fantasy premier league GW1 tips – 3 contributors and friends of FFGeek talk through their teams

Here’s our fantasy premier league GW1 tips article where  Alex ball,  FPL Word and Mikael Danielsen talk us through their FPL teams.  These contributors and friends of the site have great FPL histories.   

fantasy premier league GW1 tips – 3 contributors and friends of FFGeek talk through their teams

I’m hoping to put together about 10 or so managers with good histories who show their teams each week.  This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing.  It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice.  Also in the future I wont be covering early transfers.  It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more

Fantasy football Draft


Alex finished 10,818 last season, 28k in 15/16 and 3k in 14/15

fantasy premier league gw1 tips


Cheap as I could find; 8.5. Foster will start most but it’s nice to have a 4.0 starting keeper (hopefully!)


Bellerin is a favourite of mine and always looks dangerous. A little rotation risk from the Ox so I’ll monitor the press conference.
Ake was sensational for bournmouth last season. Suttner covers his poorer fixtures.
Bertrand covers the Saints nice fixtures with attacking threat.
Long is 4.0 bench fodder.


Kdb has been superb in preseason and deserves the first pick in my mid.
Willian may change to another 7.0. It feels like coverage for the sake of it rather than a pick I really want. Deadline decision.
Zaha has looked good in preseason and seems to be playing in a very advanced roll.
Ward-prowes is looking to have a breakout season and with set pieces combined with the nice fixtures is a nice punt
Carroll has been a 4th mid for a number of my recent drafts so I more than happy to have as a 5th.


Lukaku, one word ; ownership!
Kane is to good not to have in my view
Firmino despite his reclassification as a striker is the cheapest way into the excellent Pool attack. And, whisper it, maybe on pens!


Top 9k in 16/17, top 1k in 15/16, top 5k in 14/15

Lukaku and Kane are both must haves for me, and so is de Bruyne in midfield.

I struggled to find a convincing option for third-striker in the 6.0-9.0 range and decided to go for Jesus. City had a great pre-season, they seem to tick now and look like scoring plenty of goals.

The heavy forward line leaves me thin in midfield. I like Zaha because of his free role at Palace and a tasty GW1 fixture. I’m a little worried about Ward-Prowse’s minutes, but this might be the season he takes off and Southampton’s fixtures are too good to resist. I’m ready to give Carroll a chance as a 4th mid. Chalobah is the 5th — he’s more nailed on than Loftus-Cheek.

In defence, I like Alderweireld for his attacking prowess, I think he’s worth the extra 0.5m over Davies. Dawson and Mee rotate wonderfully and both offer threat in the box. Same with Stephens, who’s a bonus-point magnet and has great fixtures. Rosenior is just a bench-filler, can’t see any starting 4.0 defender.
DDG is the only fully nailed-on option in United’s defence. Even though they looked shaky in pre-season, I do want to have a United defender. They will be good at killing games at 1:0 or 2:0.

I’ll probably invest in Newcastle and WHU in the next few gameweeks. Ritchie almost got into my team, and so did Lejeune. Will be watching Lanzini and Chicharito closely.
The team should be good for at least a few gameweeks. I’ll probably play my wildcard after GW11. It’s an international break and that’s also when Southampton’s, WBA’s and Newcastle’s good fixtures end. Will look at United, City, Spurs, Bournemouth, Palace, maybe Huddersfield then. Also Brighton and Swansea will rotate nicely then.


5,846 last season

fantasy premier league GW1 tips

GK and Defence

Heaton was the top scoring GK last year, and I plan to start him most games. Eliot is backup. He has been starting in preseason and should be starting unless Newcastle buy another keeper. They are targeting West Ham keeper Adrian.
Stephens looks to be an assured starter now, great fixtures plenty of bonus points last year, a goal yesterday but shockingly only 0.4% ownership.
Jones should be nailed down for at least 3 weeks.
Rest of the defence is enablers. Mee and Naughton are nailed, but Rosenior is doubtful.


Zaha, KDB and Alli are my premium mids, and have been in my team from the start. Caroll is nailed, was great in preseason. If Siggy leaves he is on set pieces.
Lokilo is a punt but I have starting players on the bench and plan to Wildcard early, probably during the 1st international break.


My front is the power 3: Lukaku, Kane and Firmino.

Lukaku and Kane are nobrainer. Firmino is now classified as striker, taking pens. Liverpool can score 3-4 goals against anyone, and Firmino should be involved in most goals.
Atm I have Lukaku as cap but might change to Kane.

Some quick strategy thoughts

I always try to build team value and follow price changes closely. In the first half of the season I often transfer early and take hits to build TV. I like to jump on bandwagons early. That was a good tactic last year as most of the bandwagons actually performed very well.

Thanks Guys, really like the teams and helpful thoughts

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  • Christy Bennett-Spark

    here is my latest team and would like some advice

    forester (fabianski)
    holding, valencia, aspi, trippier (rangel)
    Willian, ince, lolly (sanchez, romeu)
    lacazzette, lukaku (C), chicharito (V)

    i am not sure wether i should replace sanchez or not as he is unavailable for week 1.

  • Ray

    Trippier under an injury cloud Ankle injury – 75% chance of playing apparently. Sanchez seems to be out for GW1 so depending on cash situation you might consider tfr him out for good fwd and upgrade mids.

    Valencia.. not sure about due to rotations etc at MU

  • Jobes

    Some suggestions pls
    De Gea/Courtois

    thank you

  • marleyfan

    Sorry about the offtopic, but anyone want to join my draft H2H league?
    We have 5-6 players and looking for 2-3 more.

    Draft will be today at 9:00 PM CET+2. (10:00 PM in England).

  • Victoria

    Could someone rate my team please.. im a new player here.. thank u

    Forster (sub:elliot)
    Bertrand-cedric-dawson (dumett, rangel)
    KDB-mkhitaryan-willian-ince (carroll)

    I want to add lukaku, but then my team would be kind of unballance. Really appreciate your suggestion. Thank u guys

    • Morten


      Going for lacazette is way to expensive this early. It’s a real gamble. 10,5£ is way to much for someone that are good, but we dont know if he need time to adapt. Rather trade him in later in the season.
      Willian is also a bit gamble because he is not safe to play all the time. Chelsea have good players in that position.

      Downgrade Willian to someone else and you might get Lukaku for Lacazette. Or you could get Jesus instead of Lacazette keep willian and then enough to improve your defense a bit .

  • Pablo

    Lafayette unproven ,lukaku is and has good fixtures if he starts well you may be playing catch up straight away

  • Johnny

    Good Evening.

    After reading this article, i just want to find out when is it the RIGHT time to transfer (after GW) to enjoy the benefits of increase in Team Value? is it during the GW as it is going on or is it after Monday Night Games (if any)?
    and how do u see which player to buy?
    Higher team value means more in the bank and more premium players in the long run..

    this season i want to learn the tricks and traits and experiment on this..

    last year i finished top 50k rankings thanks to the tactics discussed here. thanking you in advance.

  • Kristian G

    Would love to get some feedback on my team:

    Foster (Elliot)
    Daniels, Davies, Cedric (Rangel, Lascelles)
    De Bruyne, Alli, Mkhitaryan, Ward-Prowse (Carroll)
    Lukaku, Kane, Jay Rodriguez

    Any changes I should do?

  • Kristian Gude

    Would love to get some feedback on my team:

    Foster (Elliot)
    Daniels, Davies, Cedric (Rangel, Lascelles)
    De Bruyne, Alli, Mkhitaryan, Ward-Prowse (Carroll)
    Lukaku, Kane, Jay Rodriguez

    Any changes I should do?

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