Last season Keith finished 325 overall in fantasy premier league. Here he shares his 17/18 fpl team

Last season Keith finished 325 overall in fantasy premier league.  Here talks about his team for the upcoming season and his strategy to start the season

Last season Keith finished 325 overall in fantasy premier league. Here he shares his team and early strategy

Hi all, I am Keith and I am an American presently living in Dubai. Last season was my best season as I was 1 in the UAE, 2 in Everton (Go Blues) and overall rank last season 325.  I’m aiming to try to be in the top 1000 again.


To start the season, I believe a lot of managers are blinded by their information of previous seasons to make their teams. Since I have just been watching football religiously since 2010, I think my viewpoint is probably from a profoundly different angle.

Firstly, I am a big believer of strength of schedule going into the first 8 to 10 weeks. All teams will be in an adjustment period and I take preseason with a pinch of salt (minus the cup games). Some coaches don’t even try to win these games and they have a set plan on who is going to play when and where before the game and most of the times fitness of scheme is ahead of winning.

Secondly, through weeks 1-10, I will look at team value and start to strategize my big moves from weeks 11-15, by looking at fixtures and now a little bit of form and continue to do until the end of the season. With all that in mind I will look at 6 particular teams and why I think they have the most favourable fixtures throughout the first 10 gameweeks.

Here are there harder fixtures and and when they play them. I consider the other games is where I think they are favourite to get points:

Southampton (ManU GW6)
ManU (Liverpool GW8, Spurs GW10)
City (Chelsea GW7)
Newcastle (Spurs GW1, Liverpool GW7)
West Brom (Arsenal GW6, City GW10)
Spurs (Chelsea GW2, Liverpool GW9, ManU GW10)


fantasy premier league

Now you will be able to see a different type of rotation instead of using specific pairs and to make more options. Here I make decision based on the 3 F’s: Form, Fixture, and Feel. Sometimes the first two are ok but it doesn’t have the feel. That’s where watching games I think becomes crucial and why I think I have improved so fast over the past 3 years.

Team with tough fixtures in brackets


Forster (GW6)
Elliot (GW1, GW7)


Walker (GW7)
Bertrand (GW6)
Davies (GW2, GW9, GW10)
Yoshida (GW6)


De Bruyne (GW7)
Phillips (GW6, GW10)
Salah (Feel Pick, and Liverpool attack is a must)


Lukaku (GW8, GW10)
Kane (GW2, GW9, GW10)
Rodriguez (GW6, GW10)


I decided to go with two players I think will do well and possibly go up in value. So they can be on my bench and still help my team in the long run.

Hunemeier (Cheapie D)

Captain W1 – Lukaku
Vice – Kane

Thanks Keith really insightful and interesting article, the intention is that Keith is part of a number of a managers who show their team before each gameweek so you can see how some managers with a good history are thinking that week

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  • Stephen T

    Thanks Keith, always enjoy seeing other previously high ranked managers share their thoughts and insight on the make up of their squad. I tend to follow you line of thought heading into a new season, placing more emphasis on fixtures rather than on pre-season form of how a player finished last season.

    I agree with you when it comes to some of the teams you highlighted to start this season: MNU, MCI, SOU, WBA and NEW. Spurs I am on the fence with, but have included Kane in my starting XI. Interesting to see you line up in a 4-3-3, which falls under the category of “unconventional” but I believe it makes sense this season to look at starting 4, possibly 5 defenders.

    As for Pool, I had used Coutinho as my expensive selection to anchor my starting 3 man midfielder, but the back condition and speculation of the move to Barca and I believe I am going to start without any Reds player. I am not a supporter of Salah, even after watching him for 2 years at Roma. Serie A is a few steps down in quality from the EPL and while his first go around with Chelsea might not be a fair representation of his skills. I don’t see Salah pulling a double double this year with Pool. I could be wrong and if I am, I will be first to admit it. But if Coutinho does in fact depart, I don’t believe they have another player like him who can run the offense. Mane has the skills and nose for goal, but I don’t see him as an onfield general, like a Fabregas, KDB, Coutinho or Hazard.

    Like you, I have doubled up on So’ton (Yoshida/Bertrand) and City (Kompany/De Bruyne), while tripling up on Man United (Valencia/Pogba/Lukaku). The fixtures I believe warrant this sort of look to start the season. Not that I will run this XI all season, but I have planned through GW6 with the thought of activating the WC in GW7. But I feel I have a good plan in place and the fixtures do warrant my 5-3-2 formation. We will see what happens starting Friday.

    • Keith

      Good luck. Sounds good. I just needed Pool coverage I am scared of them. Salad might change but that is where I am now. Thanks for the post.

  • alfred Kennard

    Please comment on my team;
    Courtois, Elliott
    Bertrand, Trippier(for GW2), kolasnic, Moreno, Dummett
    Mikky, Willian, Mane, Carroll, lotus cheek
    Kane, lukaku, Ihenacho

    • TFF_Geek

      Pretty reasonable team. My thoughts;

      -I would rather have De Gea over Courtois as utd have such good fixtures initially and I think Chelsea will struggle.
      -Presumably you aren’t planning on an early wildcard if willing to wait for Trippier? Personally think you could get Daniels and wait to get Tripper in.
      -I’m going to be waiting on Ihenacho until fixtures improve and I know where he will be playing and how he links with Vardy etc. No doubt he could be a steal though.
      – No city coverage but there isn’t really a good way to get that

      • alfred Kennard

        Thanks a lot for your comment, I’ll go for de gea now despite it being hard to leave courtois being a Chelsea fan. I usually get too carried away and do far too many transfers so I think I’ll leave Trippier and Ihenacho simply because I believe they’ll be good eventually. I agree with that man city coverage problem, too much rotation and unpredictable results but might look to get sterling in later. Thanks again!

  • TFF_Geek

    Thanks Keith

    I’m pretty wary of a WBA attacking double up given their pre-season and defensive style. Fixtures are great though and I do have Rodriguez in my team, but have Ritchie instead of Phillips (I have Salah and De Buryne too). Still pondering changing Rodriguez to Mounie (also great fixtures). Both a big differential.

    I also like the Southampton triple defense which could really pay off. I prefer Stephens at the moment over Yoshida as he has good bonus point potential.

    Good luck, would be good to see yours (and other top managers) teams through the season after the gameweeks so see the thought process you went through.

  • Grant

    Please advise me, I have no clue if this will work out:

    Foster, Elliott, Kola, Cedric, Suttner, Alli, KDB, Willian, Carroll, Kane, Lukaku, Firmino.
    Bench: Elliott, RLC, Long, Mariappa


    Hi KEITH

    Where would i be able to see share your team for each gameweek?
    would be a valuable source of reference for me!

    • Keith

      I am not sure actually… I will be submitting my team here… maybe I will start a twitter account and posting there…

    • Keith

      Just added my team to my twitter and I think that would be a great place to start:

      • Dee

        Hi Keith,

        I read so many articles on how to put together a team as I have joined the lads and my boss at work this season, being a woman of 47 and the butt of their jokes I decided to follow your team exactly and I’m at the top, only the first week of the season I know but thank you, I cant wait to get into work this afternoon.

        I have tried to find you on twitter but cant, I will follow you on here religiously as I learn the game from you. I hope you post weekly as I don’t have a clue. I need to kick the lads butts big time. Again thank you

  • Matt

    Hi Keith,

    interesting team, and like you I try and focus majorly on fixtures over anything else. I was wondering if you could elaborate more on tripling up on Southampton in Def? I had written the below comment in another article but felt it would be interesting to hear your opinion on it considering you’re going through with it.

    Basing it on the fixture list and also previous history; I’ve found early in the season clean sheets are really hard to come by for some reason, meaning that rotating defenders is quite the difficult task. I’m wondering based on that, what is the risk-reward of doubling or even tripling up defensively on a team that has historically been strong defensively & has good fixtures?

    In my example, using Southampton and tripling up (1 GK, 2 Def) over the first 10 game weeks, I would use all 3 players 6/10 game weeks. Double up 3/10, and only use 1 player 1/10

    With good history & fixtures I feel while it will be a potential roller-coaster.. considering they kept 14 last year.. I think I can hope for 4 minimum, potentially 6 CS over the first 10 weeks.. much better returns than having a rotation of 3 teams, with 2 premium defenders.

    • Keith

      The reason I wanted to triple up on Southampton is that I believe they have a good chance to keep a clean sheet 2 out of the first 4 weeks of the season. They open up with Swansea with no Sign no change in attack from a poor team last year, West ham with some new signings but will see how they perform W1, Huddersfield, and Watford. The way I look at it, The only team I am a little worried about is West Ham and I think they will be good this year because Bilic knows if he doesn’t perform out the gate he is gone…

      I did double up quite a bit last year and it helped me through a rough patch. I would not do it all the time but if the fixtures present themselves then I think it could work… Well I am hoping so anyway 🙂

  • R.riard

    Thank you so much for sharing. I agree 100 percent that fixtures matter the most. Its tried and tested every season.

    I have almost the same as you.
    Subs: elliot, hune, atsu, rlc (all investments)
    4-3-3 (until form shows the way for which midfielders to be picked)

    Lineup gw1 to 10 or earlier(wildcard):
    Walker, davies, bertrand, yoshida
    Salah, kdb, caroll(investment)

    Man city x 3 players as they are the team to beat this season. (Aguero ahead of jesus for now)
    Southampton x 3 players for tried and tested def.
    Liverpools two best on form players picked. (Mane just recovering) note: liverpool might rotate players due to champions league qualifiers.
    Arsenal (not for now)
    Everton (not for now)
    Man utd (only lukaku for now, team needs a bit of time to settle)
    Spurs: (not for now. Only davies until trippier returns. new home ground , wembley with wider pitch, lean squad and tight spending as stadium is being built. Slow starters, will wait and see how their form takes off)
    Chelsea: (not for now. internal issues and not on form)

    Salah, kdb, firmino, lukaku, aguero are the top 5 point generators for me until wildcard.

    I welcome any feedback both good and bad as its a learning/sharing process.

    Congrats on your fantastic effort last season. I hope you will do better this season and become top 100. Good luck. 🙂

    • Keith

      Looks good to me, but I would be worried about not having a Spurs attacker either Alli or Kane. They are ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively in TSB. I try to have 3 of the top 5 so I feel somewhat safe that even if I make bad decisions, I won’t be far away from the pack!

  • Kristian

    Hello There,

    First time i have every used this site and I like the positive feedback i’ve seen.

    what would be your thoughts on my team below:


    Alonso / Blind / Davies / Yoshida

    Willian / Salah / Sterling / Herrara

    Aguero / Lakaku

    Thanks in advance!

  • Daniel

    Are you gonna share it on twitter when you change your team ?

    Thanks for sharing all of this

  • Sam SRCFC


    Would love some feed back on my team as it’s quite different to what suggested so I would like to hear what you think as I’m sure I’m missing something!

    Courtois / Coleman

    David luiz / kolisanic / lindelof

    Subs – brad Smith marriapa

    Salah – zaha – Murphy – ali

    Subs – colback

    Kane – lukaku – murray

    My subs are just cheapies so I can USD money on my playing team as I don’t USD my subs however I’m getting the idea that is a bad plan!

    Would love to hear what you think as I have won my work league and come second twice but would like to do better overall!

    Many thanks for any reply from anyone!

  • GABI


    Im going to FPL with this team:
    Goalkeepers: Forster,Elliot
    Midfielders:De Bruyne,Atsu,Caroll,Phillips,Willian



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