fantasy premier league GW1 team – the FFGeek team

Here’s what I’m hoping will be the FFGeek fantasy premier league GW1 team.  I talk through the structure and each position

fantasy premier league GW1 team – the FFGeek team

The team

fantasy premier league team

Fantasy football Draft


I’ve gone for a team that will essentially play 4-3-3.  However the first game doesn’t work for the rotation so I’ve gone for 3-4-3 to start.

In defence Davies Bailly and Cedric will play every game and the other 2 will rotate.

Willian, De Bruyne and Ward Prowse will play every game and The 2 £4.5s will sit on the bench most likely.

I’ve gone for a big front 3 as I don’t really think there’s much value in the cheap strikers and it gives me good captain options.

I also didn’t really want to double up in attack at this stage


I’ve gone for Foster and Elliot even though it doesn’t really work as a rotation as they often play at home at the same time.  However the fixtures in between are ok.  The lure of a £4.0m GK was just too much.  There remains a risk that a GK is bought by Newcastle to replace Elliot but the way the market is going price wise has to help the situation.


I went for Bailly because he was the most secure and I think with the fixtures that he should pick up some decent clean sheet points.  I didn’t want to risk a no show.

Davies is a risk definitely with Rose supposedly coming back to fitness. The latest is he’s not expected to be fit before the end of August so hopefully it’s delayed and a slow return.  Rose telling the world about whether he wants to play for Chelsea or Man Utd may change things but that remains to be seen.  I think Davies is worth the gamble at the moment.  I did think about Monreal at Arsenal but Spurs for me are the better defence.  The longevity of gametime is not sitting with me well though.

There was no question about the Saints defence I was always going to have one.  I’ve moved my mind between all the £5.0 defenders but come back to Cedric.  He started the last preseason game and looked good by all accounts.  There seems to be alot of love for Stephens and when I’ve watched him I’ve been very impressed but I’ve gone back to Cedric to hope he starts.

I was going to have a Burnley /Watford 4th defender rotation but I’ve lost confidence in picking anyone of the 2CBs who could play for Watford.   I’ve moved over to Swansea/ Burnley with Mee and Naughton.  It’s not ideal but at least I’ll get 2 playing

I’m mulling over in my mind whether I want to throw caution to the wind and go for a Holgate of Everton and Moreno of Liverpool rotation.  Holgate should play in a back 4 although a 3-4-3 is dodgy for his selection.  Moreno is getting good words from Klopp and started the last pre-season game.  Are these genuine words or to help his exit in the mind of other clubs.  Milner and Robertson could take the position too.  One to sleep over.

Here’s the link to my defender rankings article.  Here’s also a defender rotations link


Willian is great value for a Chelsea player with set piece responsibility and an advanced position.  Even if the fixtures could be better he works well for me

De Bruyne is at the heart of the Man City creativity and with Jesus probably the most secure of the Man City attackers

Ward Prowse is a fixture play and should have some set piece responsibility.  The best of the £5.5ms

Then I get to the £4.5m benchwarmers.  Carroll is the best of them by a distance for me.  I can’t see Sigurdsson staying so that should give him so set piece responsibility.  The risk is what Swansea do with the money.  The saga has been going on so long that you would think they have someone lined up for the money.

The other benchwarmer is Lokilo who is a young striker who’s played in the advanced positions in the last 2 pre-season games.  He’s a massive gametime risk and it’s hard to see him holding his place but if he plays against Huddersfield in GW1 who knows.  Carroll is the safest £4.5m player though

Here’s the midfield player rankings £7m + article and budget midfield rankings


Lukaku is a no brainer with the fixtures, captain potential and ownership plus his ability to score big.

Kane with a pre-season and no international tournament in the summer should hopefully put all the slow stater stuff behind him.

Lacazette is also a gamble.  Not in terms of gametime but adjustment and the lack of Ozil in GW1 won’t help him.  However I’m struggling to see who is a legitimate captain in GW4 as every other top team has a tricky fixture whereas Arsenal are home to Bournemouth. in GW4 Jesus/Aguero home to Liverpool is the only other option unless you want to take Lukaku at Stoke

Link to Forward player rankings article


No choice for me here.  Lukaku.  From what I’ve seen of the polls he’s miles ahead and he’s top of the bookies anytime goalscoring odds as well.

Here’s my captain planning article

Possible changes

Anything can still happen with just under 24 hours to go.  I will at least tweet my team if I change it. My twitter handle and link are below.  I will almost certainly not do another article if I change things

Have your team ready by 1pm tomorrow UK time

At least have it in a form you can live with.  The FPL site crashed a couple of years back and I’ve never forgotten it.

GW1 isn’t everything

After all the build up it’s easy to get carried away either positive or negatively about your GW1 score and rank.  However while a good start is helpful it’s not the end of the world for a bad score or a guarantee of a good future score.  The bookies team I run had an overall rank of 1.5million after GW1 before ending up at 6k overall.

The best finishing manager in my top 10 managers series last season after GW1 had an overall rank of 259k but finished up 15th overall.

It’s a marathon not a sprint

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  • Sammynake85

    Foster / Elliot
    Kolasniac, Cedric, Ake (Rosenior, Mason)
    Pogba, KDB, Zaha, Ward-Prowse (Carroll)
    Kane, Firmino, Lukaku

    Taking a punt with Pogba, but fancy him over Willian baring in mind Chelsea’s difficult games.

    I know i don’t have any rotation with defence but want to give my midfield/forwards a chance due to favourable fixtures.

    Let me know what you guys think.

    Thank you Geek for all the effort you put in, and other contributors on the site!


    • Eireog007

      Cedric is 50:50 so i would switch to Stephens for now.

      • Sam

        Really? Just selection or injury? How secure is Stephens for future games?

        • Eireog007

          Fitness Issue after coming back late from the Confed Cup. He should be nailed on by GW2 but maybe dodgy this week. Stephens is currently fine but it all will depend on Van Djik leaving and what replacement if any they bring in.

  • Bobby Lee

    Can’t decide on the final line up… help appreciated

    Option A:
    Foster – Begovic
    Holding – Bailly – Stephens – Lejune – Mee
    JWP – Carroll – KDB – Salah – Zaha
    Kane – Lukaku – J-Rod

    Kane included, should rotate well overall for the first 4-5 GW’s.

    Option B:

    De Gea – Elliot
    Holding – Bailly – Stephens – Lejune – Mee
    Willian – Carroll – KDB – Salah – Zaha
    Jesus – Lukaku – J-Rod

    No Spurs cover, but allows me to upgrade MID and premium GK.
    Banking on Jesus to either outscore or similar as Kane until WC.

    Any thoughts? A / B?

    Looks good, but not sure Cedric will be starting the first match.
    Rooney / Simpson bit risky due to fixtures.

  • pablo

    rate my team please-de gae/alexander arnott,stones.simpson/wiilian,kdb,zaha,carrol/lukaku,kane,lacazette. carrol my big gamble and lacazette had aguero in for ages.any comments much appreciated

  • Lewi F

    Thoughts on this draft?

    Foster / Elliot
    Francis / Mee / Dunk / Bailly / Bertand
    Willian / KDB / Salah / JWP / Carroll
    Jesus / Lukaku / Firmino

    Please give me your advice, Many thanks

  • galil

    my team is basically ready, only last min question.

    Foster (Eliot)
    Valencia, Ake, Bertrand (Mee, Rangel)
    Willian, Salah, KDB, Ward-Prowse (Carroll)
    Kane, Lukaku, Rodrigues

    I’m not sure about Rodriguez, so Im thinking about a change
    Valencia + Bertrand + Rodriguez Out
    Alderwireld + Cedric + Chicharito In
    if so, Alderwireld may be Kolasinac or Bailly

    What do you think? what to do?
    current team (Valencia + Bertrand + Rodriguez)
    or change it (Alderwireld + Cedric + Chicharito)

  • Chantal

    Current team structure:

    Slightly worried my defence is weak…

    Dawson, Davies, Bertrand (Hunemeir, Mee)
    De Bruyne, Mane, Willian, Ward-Prowse, Lokilo
    Lukaku, Kane (Vokes)


  • RDB

    Thought from experts and non experts on my team?

    Im hesitating :

    ->Zaha or Willian
    ->Holding? or another 5.0 defender
    ->Davies or Lindelof/Blind

    Foster (Elliot)
    Stephens/Holding/Davies (Rangel/Long)
    Alli/DeBruyne/Carrol/Zaha (Romeu)

  • Paul

    DId you change Cedric to Stepthens today?

  • Yaniv Salo

    Any thougths Geek?
    Foster (Elliot)
    Bailly Cedric Monreal (Mee Simpson)
    KDB Willian Tadic Iwobi Carrol
    Luk Kane Firmino

    Maybee downgrade Simpson for 4.0 and upgarde Foster to Forster or Iwobi for Philips or Tadic to Zaha???
    Thanks alot!!
    Great stuff here

  • Kristian G

    Would love to get some feedback on my team:

    Foster (Elliot)
    Daniels, Davies, Cedric (Rangel, Lascelles)
    De Bruyne, Alli, Mkhitaryan, Ward-Prowse (Carroll)
    Lukaku, Kane, Jay Rodriguez

    Any changes I should do?

    • Pip

      I think Mkhitaryan will be great value this year over the season. I’m just having a look at how he starts. I’ve had all of your players in and out my team, so I reckon you’re good, I just wasn’t comfortable with Jay Rod but could be a good punt.

  • Pip

    Please help before I pull the rest of my hair out and decide to take this blade up my vein this time … My latest effort is:

    Foster (Elliot)
    Bailly / Cedric / Davies (Mee / Hunimier)
    Carroll / Mane / Willian / De Bruyne / Zaha
    Kane / Lukaku (Quaner)

    I’m comfortable with just 2 strikers, I think there’s much better value to be had in midfield. Just can’t settle on my choices. Plan would be to rotate Carroll and Mee in a weird mid / def rotation pair.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated and may help to save my life.

    • Kristian G

      Really like the look of this. Would maybe go with Alli in midfield, I think he’ll be great this season.

      • Pip

        Phew, at least someone likes it.

        I’ve been tossing up between Alli and Mane. I’m a Spurs fan so my heart says Alli but I’m a little worried about no Liverpool coverage.

        • Craig Rhodes

          You’re right about right coverage in midfield coverage in midfield with liverpool. Mane and Salah are good options especially with Salah having scored so many in preseason. I had a punt on firmino due to less rotation and cheap option up front for a top four team number one striker at 8.5

    • Jako

      Don’t stress, you can’t win it all in the first week, and you are unlikely to lose it all either.

      The underlying structure of that team looks OK to me, and the remainder will often need some adjustments ( for injury, form, bandwagons etc. ) later on anyway.


      • Pip

        Thanks. I think I’ve been overthinking it and stressing just because I had such a shit start last year.

        I guess you’re right, I’m happy with the structure, gives me plenty of options.

    • cesspool

      I think your strategy is sound. Very similar to my team featured as “Anon 1” is article yesterday or so. I would however change Davies to either Stones (nailed for now that Pep appears to be playing a back 3) or Monreal (better clean sheet chances early)– in my opinion of course.

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