Man Citys fantasy premier league prospects by season ticket holder David Brown

Here’s the final preseason article on Man Citys fantasy premier league prospects by season ticket holder David Brown.  If you’re thinking of a Man City player this is essential reading and as close as you’ll get to predicting what Pep will do lineup, formation and player position wise.

Man Citys fantasy premier league prospects by season ticket holder David Brown

Hi again, I thought I would give a Man City update now all the pre-season games are out of the way. As my last article, it’s my opinion with input from other City supporters and articles in the local press. By the way, Silva is David Silva and Bernardo is Bernardo Silva in this article.

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I don’t think you can read too much into friendlies as each team has their own agenda re fitness levels etc. but below is a summary of the games played.

man citys fpl prospects

Things worth a mention:

Playing 3142 for the last 3 games
Kompany, Stones and Otamendi started in all the 3142 games
Ederson, Kompany and KDB started all 4 games
Sterling’s 3 goals
KDB’s 4 assists
Yaya played as the ‘pivot’ in 3 games
Danilo started the last 3 games and looked very good
In his only start Sane was employed as a wing-back in the final game (although he didn’t do much defending)


Well it was a bit of a surprise to see the last 3 pre-season games were all 3142 although it does allow for flying wing-backs (3 of the new signings are full backs) and for Aguero and Jesus to both start up front.

In the local press Pep said last week that he will decide game by game between 3142 and 433, so, who knows what will happen.


I must mention rotation again. I don’t think anybody will escape it meaning every City player will be vulnerable to not playing, particularly around the Champions League and big PL games.

New Signings

Ederson (GK); banker to start.

Walker (RFB); other than occasional rotation should be a regular starter.

Mendy (LFB); other than occasional rotation should be a regular starter. Currently an injury doubt for the season start.

Danilo (RFB); Pep has said Danilo can play RFB, LFB and DM so a bit of a utility player, he played wing-back pre-season (both sides). I’d be surprised if he was a regular before

Walker and Mendy but with the way he performed pre-season and the Mendy injury should certainly start the season in the first XI.

Bernardo (M); the assumption would be that he will play on the right but has been quoted as saying Pep wants him to play centrally. Only played 30 minutes pre-season so may take time to establish himself in the first XI. Worth noting that Pep expects goals and assists from him once he’s in the team.

According to the local press City will also sign a centre-back and (I quote) ‘a world class forward’ before the deadline. Names mentioned recently are Inigo Martinez, Ben Gibson, Van Dijk, Sanchez and Mbappe.


Ederson is nailed on number 1.

Full Backs

I would expect Walker and Mendy to be first choice but Danilo will start the season (he was excellent in the friendlies and Mendy is injured). Although Sane on the left against West Ham does raise some doubts/confusion.

Central Defence

Kompany is the first name on the team sheet supported by Otamendi or Stones or both when playing 3 at the back.


I would expect Yaya, Fernandinho and Gundogan to fight for the pivot role with Yaya currently in pole position. Fernandinho may get the nod for a more defensive setup and there is some belief that Pep wants Gundogan to fulfil the role longer term.

The other 2 should be from KDB, Silva and Bernardo.


Surplus to requirements maybe in a 3142?! Sane, Sterling, Jesus and Bernardo are the likely wingers. If you ask most City fans, Sane has to play. He was so good at the end of last season and has so much potential it wouldn’t make sense not to play him. Although, on saying that, we did think the same about Aguero last season and Pep didn’t think twice about ‘resting’ him.

I’m not sure how much we should read into Sane playing wing-back in 1 pre-season game either, he’s not a fit really as he doesn’t defend very well and why would you pick him in that position when you specialists in Mendy and Danilo?


Aguero and Jesus with Pep perhaps favouring Jesus in a one-up system. Sterling and Sane can also play up front (Sterling did in pre-season).


I could just put a big question mark here as it’s anybody’s guess what Pep is thinking. I would say, formation aside, his ‘big game XI’ will contain Ederson, Walker, Kompany, Mendy, KDB, Silva and Jesus plus potentially Aguero, Sane and Bernardo.

My Prediction for GW1

Based on pre-season you’ve got to assume Pep will go 3142 which means Sane’s place in the team is in doubt. The obvious team is:

Kompany, Stones, Otamendi
Walker, KDB, Silva, Danilo
Aguero, Jesus

I wouldn’t put my mortgage on it though.

My FPL Team

My current team includes KDB and Danilo. KDB is probably the most secure selection-wise and City will be so attack-minded he should surpass last season’s points total. He should also have corners and free-kicks. Danilo is decent value at 5.5 especially in a 3142 as he will spend a lot of his time attacking. I also think City will do OK for clean sheets with Ederson and Kompany in the team. I will review him regarding game time once Mendy is fit though.

As a City fan I’d also like to get Jesus in there but haven’t got the funds.

Longer term, Sane and Bernardo are definitely considerations if they get regular game time and Gundogan has the potential to be a very good cheap midfielder (£5.5m) if he re-establishes himself in the team.

Thanks David that’s helped me alot in deciding what Man City players to choose from

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    A lot of interest in Dunk 4.5 as a budget defence / rotation option, but am I the only person who is seriously put off by his disciplinary record (last season worst at Brighton and one of the worst for a defender in the Championship)? Is anyone selecting him despite this knowledge and if so why?

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