth getting him in. Some of your mids have gone off form which is a pain but players like Eriksen should get returns soon. I’d defo consider transferring out Stanislas and maybe Phillips after GW29.

    • justin

      It seems we have had a VERY similar season, im currently ranked at 1.4 mil (Last season i ended up just inside the top 100k) i too removed Sanchez just before his hat trick and assist against west ham. I also have Brunt, Yoshida, Lukaku, Ozil and Erikson in my team.. My ‘luck’ and 50/50 decisions have been terrible this year, i’ve transferred in Mane and Snodgrass for ozil and fletcher .. i’ve given up on the global league now i am just focused on climbing my mini league! Good luck !

  • Itchie

    The FF Gods have teased me with the odd good week here and there but they have been pitiless of late and I am now languishing well above the 1 mill mark. I was one of the poor unfortunates to cap Jesus and look how that turned out. To rub salt in the wound, I’ve stuck with Lukaku all season but pulled him just before he banged in 4 goals – of course. And this week, Yoshida got a healthy 6, but what did I do……?? Benched the bugger, naturally…

    I’ve all but given up on the season now and have become a bit cavalier. I’d like to say things can’t get much worse, but I know that’s also a big fat lie. Alli and Hazard have really gone off the boil and I can’t afford Aguero – now that his place is assured for the foreseeable future, he’s going to start banging them in for fun, if only to teach Pep a lesson in manners.

    Commiserations then Stephen T, but take solace in the fact that you’re not alone…!!

    • Simon Garner

      Ah the fun of FPL. Lukaku is one of those players you can’t predict what he’s going to do. Stick him in and keep him in seems to be the only way.
      I’d avoid Aguero until he hits some kind of form. Take your pick from Lukaku/Defoe/Kane/Costa/Ibra. All better value IMO.

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