Sun Dream Team – Regular Sun Contributor Simon Rowley updates us on his team

Simon Rowley, previous winner of the FFGeek Sun League and 1,000th overall rank finisher in Sun Dream Team updates on  on his team.

With over half the season gone, its fair to say I’m having an up and down season (mainly down though). After Man City’s win on Friday, currently sitting on 885 points, so not disastrous, but not exactly to good either. Team is 889 0n the Monday.

Sun Dream Team – Regular Sun contributor Simon Rowley updates us on his team

Here’s the team:

So a decent attacking unit (possibly one of the best I’ve ever had), but defensively not brilliant. Seasons where I’ve done well have often been based on a sound defensive unit, but the price changes this year make this difficult to achieve, unless you get the players early (something I haven’t been able to do).

My transfers haven’t always worked out how I wanted (although that could be a massive understatement), for example Zlatan and Alli were taken out whilst not scoring, just before both went on a good scoring run. Matip went in, but then got injured, just as Liverpool started keeping clean sheets, similar story with Kirchhoff. KDB, despite playing well, just can’t find the back of the net unfortunately, and WBA, despite having a really good season, aren’t achieving the clean sheets they should be. So a bit of hard luck, few dodgy transfers, and some injuries have stopped me scoring as I would have liked.

On the subject of scoring, after last seasons diabolical system, I hoped that this years would be better. Unfortunately, I’m not convinced it is. In the West Ham – Man City match, almost everyone was unanimous in saying Silva was man of the match, but he wasn’t starman in dreamteam. For me, this is a fault in the scoring system, in that because Silva was substituted, his rating was frozen, whereas Aguero (who eventually got starman), could carry on improving his rating, and got starman right at the end of the match. Hopefully dreamteam will look at the scoring system again before next season, and look for a way to balance things up if a player is subbed before the end. I’d be interested to see what others think of the scoring system this year.

Going forward, not having any Liverpool players in my team could hurt me, so I will be looking to change that in February, with probably KDB going for either Mané, Lallana or Coutinho (depending on price changes).

As always I will post all transfers on twitter (@upthevale1), as well as weekly score and position updates. I look forward to your comments, and good luck to everyone.

Thanks for the article Simon and good luck this gameweek.  Remember the gameweek is now open.  

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January 6, 2017

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January 24, 2017


  • Alan sharks

    What’s your thoughts please with my midfield with K D B, Mane, Erkisen with 2.2m in the bank I thought about putting Coutinho in for Mane???

  • Rob H

    The scoring system is nonsense at times,though I don’t believe it is frozen for subs as you suggest .Apparently Cahill was on for a 7 the other day and got subbed by the end of the game they dropped him to 6.
    The conspiracy nutjob would suggest someone at whoscored makes subtle changes depending on who he or his competitors have in their teams 🙂
    Anyone wanting to free up some cash to improve their attacking options might look at Grant for Stoke, Dream Team seem to have finally admitted he is actually playing and 1 mill for a GK on 50+ points is a bargain.
    Of course he isn’t supposed to be 1st choice but Butland is probably a couple of months away from fitness with no guarantee he will regain the top spot this season.

  • Dave

    Hi all,

    I have 1 transfer left and thinking of making it tonight before the Man U game. My team is:




    I’m thinking ibra out for perhaps Rooney, pogba or miki, aguero, Sturridge or firminho given the fixtures in this month ie fa cup games, 2 X league cup etc.

    Any thoughts would be welcome


    • Simon r

      Apologies for the late reply Dave, been at work since 5pm. Obviously you cant change Utd players now this week, but don’t think I would have done anyway. Zlatan ill tonight apparently, so expect him play at weekend. Id maybe consider KDB for coutinho, looks like he may be fit for tomorrow.


    Hi Simon,
    This is my team currently, I’m on 972pts and no transfers left.

    Forster 2.9m
    Stones 2.4m
    Morgan 2.2m
    Terry 2.5m
    Shawcross 2.3m

    Hazard 8.8m
    Pogba 7.5m
    Alli 5.7m

    Sanchez 10.3m
    Aguerro 8.5m
    Son 3.7m
    0.7m in the bank.
    I’m never gonna score big points with the defence so I’m not too bothered about those, my only problem is Son who’s not guaranteed a start.
    So who would you transfer in if you could get Son out now?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Simon

      Swap Terry for someone like Kelly at palace, then with extra money, swap Son for a Liverpool attacker, depending on price changes Firmino or lallana, or Mane.

  • Ryan

    Hi Simon,
    This is my team currently, I’m on 1096pts, 1 transfer left and 1.4 in the bank. I just put in aguero for Costa last weekend as he didn’t travel and could be on it’s way out. I should of done Kane but plenty of time for Aguero to catch up on those hat trick points.

    De Gea 3.4m
    Stones 2.6m
    Monreal 4.6m
    Bellerin 4.7m
    Gamboa 0.5m

    Eriksen 6.8m
    Pogba 7.5m
    Snodgrass 5.0m

    Sanchez 10.5m
    Aguerro 8.3m
    Ibrahimovic 9.4m

This window will close in