fantasy premier league gameweek 9 – analysing 10 top FPL managers

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After Sanchez came out of the last chance saloon with a hat trick last week, Aguero also came out emphatically with 5 goals in GW8 totally transforming the position of the 10 top FPL managers who all had him has captain.

If you haven’t seen this before then , this article includes the scores of the top 10 FPL managers as well as the team selection points. These are just not the current top 10 but 10 managers who’ve been successful over the last 3 years.  The 10 managers have now never been outside the top 10k in the last 3 years (30 times playing FPL).  The article is all about giving you another view point other than mine.   Also the managers I have picked have been consistent showing they can adapt to different seasons.  I realised this week that friend of the site Utkarsh Dalmia and long time top 10 FPL manager wasn’t in this weeks so next week I will adjust it so he is.

fantasy premier league gameweek 9 – analysing 10 top FPL managers 

I’ll give the FPL managers stats, their GW6 scores and then outline their teams and structure.   The stats of the top 10 managers are incredible.

1.  The overall average finishing position of the top 10 managers is 1,464

2.  The top 10 FPL managers have not been out of the top 10k  in the last 3 years (ie 30 times playing)

3.  9 of the 10 have finished in the top 1,000

4.  5 of the 10 managers have finished in the top 100

GW8 average score and rank

The average score of the managers in GW8 was 102 compared to the average of 55.  Thats 47 points and 85% above the average.  The high score of the 10 was 118.  The low score was 91.  A reasonably low spread of 27 for the average.

The average overall rank of the top 10 FPL managers has improved markedly to 198k from 698k last gameweek.  The best rank is 15.8k and the lowest 620k.

If you’re interested my score was poor compared to the above at 85 but the current rank improved to 460k compared to  1 million last week.  My team value is £102.2m.  I’m only ahead of 1 of the managers at the moment.

The average team value

The average team value is slightly up at 102.8 up from 102.7 last week.

GK/Defs by player

Kolarov is in 9 of the 10 FPL managers teams

Richards and McCarthy are in 7 of the 10 FPL managers teams

Butland, Darmian, Azpilicueta and Targett are in 4 of the 10 FPL managers teams

Francis  is in 3 of the 10 FPL managers teams

GK/Defs by team

Man City GK/Defs are in 10 of the 10 FPL managers teams

C Palace GK/Defs are in 9 of the 10 FPL managers teams

A Villa and Chelsea  GK/Defs are in 7 of the 10 FPL managers teams

Southampton GK/Defs are in 6 of the 10 FPL managers teams

Norwich and Man Utd are in 4 of the FPL managers teams


Mahrez is in 10/10 FPL managers teams

Sanchez is in 8/10 FPL managers teams

Payet is in 6/10 FPL managers teams

Westwood is in 4/10 FPL managers teams

Pedro and De Bruyne are in 3/10 FPL managers teams


Aguero is in 10/10 FPL managers teams

Vardy and Martial are in 5/10 FPL managers teams

GW8 Captain Choice

Aguero was captained by 10/10 of the FPL managers


How many have used their wildcard/chips

8/10 have used their wildcards.  2 of the 10 has used their all out attack chip


Transfers out

Wilson was transferred out by 7/10 FPL managers

Gomez was transferred out by 3/10 FPL managers

Pedro and YYT was transferred out by 2/10 FPL managers

No one was transferred out more than once

Transfers in

Vardy was transferred in by 5 FPL managers

Payet was transferred in by 2/10 FPL managers


No one else was transferred in more than once


8 of 10 used 3-4-3

2/10 used 3-5-2

Team structure

Typically the GK was a cheap GK with McCarthy as a reserve

In the main 2 or 3 defenders from the group of Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool and Spurs were in the team

There was virtually an equal amount of teams with 4 midfielders and a £4.5m 5th mid.  The other half played with 5 proper mids.

There was a mixture of values of strikers

7 players over £6.0m are outside the teams of Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool and Spurs.  Those are   Vardy (5) Mane (2), Mahrez (10), Payet (6), Ayew (1) and Gomis (1)

Here’s a team to represent that.  The value is around £104.0m which is higher than most teams at the moment although most would lose Azpilicueta to recify that:


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  • Kev

    The only player I would want from that team would be De Bruyne
    I certainly have a far better backline than that 5 I wouldn’t want Targett or Azpi

    My frontline is better with Aguero Vardy and Pelle
    although Martial does have some good fixtures coming up
    and I think my midfield is stronger with the exception of De Bruyne as I have
    Mahrez, Silva, Payet, Sako and Sanchez

    Looking at the representative team I would say I was definitely in a stronger position than any of your top 10k managers

    • MB

      Kev your post doesn’t make much sense —

      – “The only player I would want from that team would be De Bruyne” – umm you already have most of the same attack the representative team has in Aguero, Vardy, Sanchez, Payet, and Mahrez.

      – “definitely in a stronger position than any of your top 10k managers” – OK you realize that is not the team all 10 managers have, it is a team made up of common choices. The lineup of the 10 managers is not known so there is know way you could know if your team is in a stronger position, besides completely ignoring the fact that team strength is subjective.

      • Kev

        To be honest MB

        The team that is representative here is almost certainly what the 10 managers have barring an odd player or two..
        Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work that one out!
        I scored 114 this week so again higher than most of that 10 as the highest was 118
        showing my team is stronger than the 10 overall

        Vardy was transferred in by half the managers…I already had him

        I said my midfield is stronger with 5 strong players and no budget mid in there, not like most who always have
        mostly 4 strong mids and a weak budget option.

        Regardless of whether you or anyone else thinks of my squad, I know going by my scoring and the players I hold I have a stronger squad than most going forward and will be outscoring most of the top 10 managers referred to here!

      • Benjamin

        Who is in your defence so I can copy it.

    • Springgard

      Ok, so your team is great, but it is almost the same as the the top 10. Only difference in a starting 11 is Martial – Pelle and De Bruyne – Silva. Dont know how your defence is, but keep in mind that they just need to play three of their backline, meaning they probably have prioritized their subs elsewhere. (No hurry with Targett for instance)

      If you feel good about your team, no problem, but no need to be so cocky about it.

      • Kev


        I have a far better backline with far more diversity and all my back 5 are first team players with no non playing cheapy subs..
        Thats why I say my team is better than the top 10 managers mentioned here, not being cocky just sure.

  • Xavier

    My Team:

    (GK) Buttland Guzan

    (DEF) Darmian Kolarov Cedric Gomez Huth(Lei)

    (MIDS) KDB Payet Marhez Sanchez Sinclair

    (FRW) Agüero Matial Vardy

    Team Value: 104,5 nothing in the bank

    Any suggestions, if any plz share

    • Kev

      Looks good to go Xavier!

      Play Kol Cedric and Huth in defense
      your 4 strongest mids with Sinclair on the bench and your 3 forwards look good too.

      Martial is worth holding with Man U’s fixtures looking very good after the next 2

    • CB

      I have Darmian too. I’m looking to take him out for Bellerin though, as he’s had a couple of shocking games!

  • Ronald

    I want to sign De Bruyne but will have to sacrifice Payet or Mane, any advice?

    • Kev

      Hi Ron
      Mane looks to be a very good transfer and definitely worth holding!
      Payet looks the real deal too

      You may have to bite the bullet and stick to who you already have in the squad

      Post your team up mate and we’ll take a look

      • Ronald

        My team is:
        Cech, McCarthy
        Azpilicueta, Kolarov, Darmian, Cameron, Targett
        Sanchez, Mane, Payet, Mahrez, Westwood
        Aguero, Martial, Sakho

        • Kev

          Thats a good side Ron
          You got Sakho as a differential,
          I would say Kolarov and Targett need addressing as Kolarov could lose his spot soon with Clichy ready to come back in, transfer Targett out for another defender WBA defs like Evans or Dawson are good value with Bellerin another good choice..

          Take it easy Ron
          Regards Kev

          • Ronald

            Thanks Kev. I’ll wait a week and make a double transfer. Still worried about De Bruyne though, I’m a City fan and he was sensational last week.

  • Panos

    Hey guys.

    Cech, Howard
    Clyne, Dawson, Darmian, Kompany, Ward
    Sako, Mahrez, YYT, Pedro, Ayew
    Martial, Gomis, Vardy

    Bank: 3.4 – 1FT

    I am not scoring too many points at the moment. Any suggestions?
    I don’t know what position to fix first. Pedro, YYT not performing, Kompany, Ward injured, Gomis not scoring ….

    Thank you.

    • Kev


      Wards on his way back and should play next match, same with Kompany
      YYT and Gomis would be my first port of call
      You have missed the boat on Kun but I would swap YYT for Sanchez as he needs to be in your side, then I would do Pedro to Silva for a -4 point hit as De Bruyne is 0.1 out of your price range
      That sorts the underlying problems and makes your squad far stronger for the long term

      Keep your forwards and perhaps swap Gomis for A N other the following week

      Hope that gives you some pointers mate

      Regards Kev

  • Stephen

    I am pleased with team as it currently stands, but I know I will end up making a change or two out of the international break. Current team:

    Myhill (McCarthy)
    Francis, Cresswell, Kolorov (Ward, Oxford)
    A Ayew, Sanchez, Silva, Mahrez (Chadli)
    Aguero, Martial, Ighalo

    This has proven very successful this year, currently ranked at 65,485 I don’t want to tinker too much. I can’t say I was happy with Mahrez not starting last week, hopefully that isn’t an indication of things to come for Leicester City! I am considering two changes in the immediate future. First, to pick up DeBryne. I have been a huge Silva fan, but I think we all know KDB get the spots kicks and will have more opportunity to score. Take nothing away from Silva, I think over the long run KDB will be very worthy pickup, especially if MCI plays like they did vs Newcastle.

    I am on the fence with Martial, like the other half million owners, I jumped on the early bandwagon 2 weeks ago when he netted 2 goals, only to see him go goalless the following week. The smarter move would have been Vardy, who has been a model of consistency up front. That would leave me with 1.6 in the bank to make future moves between the sticks and in defense.

    • Kev


      Thats a quality side mate.
      Don’t mess with it too much
      Martial will be good for the upcoming fixtures so hold fast on him and it will pay off I think.
      I would have gone Vardy over Ighalo because as you say he’s been phenominal

      Clichy could be back soon so Kolarovs time could be numbered as he’s not kept a CS in the last 3 starts, add to that you have Oxford in there doesn’t leave much scope for movement if you have to sub out because of injuries to other players, Ward should be back after the international break.
      Mahrez was rested because of a persistant shoulder injury, he will be back after the breakas he’s far too good to keep out of that team

      Is De Bruyne worth wasting a transfer on, I don’t know, but for all we know could pick up and injury in the next match so think on with that one.

      Hope thats helped mate
      Regards Kev

      • Kev

        Just to say I have enjoyed being here and doing a few RMT’s for the boys!

        I definitely look forward to seeing the next gameweeks scores from the Geeks top 10 managers and comparing scores to see whether I have beaten them overall again.

        I wasn’t trying to be cocky in anyway just comparing myself like most that read this particular thread regularly, I climbed an unbelievable 1.4 million places last week on my score and If I had told you I was ranked 3.2 million after the first 2 weeks, then you would want to shout your success from the rooftops too.

        Stay safe people

        Regards The Kevster

        • karan sitlani

          Rate my team and tell me who should I take out and why.
          Hart (mc Carthy)
          Kola kompany targett suare clyne
          sanchez hazard mahrez mata fletcher (west brom)
          lukaku martial wilson

  • Nick

    Hey guys please RMT:

    Myhill (McCarthy)

    Kolarov, Darmian, Davies, Gomez, Targett

    Sanchez, KDB, Payet, Mahrez, Westwood

    Aguero, Pelle, Vardy

    0FT with 0.4M left in the bank.

    I already used up one FT to get KDB in, but if you look at my defence isn’t ideal at the moment. I got Gomez and Targett who doesn’t play anymore. Davies might be a risky but so far he looks pretty good. So I was thinking of taking a hit to get rid of Gomez for a decent 4.5m defender? Any good options? Or is this not really worth a hit? I see a lot of people are high on Watford’s d and Martin from Norwich, but Norwich hasn’t kept a clean sheet so far, so I don’t really know why. I guess Watford’s d is ok but they have terrible fixtures coming up. Any thoughts on Galloway?

    • Kev

      Hi Nick

      Yes you have targetted the right players to take out
      They offer nothing now and need replacing WBA defs like Evans and Dawson are good choices
      Maybe do just the 1 def per week for a hit this time and a free next time

      All the best Nick

      Regards Kev

      • Nick

        Hey kev thanks, so you think it’s a good idea to double up on west brom defence? Do you think taking a hit for a defender is worth it? Or should I wait and see?

  • CB

    Would be great if someone could have a look at my team…?
    Myhill, (Schmeichel)
    Darmian, Kolorov, Williams, (Gomez), (Huth)
    Mahrez, Shaqiri, Sanchez, Payet, (Westwood)
    Kun, Pelle, Martial

    1 FT £0 in the bank
    Want to get rid of Darmian, Gomez & Shaqiri
    Thinking Bellerin, Cobaye & someone else. (Over 3 weeks. I’m not taking a hit!)

    • Kev

      Hi CB

      I would be looking at Gomez and Kolarov for replacements in the short term
      Your a little light in the midfield with Shaqiri and Westy but take care of the D first

      Bellerin and Evans come to mind

      Regards Kev

  • Sammy M

    Hi all, could people please rate/give thoughts on my team?

    Myhill (Schwarzer)
    Kolarov Clyne Bellerin (Targett, Taylor)
    Barkley, Sanchez, Mahrez, Mata (Wanyama)
    Aguero, Martial, Sakho

    £0.2m in the bank

    • Kev

      Would probably go Aguero to Lukaku or Pelle now Kuns injured
      Wouldn’t do the swap until the second lot of internationals are well out of the way next week though now..
      Kolarov for Evans/Dawson

  • karan sitlani

    Need a suggestion.
    My team
    hart (mc carthy)
    kola kompany suare clyne targett
    sanchez hazard mahrez mata fletcher (wb)
    lukaku martial wilson
    1ft 0.8 in the bank
    what should I do? Should I take wilson out, if yes then whom should I take in his place. Or should I take a defender out like targett and make my defence a bit stronger. Please advice

    • CB

      Hi mate,
      Can you afford Vardy if you take Wilson out?
      If not… Ighalo is a good like for like cheap forward option.

  • karan sitlani

    Thanks buddy for the suggestion. I did change wilson and took ighalo. Couldn’t afford vardy and also I think his form is going to dip soon. : )

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