Fantasy premier league gameweek 36 tips – the early bandwagons and sinking ships

Here’s my early week bandwagons and sinking ships as fantasy premier league gameweek 36 tips.  These are my view on the 5 most transferred in and out players so far for fantasy premier league gameweek 36.  Remember its Man City v WBA tonight and Chelsea in the Champions league

Fantasy premier league gameweek 36 tips –  bandwagons


With Yay Ya Toure he’s been the midfield revelation of the year in his box to box role.  His first start since injury saw a goal and 2 assists and 16 points.  Yesterday he showed that ability to get in good goal scoring positions when Arsenal are in possession and also his ability on the break.  Has good fixtures left as well although no DGW37. A good buy as long as you can accept that he’s not a DGW37 player

Newcastle (H)
West Brom (H)
Norwich (A)


One of the captain options for DGW37 and also has Norwich at home for GW36.  Unfortunately Old Trafford has not been Uniteds friend.  However the opposition in theory couldn’t be much better.  However his last 6 home games dont help the situation.  Although if you were looking for excuses you would say he only played 90 minutes against 2 lower table sides.  Personally I think the risk of not having him is greater than having him. United home form or not and I will buy him.

Here’s his last 6 home games:

TOT(H) 1-2    Blank
CAR(H) 2-0  Blank (28 minutes)
FUL(H) 2-2  Blank
LIV(H) 0-3  Blank
MCI(H) 0-3  Blank
AVL(H) 4-1  2 goals

Here’s his next fixtures

Norwich (H)
Sunderland (H)  DGW37
Hull City (H)  DGW37
Southampton (A)



Playing in a centrally advanced position in a side that is scoring for fun at a cost of £5.8m?  A no brainer.  2 goals and an assist yesterday to add to his goal in GW34.  It was 5 games without a goal before that though.  However definitely one of the best cheapie performers and with his position held irrespective of the Sturridge injury and Henderson suspension he looks a good buy.  Fixtures aren’t easy but that means nothing to Liverpool at the moment

Chelsea (H)
Crystal Palace (A)
Newcastle (H)


An incredible 4 goals and 5 assists in 6 games totalling an invredible 57 points.  Unbelievable form.  GW36’s 2 assists were fantastic set pieces which will surely gather more points.  A couple of tricky fixtures next but Spurs have scored 11 goals in their last 3 games and Sherwoods attacking philosphy could see that continue.

Stoke City (A)
West Ham (A)
Aston Villa (H)


Very disappointing yesterday against Everton with hardly a shot or a chance created.  However that did follow 31 points in 2 games.  You’re really gambling on 3  games against lower table opposition next and a DGW37.  As I said for Rooney Old Trafford has hardly been Uniteds friend.

CAR(H) 2-0 assist
FUL(H) 2-2 assist
LIV(H) 0-3 blank
MCI(H) 0-3 blank
AVL(H) 4-1 goal and assist
So not too bad did at least return against the lower ranked opposition.  Any United player at home is a gamble at the moment no matter what the oppoosition.  However Rooney and Mata are the 2 attacking options to cover.  Mata probably second to Rooney as Rooney has pens and is more likely to get big hauls.

Here’s the fixtures:

Norwich (H)
Sunderland (H)  DGW37
Hull City (H)  DGW37
Southampton (A)

Fantasy premier league gameweek 36 tips –  sinking ships


Apparently a late fitness test for the Champions league game.  Price has dropped from £11.0m before the injury and the price of £10.4m now making him easier to buy back when he does get fit.  With all the alternate options and a DGW37 coming up plus an away game to Liverpool where Mourinho may play cautiously then I would sell.  If you’ve held on this far you maybe tempted by 2 good fixtures to finish though

Liverpool (A)
Norwich (H)
Cardiff City (A)


Apparently back for GW36 according to Physioroom.  If you’re still holding him then I would stick and hold him for DGW37.

Crystal Palace (A)
Everton (A)  DGW37
Aston Villa (H)  DGW37
West Ham (H)


Subject to a late fitness test tonight home to WBA although the press conference on Thursday suggested that he would not play.  The ongoing injury which means he takes time off training and the fact he only played 1 game in DGW34 definitely makes him a risk for DGW37.  Personally I would hold and leave it to closer to DGW37 to decide

Crystal Palace (A)
Everton (A)  DGW37
Aston Villa (H)  DGW37
West Ham (H)


With the popular front line for DGW37 likely to be Suarez, Aguero and Rooney, Sturridge, currently injured, (although apparently back this week) is a natural loser to that.  3 consecutive blanks haven’t helped the cause.

Chelsea (H)
Crystal Palace (A)
Newcastle (H)


As for Sturridge above with the popular front line likely to be Suarez, Aguero and Rooney he looks a sell.  Add to that 1 assist in his last 3 games and a pretty uninspiring DGW34 when he had the captain spotlight and you’ve got a recipe to sell thats for sure.  I’m selling for Rooney this week definitely

Southampton (A)
Man City (H)
Hull City (A)

Thats it.  Good luck for whoever you’ve got in the Man City game tonight

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Barclays fantasy premier league gameweek 36 tips  – the early bandwagons and sinking ships

Barclays fantasy premier league gameweek 36 tips – the early bandwagons and sinking ships

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