fantasy premier league GW38 player rankings midfielders

Here’s our fantasy premier league GW38 player rankings midfielders article. Each player is ranked as a transfer target for GW38. There’s a comprehensive spreadsheet of stats plus some commentary and their next fixture to help you make a decision on your upcoming transfer.



 fantasy premier league GW38 player rankings midfielders


Firstly, this article was written before the Thursday night Leicester vs Spurs game. Here’s what I said in the defenders and midfielders rankings article which is still relevant about rotation.

GW38 is going to be tricky due to the fact that the only things still up for grabs is the Champions League spots. Man City have secured at least 4th barring a reasonably big swing of goal difference with Arsenal. I’m sure they will want to finish 3rd. Liverpool need to beat Middlesborough at home to secure their spot. Arsenal need to win and realistically hope Liverpool slip up.

Chelsea are playing in the FA Cup final a week later. Who knows what team he will play in GW38? The press conference, which I imagine will be on Friday, will be the only clue.

Man Utd are playing in the Europa League final mid week.

The press conferences will hopefully shed some light

Players not in the rankings

The following are some players not in the rankings due to gametime concerns:

Hazard – rotation

Eriksen – rotation (maybe helped by playing tonight?)

Alli – rotation (maybe more likely to be rested as playing tonight)

Firmino – injury concerns

Sterling – selection

Walcott – selection


I’ve amended the format of the spreadsheet again to be more user friendly. Here’s the link to the google spreadsheet if you want to play around with it

 fantasy premier league GW38 player rankings midfielders


Mins per FPL point: How many minutes it takes to get an FPL point. The lower the better
Mins per goal or assist: How many minutes it takes to get a goal or assist. The lower the better
Last 4 points: Form check. The points from the last FPL games
Anytime Goal Scorer Odds: The anytime goalscoring odds for the next match from 1 bookie. Its £’s return for £1 invested
Underlying stats: I have ranked the players based on their shooting and creating chances stats over the season and recently



Driving Arsenal, probably fruitlessly, forward in an attempt to secure a top 4 place he’s amassed an incredible 41 points in his last 4 games.  23 goals and 11 assists is an incredible feat in such a tumultuous season for Arsenal.  Underlying stats have dropped recently but doesn’t seem to have had an effect.  Sure to be in there among the captain favourites too.

The Everton defence are no pushovers which is the negative.

GW38 fixture:

Everton (H)


It was interesting that the Liverpool creative hub was his most effective on the left side of a midfield diamond with 2 strikers.  That will surely be rolled out again to see if it can break down the deep lying Boro defence it will undoubtedly face.  Great returns when on the pitch and great underlying stats too.  Seems to have readdressed the balance between shooting from distance and getting into the box.

The Boro defence has conceded 11 goals in the last 3 away games.

GW38 fixture:

Middlesborough (H)

De Bruyne

Started against WBA  even with 2 strikers on the pitch as Sterling was sacrificed for Aguero.  Difficult to see that he won’t start again given form and set piece influence.  Very good returns even though his goal threat could be better with only 6 goals for the season.

Facing a Watford team with a number of defensive injuries and manager that has just been told that GW38 will be his last day in charge.

GW38 fixture:

Watford (A)


Has produced absolutely sensational returns when been on the pitch even if that hasn’t been as much as he would have liked.  Hard to see him not playing this week given that it seems totally unnecessary to play Matic and Kante against such a shambolic side.  Potentially could even play further forward depending on selection of other players.  Great creating chances underlying stats although little goal threat

GW38 fixture:

Sunderland (H)

Son HM

It seems likely that Son will lineup in the game against Hull given the schedule that Alli and Eriksen have faced this season.  It’s certainly conceivable one, at least, will be rested for what is a meaningless game for both teams.

Absolutely sensational returns and underlying stats for a midfielder.  Hopefully he won’t be brought in as a wing back to solve the RWB issue as he was for the FA Cup semi.

The Hull defence has been strong at home but it remains to be seen how they will react having been relegated and no pressure on them

GW38 fixture:

Hull (H)


Definitely the bargain of the year with sensational form as an FPL midfielder currently playing as striker.  Great returns for the price and has really upped his game recently on the underlying stats too.  Howe has said he will play a strong side so he should line up.

A tricky fixture away to Leicester is the negative

GW38 fixture:

Leicester (A)


Does have some gametime risk but not starting against Watford in the 2nd DGW37 game has to have helped his cause to start in GW38.  Form has been pretty poor with a single goal and assist in his last 9 starts.  The underlying stats haven’t been very flash either.  However does have the quality and advanced position to bounce back.  The opposition also couldn’t be much better

GW38 fixture:

Sunderland (H)


Has produced some decent performances and returns recently.  However I can’t help but think that the outside left position seems to limit his goalscoring angles. However recent shot volume is certainly been good.

Has gametime risk in theory as could be swapped with Sterling.  However, is anybody safe managed by the man who’s made the most changes of any manager this season in the premier league?

Although away from home it’s good opposition against a Watford side with significant defensive injuries and a manager who’s just been sacked and leaving after this game

GW38 fixture:

Watford (A)


Despite being safe it’s still hard to see Clement resting Siggy for the last game of the season at home.  Been in great form and has all set pieces and penalties.

An unpredictable opposition is the negative

GW38 fixture:



Has been on an excruciatingly bad run of form having not returned a goal or assist in 13 games.  Has improved his underlying stats significantly recently and played at the top of a midfield diamond against West Ham giving him an advanced position.

Liverpool have everything to play for against a relegated opposition who’ve conceded 11 in their last 3 away games

GW38 fixture:

Middlesborough (H)


With Rashford prioritised for the Europa League Martial has been playing CF for United recently.  That’s only seen an assist in his last 5 and hasn’t really helped his underlying stats but any time an FPL midfielder is playing striker you have got to take notice.

An injury hit Palace defence comes to town with Big Sam making “no risks with injuries” noises could be helpful.

Very expensive though and whether he matches up risk wise compared to other options with that cash is the question

GW38 fixture:

C Palace (H)


May have set a record with 12 chances created against a hapless Sunderland side but although he is produced good stats to get assists he really has’t been much of a goal threat producing 1 goal and 2 assists in his last 6.  Despite that having watched games he has been trying to get forward, just without the output coming from it shot wise.

Tricky opposition is the negative especially if you’ve got cash tied up in Sanchez

GW38 fixture:

Everton (H)


Good opposition he may have but while the Shakespeare revolution may have transformed Vardy it’s done very little for Mahrez.   1 goal and 1 assist in his last 8 and a significant drop in underlying stats is the current form.  Possibly lost pens after the Man City double hit fiasco as well.

GW38 fixture:

Bournemouth (H)

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  • John

    Okay so I have kind of already won my mini league. I am 150 points ahead of the 2nd placed guy.
    I had a very serious doubt. I know this can attract many sarcastic comments but please answer my question first. I will accept all kinds of sarcasm later.

    If I change my team name now, something like “Who’s the daddy now?”. Just for bragging purposes, will it lead to my account getting deleted/ points getting minused/ or me getting out of all leagues/ or any negative effect.

    Very serious doubt.
    Please help.

    • Nick

      Safer to post something on your ML message board instead?
      The last thing you’d want is to lose the league by being a cocky ba**ard, you’d never live it down!

  • MrCB

    99% certain you can change your team name at any point without consequence.
    But I’d also be petrified of doing anything just in case!
    Well done though!

  • James

    Just checked Martials price and almost fell of my chair.. 9.2!!!! I am wondering if Hazard is worth taking out based purely on the fact that he may be rested? what do you guys think? im playing my All out attack chip this week so really need all 5 midfielders to be playing! Also Sturridge or Origi???

    • Nick

      If you don’t have all 3 of the geek’s top 3 midfielders in the article above I’d swap Hazard for one of those.
      Also , personally I’d go with Sturridge over Origi for a one match wonder.
      I’ve taken a -8 hit week this week though to bring in Studge and Coutinho – high risk high stakes! But also I may not be sane so take my advice with a pinch of salt…

  • Help me

    Hazard & N’Diaye or Lallana & Sane????

This window will close in