fantasy premier league GW25 – 4 transfers to consider

Here’s 4 transfers in fantasy premier league GW25 for you to consider.  There’s some stats and narrative on rationale.

fantasy premier league GW25 – 4 transfers to consider

Firstly I’d like to say that these transfer suggestions are meant to give you a change that will increase your probability of better points.  However there can never be a guarantee of points improvement.  So please consider the options and the rationale but ultimately make up your own mind and please accept responsibility for your decision




Firstly in terms of GW28.   Sigurdsson is guaranteed a fixture in GW28.  Liverpool’s home fixture to Burnley in GW28 depends on Burnley losing to Lincoln City in the FA Cup which is pretty unthinkable.

Next 3 fixtures before GW28

Liverpool next 3

Spurs (H)
Leicester (A)
Arsenal (H)

Swansea next 3

Leicester (H)
Chelsea (A)
Burnley (H)


Apart from the GW28 security there are a number of factors. They may have virtually the same points per game.  However Siggy has the better fixture for the gameweek and the next 3.  Siggy also has the better recent form and much better underlying stats.  Siggy also dominates set pieces and occupies a more advanced position.  He is also in a team on an upward curve compared to Liverpool.  My only reservation is that Liverpool seem to perform far better in fixtures against the higher placed teams as they have more space.




Snodgrass has a guaranteed fixture in GW28

Palace are out of the FA Cup. Their GW28 fixture is home to Spurs. If Spurs win their FA Cup 5th round game against Fulham away then that GW28 fixture will be postponed

Crystal Palace next 3

Stoke (A)
Middlesbrough (H)
West Brom (A)

West Ham next 3

West Brom (H)
Watford (A)
Chelsea (H)


You would probably argue that Zaha has better fixtures apart from the GW28 situation and they have similar reasonably PPG and consistency.  However Snodgrass has a better initial fixture, form and underlying stats plus has set pieces.  It’s worth also noting that Snodgrass’s stats were in a losing Hull team and could improve in a better West Ham team.




Everton have a guaranteed  fixture in GW28.

If Spurs win their FA Cup 5th round game against Fulham away then they will have a bye in GW28.

Spurs next 3

Liverpool (A)
Stoke (H)
Everton (H)

Everton next 3

Middlesbrough (A)
Sunderland (H)
Spurs (A)


Rose is injured for a month or so so his transfer out is an easy one.  Coleman not only has a guaranteed fixture in GW28 he also is a great attacking player often looking like a winger.  No defender has scored more goals and only 3 players have more assists.  Apart from the debacle against Bournemouth they looked like they’ve turned a defensive corner with 3 clean sheets in the last 5.




Liverpool are out of the FA Cup.  Their home fixture to Burnley in GW28 depends on Burnley losing to Lincoln City in the FA Cup which is pretty unthinkable.

They face Wolves away in the FA Cup 5th round.  If they win they will have a bye in GW28

Liverpool next 3

Spurs (H)
Leicester (A)
Arsenal (H)

Chelsea next 3

Burnley (A)
Swansea (H)
West Ham (A)


Basically if you haven’t got coverage of the Chelsea defence you really should.  Given unlimited funds I would go for Alonso but Luiz is the cheapest option.  Clyne is too expensive for a Liverpool defender and although has good creating chances stats only has 2 assists and 0 goals to show for it

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February 10, 2017

fantasy premier league GW25 team selection – the FFGeek team


  • Jim

    “Their home fixture to Burnley in GW28 depends on Burnley losing to Lincoln City in the FA Cup which is pretty unthinkable.”

    You can’t stop the Lincoln Loco!

  • Espen Hegland

    Nice one.
    I went on a shopping spree two weeks ago using my Wildcard #2.

    Current team is:

    Brunt / Coleman / Alonso
    Phillips / Fletcher / Sanchez / Alli
    Costa / Ibra / Lukaku

    Jakupovic / Stanislas / Ward / Holgate

    A bit overrepresented by WBA and Everton, but both teams are showing good form and have good fixtures.

    Any transfers worth taking a -4 point hit?


    • Espen Hegland

      Whoops. Posted this one under wrong article. Was meant for GW25 imaginary WC article.


      • Stephen

        I wouldn’t play Phillips over Stanislas personally but other than that the team is good.

        Alli>Siggurdson is a popular transfer this week. Alli has suffered from a positional change meaning he is no longer practically playing as a support striker.

        I wouldn’t take a hit for that transfer but one to consider if Spurs get through in the cup.

        • SHOEHEAD

          I’d play Phillips over Stanislas. I wouldn’t play Fletcher over Stanislas though.

          • Stephen T

            Unless it was just a trial run of formation change for BOU and Eddie Howe, Stanislas lost his starting position to Joshua King, who has some impressive stats in the past 5 games. However with GW28 looming, I am hanging on to Stanislas to see if it was just a one time change as Pugh was featured vs EVE. Quite possible he returns to Junior, who also is on pens!

  • Icelandic Saga

    GW28 increasing the attractiveness of Everton players. Anyone considering Lookman (£5.4m) or Davies (£4.4m) for their team?

    • Stephen T

      I didn’t look past Coleman and Lukaku, which hopefully doesn’t bite me in the bum this week. Wishing I would have waited one more week with Zlatan and home matches to Watford and Bournemouth, who’s gave up 6 (4 to Lukaku) last week to Everton. The only other Toffee I was considering was Funes Mori from a budget point of view. Not sure I want to rely on a youngster, remember Gueye is now back for Everton. Seems a crowded midfield.

    • James

      I agree with Stephen about funes mori – he is a starter and cheap. I have Lukaku, Williams and Davies but beware – Davies was dropped vs Bournemouth and competition for midfield spaces is tough. How about tom Carrol at Swansea instead? 4.2m, a starter and playing for a Swansea team on the up

    • Stephen T

      Also watching Kalim Grosicki at Hull, liked his play for Poland in the Euros and now could be a good differential with Snodgrass moving to WHU. Just 5.5, looking to pick him up after the match up Arsenal this weekend.

      • Icelandic Saga

        Thanks for all the advice. I agree that Everton have a few too many options for the moment, it’s probably one to watch. Good to see Koeman getting the young talent onto the pitch though. Ryan Fraser is my cheap midfielder atm and he’s worth hanging onto, despite Bournemouth’s defensive shambles.

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