fantasy premier league GW18 team selection – the FFGeek team

Here’s our fantasy premier league GW18 team selection article where we talk about the FFGeek team. We look at last week, transfer dilemmas, captain choice and lineup issues


GW17 points:  38 (average 48) Gameweek rank 4.3m Overall Rank: 86k (red arrow 35k) Team Value: £103.7m

 fantasy premier league GW18 team selection

 A gameweek I’d prefer to forget but if you’re interested here’s the link to me early FFGeek team thoughts article


I had various transfer permutations in mind depending on whether Morata or Richarlison were fit. Had Morata not been fit I would have transferred him out.  However it seems he’s ok. Ward was also a consideration and I’ve yet to hear what his current status is.

Richarlison was my target for Choupo Moting who was on the bench and seems to have lost his place as striker and been in poor form.  Richarlison home to Huddersfield was a great time to get him after not being able to for so long.

So with both Morata and Richarlison fit then I went for Kenny of Everton as my cheap defender to replace Davies.  I needed a downgrade to get the money for Richarlison and Kenny was my cheap defender of choice with Big Sam getting clean sheets.  He also rotates perfectly with Gomez of Liverpool.

I did consider Okazaki for Niasse and keeping Choupo Moting or getting a Man Utd defender for Davies but Richarlison seemed the priority.


 The only choice to make was between Otamendi and Ward and I’ve gone for Ward over Otamendi as I think Burnley can keep a clean sheet easier than Man City


 I’ve gone for Salah at the moment but I need to do the captain article to decide.  I’m a little worried about his gametime


 fantasy premier league GW18 team selection

Good luck all.

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  • Jordan Sadler

    My team is so close to yours in terms of players/clubs of players. Only places where our clubs differ is Ryan and Krul where I have Pope and Speroni and I have Coutinho instead of Sterling. The rest are either the same players or same clubs but slightly different players (Tarkowski, Azpi, Klavan and Calvert-Lewin). Nice to see my team is really similar, fills me with confidence! Good luck geek.

    • flippy

      Are you going to transfer out Pope and Tarkowski soon due to their fixtures?

      • Jordan Sadler

        I’m going to leave Pope and likely go Ogbonna and Adrian for Tarkowski and Speroni as Adrian and Pope rotate pretty well as do Kenny and Klavan with Ogbonna coming in as well if he has better fixtures than Loftus-Cheek or Calvert-Lewin.

  • Godplayer

    Ryan, Elliott
    Otamendi, Jones, Ward, Kiko, Gomez
    Salah, Sterling, Hazard, Surman, Loftus Cheek
    Kane, Morata, Calvert Lewin
    1 FT with 0.8 ITB.
    I want Richardson in for Surman, but there’s simply not enough funds. Do you guys think Kiko to Kenny and Surman to Doucoure with a -4 hit is worth it?

  • flippy

    guys, please explain why it’s important to have spurs and wh players for GM22 ? I mean what’s the difference if someone is playing GM21 and GM22 or 2 games at GM22? I really don’t see the difference, except for using the 3X captain or bringing those players exactly after GM21.

    • Ovi

      in some cases maybe a strong bench could make up for 2-3 WHU or TOT players not playing in GW 21 ? And bring another 1 or 2 after gw 21 ? But then you will have to use some transfers to offload some of them….. not a huge fan myself of the dgweeks ….though I plan on having Son Kane and Masuaku for gw 22, who knows maybe they will play both games :))

  • flippy

    Don’t you think it’s time to remove Ward due to his upcoming fixtures? (spurs, man utd (2), city, liverpool in his next 8 games)

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