New premier league fantasy game – “My Little Nuts” GW3 completed

The 3rd round of the head to head in our “My Little Nuts” league is now completed.  Here’s the result of my team’s game and a preview of the week ahead.  The French version of the game has 450,000 players and their app is #1 for sports in France. It’s now available for the English premier league

 New premier league fantasy game – “My Little Nuts” GW3 completed

If you haven’t seen my earlier post about the rules of My Little Nuts   here’s a very quick background on our partner game.

In very simple terms it’s a blind auction draft game where you and a small group of friends bid for a minimum 18 players. You compete with league members in a weekly head to head contest scoring points by goals and through a number of other events such as the usual assists and clean sheets plus other more detailed stats such as tackles, passes, recoveries etc etc. These are then converted into virtual goals. There are 3 competitions, the premier league, La Liga and Ligue 1. The length of the contests can be anything from 1.5 to 4 months. I’m in a league of 6.

If you want to sign up to play use this link here

GW3 head to head result

As it’s a French based game I’ve called myself the Guingamp Geeks

 So a draw for my 3rd head to head.  Surprisingly bought about by the 2 Watford lads scoring away to WBA.  While I have consider myself to be fairly lucky on that score my opponent got a draw through the Joselu goal which, if you saw it, I think makes us even on the luck front.

 My big name players didn’t score despite nice fixtures.  Mkhitaryan and Alli not scoring despite both being in 4-0 wins.  Add Lacazette to that home to Brighton who also blanked and a gameweek where I should have won comfortably only saw a draw.  As it was I was leading going into the last match so I have to feel disappointed overall not to have won.  My clean sheet for Spur’s Sanchez didn’t result in anything and in 3 games I’ve yet to get a virtual goal.

My bonus was a bit of a disaster with a points boost via the magic doc 1 points bonus to Mahrez who in the end,  surprisingly, didn’t play.

 There were 6 virtual goals this week most of them coming in the Chelsea Man City game.  That makes it 13 virtual goals in total out of 44 goals scored which is around 30% of the goals.  None going to defenders.  As I’ve said in earlier articles only spend money on goal scoring defenders and attacking goal scorers.  The virtual goals just aren’t significant enough.

Injuries continue to plague me with Pogba and Benteke injured and also injured, but of less importance Mendy and Prodl.  I’m continuing to feel the problems associated with the lack of depth in my squad.  I just chose 18 rather than more.  It’s a tricky line to navigate though.  Do you bid big for the big hitters or spread your funds for squad depth.

 This week my policy of buying some covering players for big hitters may pay off as the Morata injury could see Batshuayi start.  Unfortunately he didn’t in the Chelsea v Man City game when Morata came off but that may not necessarily mean he won’t start against Palace.  I thought Chelsea looked poor without a target man.


My lineup

 my little nuts

No real choices to make on the lineup list. No need for tactical substitutions.  I can’t see anything good coming from them. Lewis Cook if he starts is at Spurs and Wimmer if he starts is at Man City.  They are the only 2 fit outfield players.

As for the GK PIckford at Brighton is a far easier choice then Elliot at Southampton.

I’ve chosen the interestingly named naughty WAG bonus which gives 1/2 a point bonus to each of the starting lineup.

So reasonably good fixtures again this week.  The Watford pair face an injury hit Arsenal defence.  Alli is home to Bournemouth and Mahrez home to WBA.  Mkhitaryan faces the shaky Liverpool defence and Lacazette plays Watford.

My opponents team

 As for last week my opponent has yet to set his lineup. Bizarrely there are 2 teams with the same name and same strip.  One is bottom and the other is top of the league.   I think I’m facing the bottom one which has a surprisingly strong team.  Certainly one which seems to have latched on to the don’t waste money on defenders

my little nuts


Here’s our league table of 6 players:

my little nuts

So I’m in 4th but still 7 rounds to go so plenty of time to catch up.

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