fantasy premier league GW8 wildcard – an update on the FFGeek wildcard


With prices moving at the pace I like, somewhere behind a snail,  I haven’t had to update my fantasy premier league GW8 wildcard article for over a week.  Well there’s been some debate over the original team so here’s the latest thought process.

fantasy premier league GW8 wildcard – an update on the FFGeek wildcard

Firstly here’s a link to last weeks wildcard article of mine if you’re interested although that team is below.  Also contributors Alex Ball and Rob Reid (The FPL Vet)  have also written a wildcard article

 Original wildcard team last week

fantasy premier league gw8 wildcard

So what’s changed?

Both option1 and 2 are 4-3-3 by the way

I still haven’t abandoned the option above it’s just that I’ve been considering options with Jesus in them

Once I’d done that the debate for all intents and purposes has been about Jesus vs Hazard and although Salah got dragged into it as a potential casualty to avoid having to choose between the 2.

The importance of Jesus depends on whether you believe as the only out and out striker his gametime will be significantly enhanced or whether as the only out and out striker he will start but will be subbed off as soon as the game looks won to avoid a possible injury.  I’m probably taking a more positive view but you’ll be sick of me saying that no one can predict Pep.  Jesus does given an option of flipping to Morata although the point of Morata diminishes alot if you miss the Palace game.

There is also an unfortunate immediate problem of a potential Jesus benching this weekend after the International Break as Brazil play at 12.30am UK time which would really cause me a problem.  The same could also be said of Otamendi who will play a vital WCQ match in the sky  practically in Ecuador.  However injuries to Kompany and Aguero may force Pep’s hand and they play. Who knows?

Hazard hasn’t really fired yet but has 3 great fixtures and has to be the best Chelsea option given that Morata is injured and gambling that Batshuayi will play is difficult given he wasn’t the sub for Morata in the City game when Morata came off.  I did consider Pedro but him not starting recently is a worry.

The teams aren’t too different but essentially come down to  Salah, D Silva and Choupo Moting vs Hazard, Sterling and Atsu.  There are some fringe changes as well but ones that can be put to one side for a simple comparison

It’s worth mentioning that the international break is still going and there’s alot of things that can still happen and alot of players travelling alot of miles to change things

Here’s the 2 additional options

Option 1

fantasy premier league GW8 wildcard

Option 2

fantasy premier league gw8 wildcard

In this Atsu could become Stephen Davis of Southampton.  If Jones isn’t fit although it looks like he will be then that creates a bigger problem.

Some brief thoughts on the 3 options

So still alot to work out.  The issues are around Jesus and gametime in particular and about whether Hazard is worth theeffective  sacrifice of Salah and Choupo Moting.  Loftus Cheek is ineligible against Chelsea but expected back for GW9.  He’s the best £4.5m easily for me.  Not playing Jesus and just sticking with the 4-4-2 hasn’t been ruled out. It gives a spread of players over the top 6 sides.

The Vote

I know you’re supposed to be getting information for your FPL team from this site but I thought I’d reverse it and ask for a vote just to see what other FPL managers thought

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8 thoughts on “fantasy premier league GW8 wildcard – an update on the FFGeek wildcard

  1. Hi Mr Geek and thanks for the update.
    Have you considered Ederson in goal for Man City defence and saving 0.2m over Otamendi? Could be a useful cash saving and he’s probably less likely to be rotated than Otamendi. A lot for a keeper though!

    • I’d be interested in this too as I’m in a similar situation. If we’re worried about Otamendi’s game time, I could go Fabianski+Otamendi to Edersen+Naughton/Fernandez.

  2. Looking at the Chelsea fixtures, it’s slightly less trickier than City, and although Chelsea seems to be missing a lot of attacking and midfield threat in terms of Morata and Kante, they can still manage to get CS with Luiz returning adding to the defensive solidarity. Hazard is yet to prove himself this season in PL and his ownership is not gonna hurt at this point.

    I would go for


    Luiz Ward Davies Jones Ota



    Sterling has usually been benched in UCL, and he was again benched this weekend for England. Without Aguero I can’t see Sterling not starting. And regarding Joselu, I would bench him for GW 8 and bring him in for Palace(H) in GW 9 when the other two premium strikers have tricky fixtures.

    • My formation for GW 8 would be 5-3-2 with CM, Carroll and Joselu on the bench.

      This would change to 4-4-2 in GW 9 with Ward out and Joselu in.

  3. Why is salah still in over the cheaper coutinho? I think we saw last week that coutinho is the better option.

  4. Hi Geek
    Not sure which to vote for, in your original article I liked the idea of Vardy andI’ve ben running with it for my WC.
    Don’t think I’d like to rely on Elliot every week.
    With Aguerro back in training looks like he will be back soon possibly even this weekend, (I could see him and Jesus playing 45 min each) after that is back to guessing what Pep will do with both of them, I’m thinking of not taking either.

    You say Loftus cheek is easily the best 4.5m midfielder but had Carrol in your original option, has something changed since then?.

    I haven’t sorted my midfield but this is my draft team I would appreciate comments

    Elliot, Fabianski
    Jones, Davies, Walker, Ward, Martina
    Choupo-Moting, Carrol, ????,????,????
    Kane, Lukaku, Vardy

    Midfield options
    David Silva, Coutinho, Atsu : Not sure if I could captain anyone other than Kane or Lukaku
    David Silva, Mkhitaran, Richarlison (similar but I don’t lose 300k selling Mkhitaran but keep his poor fixtures)
    Hazard, Sterling, Jonathon Hogg (adds a Captain option but Hogg is unplayable)

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