fantasy premier league gameweek review – a few short words on the FFGeek teams

I thought with the international break on I would do a quick fantasy premier league gameweek review article after an eventful if low scoring gameweek.  I’ll also give some short thoughts on plans going forward

fantasy premier league gameweek review – a few short words on the FFG teams

So here’s how the FFGeek team got on:


A pretty ordinary gameweek with only 2 of the front 7 returning.  2/4 of the defensive 4 return.  Very few players return a goal or assist more than in 50% of games so 3 or 4 returning is what you should be looking for.  The gameweek saw a score exactly on the average of 42 and a fall to 114k from 62k

In the team Aguero is injured and possibly facing a ban for an elbow on Winston Reid.  Friend and Stones also have injury issues so the team could be in better shape.  Aguero and Friend have no return date on  Stones is back for GW4 apparently.  The Manchester derby sees a tough game for 4 of the FFGeek team involved and Redmond is away to Arsenal.  Firmino is home to a Leicester team which will look to pack the defence and counter attack. So another tricky week maybe.

A wildcard could be an option but you really should grasp the opportunity immediately which I haven’t.  From a price rise perspective, certainly when I go to the excellent site FPL statistics to see who’s rising there aren’t that many players I would want.  Last season the price rises were pretty poor anyway.  I also didn’t have that many looking like they were heading south imminently either.  In the past you could transfer in the risers and then sell any you didn’t want at the end of the break making a profit even with the 50% sell on clause the game forces.  I’m not sure it will be that easy this time.

If Aguero is banned for 3 games 1 will be in the EFL cup so it will be 2 games.  Assuming he isn’t injured I’ll probably just leave him on the bench rather than take him out and in.

Sterling, Sanchez and Hazard were the success stories of the gameweek.  Sanchez certainly can be explosive if a little inconsistent based on last season.  Sterling looks a player transformed.  Hazard has looked far more like the player of 14/15 when he was the player of the season.  Could the new core be Aguero, Ibrahimovic, Hazard and Sanchez?  That would be a very very expensive core but there are 3 proven FPL giants in there.  That core maybe why value this season returns to be of importance. Sterling’s risk is more about rotation with Nolito, Navas and Sane who can play in the same position.

I may do  a separate article on the wildcard if there’s more to say than what I just done above

The alternate teams

I hope you’re enjoying this experiment because I certainly are.  Lets see how the Bookies team and the Shots on target team are doing:

The Bookies team


 After a slow start it’s a big score of 56 thanks to Sanchez.  Sanchez is a player the bookies consistently give short anytime goalscoring odds to.  The only other attacking player to return was Costa.  Still in a fairly low position at 726k

The shots on target team


Bringing up the rear with a score of 37 is the shots on target team.  Hard to make transfers at this stage with very little data on which to base it on.  Hence the transfer in of Llorente and the transfer out of Sanchez prior.  I would think that once we get a bit more data we should see some improvement as this is the one metric which seems to correlate reasonably well with goals.

Thats it.  The articles will keep ticking over in the international break and if I do decide to wildcard I will say straight away

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August 29, 2016

fantasy premier league wildcard – some thoughts on using the wildcard over the international break

August 31, 2016


  • Stephen

    You have similar dilemmas to me with a similar ranking drop.

    I have Tadic, Eriksen and Townsend all blanking the first 3 games and Aguero injured.

    My current plan is to change Aguero to Costa and Eriksen to Sanchez taking the 4 point hit. The wildcard would then be used to bring Aguero back in.

    Other options is simply to change Eriksen to Firmino. I have lost .1 on Tadic which is a shame as I could have looked to bring in Cazorla for him (penalty taker and returns decent until now). Arsenal have good fixtures over the long term of which I’d like coverage and it’s Sanchez or Cazorla for me.


    • Michael

      Good thinking. I feel like I wouldn’t waste the wildcard on bringing aguero back. But sanchez is finally a good shout

      • Stephen

        My only concern is I also have Hazard. Do I need 2 Chelsea attacking players. Sanchez goal wasn’t amazing and has only performed for one game so far but fixtures are good so seems the right time.

        I’ll only wildcard then if it will take more than 2 transfers to get him back in,

  • Slauterish

    Sterling looks great, but when CL starts and Sane and Gundogan come back (mid September) competition will grow, probably move KdB or Silva to the wings, so i’m not sure he will look this good in 1 or 2 GW’s. That’s KdB (let’s leave Silva in the CM/AM), Nolito, Sterling and Sane on the wings. I can see him starting many games, but certainly not every game and don’t believe he will play 90 minutes a lot.

  • Michael

    I’m ranked 30K with 192. Should I be happy with this start?

    • Craig

      I’m ranked the same with 192, although I’m 1st, 2nd and 4th in the three leagues I’m in it’s definitely a positive start.

      • Stephen

        Yes, 30k is good. That being said, at this early stage so few points separate 10s of 1000s of places but you certainly have something to build on.

  • Nath

    Thoughts on dropping aguero and tadic for ibra and ozil and taking the -4? Want to get ozil in anyway possible but may leave me struggling to fit aguero back without a wildcard

  • LVG



    Jakupovic will not start now possibly , any thoughts?
    Should I sell him for any other 2nd GK in my team?

  • jeremiah johnson

    Bring in Ozil or Sanchez?

    Aguero and Tadic out for Ibra and Ozil
    Aguero and Martial out for Ibra and Sanchez or Ozil and bank the extra funds….

  • Niko

    Sorry for bothering you but I cant find the answer to my question anywhere.
    I confirmed 2 transfers this week and I’m minus 8 poitns. If I play my wildcard, will those -8 points disappear?
    Thank you.

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