McDonalds Euro Fantasy – Some thoughts on the final and player options

Here’s our McDonalds Euro fantasy article where we give you some thoughts on the up coming final, some player options and stats plus the predicted lineups

McDonalds Euro Fantasy – Some thoughts on the final and player options

The fixture

Here’s the fixtures from the BBC website in UK times:


Transfer rules

Number of free transfers

Final: 6

You can use your transfers up to the point of Sundays Portugal/France final. Subs and captain changes are irrelevant. The lineups for the game will probably be out an hour before

You may still have a wildcard if you’re incredibly lucky but you shouldn’t need it.

Top attacking point scorers


It’s worth mentioning that Quaresma has often been a sub

Top attacking ownership


The key point of ownership is that if a high ownership player scores then your rank will be affected. As you can see Payet, Pogba, Griezmann and Ronaldo are owned by over 90% of teams so not owning them is either a massive risk or opportunity depending on your perspective


From my perspective overall rank is all I’m concerned about.  I don’t play in any work or friends leagues so I’m not involved in individual battles to get ahead of work colleagues or friends.  What this means is that I care just as much about the risk of going backwards with my rank as I do with going forward.  That means although I will have the very high ownership players.  While I will probably back France I wont go all out and I will cover some Portugal  options for some risk management.  If you’re behind in your mini league and want to go all out you might try and do something different, maybe concentrate on 1 defence or avoid the high ownership players and go elsewhere.

Possible lineups

Here’s my view of the possible lineups through the excellent site



Will Kante play instead of Matuidi or will Deschamps go without a “proper” CDM



Carvalho and Pepe should return.

Player Options

Remember you can make up to 6 free transfers before the Final kicks off and the lineups should be out around an hour before


I’m backing France as the most likely team to get a clean sheet. I expect Portugal to play very defensively which could restrict the goals but  heighten the chances of a clean sheet.  Who you pick will depend on funds available.  Koscielny for attacking potential if you have funds, Umtiti for value.


Renato Sanches – Portugal £4.4m

Payet – France £8.1m

Pogba – France £8.5m

Matuidi – France £7.0m check lineups

Joao Mario – Portugal £6.0m


Ronaldo – Portugal £12.0m

Nani – Portugal £7.5m

Giroud – France £8.5m

Griezmann – France £10.0m

Some stats





I wont be making transfers until the teams are announced tomorrow which will be roughly an hour before kick off which is 8pm. If you’re interested I’ll only put them on twitter @fantasyfoot20

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  • DickieRay

    FRA 2:1 POR

    Portugal won’t be able to park the bus. France has too many weapons.

    The site looks great!

  • simon

    Portugal knowing they wont beat France by out playing them, could very well play for penalties from the start, and just counter attack with Ronaldo. France going to have to work hard to break Portugal down.

  • martin coates

    how is everyone thinking of setting there team up , im thinking 7-4 in the french players favour , im 18 points clear of my friends at the moment

    possible line-up

    lloris , guerreiro , sagna , fonte , koscieiny , payet , pogba , matuidi , griezmann ( C ) , nani , ronaldo

  • brlinho

    thats a very good team Martin Coates,especially when you are 18 points ahead of your mates in your league,although I would go with 5 defenders and put instead of Matuidi any portugal defender that will play (an hour before the game you will of course see official lineups,so most probably Pepe will play or even better option could be Cedric) so in that case you will have 3 portugese defenders and 2 france defenders + france goalkeeper,it means in case both teams dont score a goal you get 3 defenders cleen sheet which should be enough to staying at the top..and it is final game,most probably it wont finish 5:4,just my thoughts on the issue of course../I am 12 points behind top 3 in my own league so I must gamble although most certainly it will not be good enough,the thing is if I put a team similar to yours I will get some solid points but those 3 in my league at the top will surely have many similiar players so I will not be able to get to the top,and it is winner takes it all(each of us put 10 euros before fantasy has started-so winner will take 110 euros) while second placed or 11-th placed gets nothing,so I will not try to be cautious and get satisfied with being 4-th or 5-th and will go va my team will be made od Rui Patricio plus 4 portugese defenders(those 4 who will be announced to play),Joao Mario and in attack Ronaldo and Nani..I am going different approach cause thats the only way I could win the league and most probably captain will be either Ronaldo(I hope they all go for Griezmann or Payet) or even Pepe(wouldnt be the first time defender scored in crucial game) or third but most likely option will be Joao Mario..

This window will close in