fantasy premier league GW8 captain poll and transfer poll


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW8 captain poll and transfer poll. Select the captain choice you will be making and leave any comments below as to the reasoning why. I’ve also added 2 additional polls. The first is for who you are planning on transferring in and the second for who you are transferring out.  


Remember unlike some polls I’m asking who your captain will be rather than who you think will be the best captain. That allows managers to assess the risk to their overall rank as people can see the percentages of managers likely to put that player as captain.

I’ve done 2 polls for transfers in and transfers out. By the way, you can see our on bandwagons and sinking ships article who FPL managers have been transferring in and out and my views on them. Unfortunately on all 3 polls there’s only 1 vote. That makes sense on the Captain poll. On the transfer poll I would have liked to have 2 but there’s no obvious way of allowing it so sorry it’s 1 vote only.

A couple of managers made a good suggestion last week of putting an option of carrying the transfer over which I’ve added into the transfer poll.  I’ve also added an option to say if you’re wildcarding.  It’s not directly relevant but will help the ratio between wildcarders and managers transferring

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1 thought on “fantasy premier league GW8 captain poll and transfer poll

  1. Captain – Kane
    In – Jesus
    Out – Morata

    Morata going out for Jesus, not taking any risks with him. Still have a second transfer to do and still having doubts. Have both Alli and Mikhi but both seem to be a bit low with the returns the past GWs. Thinking about Alli -> David Silva but still not sure. Monitoring the WC qualifiers before making the final decision.

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