fantasy premier league news of the day 11 September 2012

Here’s the news of the day for fantasy premier league on the 11 September 2012.  Today it includes Liverpool, Kagawa, John Terry,  Cech,  Giorgos Karagounis as well as the daily update on price rises and falls.

Liverpool technical committee

What next for Liverpool!  after letting a team in 4 competitions go down to 2 strikers and the saying that £6m for a midfielder who can play striker and scored 17 goals who was desperate to join you was too expensive?  Liverpool now announce this

Apparently Rodgers said when being hired he would not work for a director of football.  It seems that the owners now think its ok he would work with 4?  It seems to involve transfers more than selection and playing style but its hard not to see some creep going on in to this area.  It can hardly be conducive to a harmonious working relationship and Liverpool on the field. it all points to staying away from Liverpool players until the fixtures drastically improve


Oh that’s all you need as a fantasy premier league owner of kagawa, an injury just before a home game to Wigan and for those fantasy premier league managers who don’t own hazard another reason for people to jump on tat badwagon and push the price up even further.  Well it seems he was injured in training and was ruled out of the Japan game against Iraq and is now a doubt for Wigan as well as a doubt for Galatasary afterwards.  Well to me this could point to a 4-4-2 with Cleverly and Carrick with either Hernandez or more likely Welbeck up front.  How that works with RVP wanting to play so high up is a bit of a mystery.  If Ashley Young recovers from a knee injury as expected it could mean a place for him just off RVP as he has played before but what ever its a great source of frustration after such a promising start.  We’ll keep  you posted

John Terry

Alot of conflicting reports around  about whether he will be back for the QPR game.  I cant see a clean sheet here anyway so either way not a great deal of excitement for Luiz and cahill owners

Cech rest

When Chelsea ask for their goal keeper to be rested during an international break because of an elbow problem it cant inspire confidence on performance or game time for  fantasy premier league owners of Cech.  Hopefully it will just mean rotation in the cups as long as it doesnt hinder performance.  the only saving grace is that RDM will surely be reluctant to put Hilario or Turnbull in to the mix if it can be avoided.  the situation might be different if it was like lindegaard and De Gea where there isnt such a gap between the two.

Giorgos Karagounis joins Fulham on a free

Despite the guys pedigree this isn’t anything to excite fantasy premier league managers.  Last year in 25 games in Greece he got 1 goal and 2 assists . The year before it was 29 games and 1 assist.  I dont think I need to say any more.  I expect Steve Sidwell to be the most worried about his place.

price rises/falls

Nothing significant to report on the leaders although Oscar took another fall to go to £0.6m down to £7.9m.

heres the leading transfers in and out for the game week:


GK – foster 40k

DEF – Jenkinson  100k

–  McAuley 88k

–  Reid  80k

MID – Hazard 138k

–  Michu  114k

–  YYT   68k

FOR – Tevez  124k

–  RVP    110k

Torres   62k


GK  –  De Gea  28k

DEF –  RTaylor  44k

– Clichy    44k

–  Simpson  36k

MID –   Bale – 69k

–   Allen 41k

–   Silva   40k

FOR  – Ba 52k

– Rooney  46k

– Petric   41k


See you tomorrow


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September 11, 2012

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  • kingsarmsify

    110k out with RVP!!!!!…TUT…TUT…Will be looking down the rankings @ you

  • kingsarmsify

    What do you think of swansea new boy Hernandez. I’m feeling like a Gamble. Aston villa are not particulary firing on all cylinders depite the 1-1 draw @ Newcastle. With Sinclair gone I see Hernandez as the permanent replacement with Laudrup having coached him previously and also having a great deal of experience. The flip side is who would he replace. Dyer was a off the bench player last season under Rogers and looks in good form. Michu…well doubt he’s budging off his pedastool at the moment, we’ll see if he can keep it up around week 10. Britton and de guzman will battle that holding role between themselves. The only likely player to step aside would be Routledge but again he is also in great form. The only way I could see Hernandez in the picture for this weekend would be if Routledge covered at full back due to the defensive injuries and suspensions Swansea have. My trade would be either Johnson of Sunderland or Lennon of Tottenham, also freeing up .5m to up grade a 4.5m mid to 5m+ for gwk 5. Johnson i think is just a goal away from a string of good fortune with playing time he can now bid for a place and liven up the England national team. Lennon would sparkle if AVB would just shut up and let them play, looks like he still hasn’t learnt from his Chelsea days. Thoughts? and keep up the good work, the sites awesome.

    • admin Post author

      Hi thanks for the comments on the site. I agree with you. In the current form they are in I just cant see Routledge and Dyer being replaced. I think the CB situation will be covered by Tate and the fullback situation by Davies or new boy Tiendalli if he’s match fit.

      I think Johnson has so much potential. There was a worrying discrepancy between his starting form and sub form. However, assuming he can stay off the booze back in his home region then he has so much potential. I would prefer to see his form first before jumping in though.

      I think Siggy or Lennon will make way for Dempsey and if I had a pick then I think it will be Lennon. In this price range I would go for 1 of Pienaar, Fellaini Morrison or Nolan.

      Hope that gives you some food for thought. cheers keep the comments coming

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