Sun Dream Team tips – Looking ahead to gameweeks 25-27

Here’s our Sun Dream Team tips  article where we look at gameweeks 25-27.  We take a detailed look at the fixtures of the top 7 teams and give some player suggestions.   There’s also a calendar so you know when to make the transfer for each of those teams.  Lastly we look at the FFGeeks team’s progress and produce a team if I could start again

Sun Dream Team tips – Looking ahead to gameweeks 25-27


Team 1 

Points: 1235 Overall Rank:  22843 (pre GW25) Team value: £62.1m

Down 5k in overall rank from GW24.  Things just keep going backwards.  3 immediate problem childs in Vertonghen, Kones and Jesus all injured and only 1 transfer left after dealing with 2 players who had lost their place already.   Jesus’s injury for up to 3 months probably means a reversal there of the injured 3

Team 2 

Points: 1176 Overall Rank:  77890 (pre GW25) Team value: £60.6m

Down 18k from last week.  Ironically it seems in better shape than team 1.  Just needs Ward and Marshall sorted out.  Problem is the money is virtually nothing to buy anyone else.


Here’s a reminder of the rules from the website regarding transfers

Managers will be able make up to a maximum of three transfers to their team during each calendar month. 

Transfers can be made providing that the Football club that both players involved in the transfer belong to, have not played in the current Game Week (Monday to Sunday).

A Game Week starts at 00:00:01 on a Monday and ends at 23:59:59 on the following Sunday.

If any player’s Club have played n that Game Week then they are ‘locked’ and cannot be moved in or out until the final match of the Game Week has ended.

The price of a player is as updated at the beginning of that Game Week by the Variable Player Pricing policy.

So here’s the teams with their upcoming schedules plus some player suggestions.  The schedule is pretty obvious.  However just to explain The column see lineups? basically tells you whether you will be able to see the lineups before making a transfer.  You won’t be able if the player is locked as the team has played previously in the gameweek.  Also if the game is sufficiently later in the day that the gameday will have started before the lineups have been announced.

Generally your players will come from the top 7 teams which is why I’ve just given you these fixtures and added on player suggestions


Def:  Koscielny £4.8m  PPG 3.7

Fwd:  Sanchez £10.4m  PPG 7.6


Def:  Alderweireld £5.9m PPG 4.2 Davies short term £3.8m PPG 3.2

Mid:  Eriksen £6.2m PPG 4.2  Alli £5.8m PPG 3.9

Fwd:   Kane £8.9m PPG 5.5

Manchester Utd

Def:?  May depend on who starts in the EL but difficult to see who will play both EL and PL

Midfield:  Pogba £6.9m  PPG 5.1

Forward:  Ibrahimovic £8.1m PPG 6.2


Def:  Alonso £7.6m PPG 5.8 or Luiz £5.7m PPG 4.1

Mid:  Hazard £8.1m PPG 5.8

Fwd:   Costa £7.5m PPG 5.9


Def:  Clyne £2.7m PPG 2.1

Mid:  Mane £6.5m PPG 5.4, Coutinho £5.6m PPG 4.4, Lallana £3.5m PPG 3.1

Fwd:   Firmino £5.0m PPG 4.1


Def:  Baines £5.1m PPG 4.1,  Coleman £5.4m PPG 4.0

Mid:  Barkley £4.0m PPG 2.6,

Fwd:   Lukaku £8.4m PPG 6.4

Man City

GK:  Caballero £3.2m PPG 3.2

Def:  Stones £2.7m PPG 2.1

Mid:  De Bruyne£5.6m PPG 4.0,  Sterling £4.2m PPG 3.8,  Silva £4.5m PPG 3.0,

Fwd:   Aguero £7.5m PPG 5.8


Here’s a schedule of the top 7 teams to show you when you need to make a transfer in the 3 gameweeks for those teams.  You’ll find it a handy little sheet


GK:  De Gea £3.9m

DEF:  Clyne  £2.7m Davies £3.8m  Luiz £5.7m  Stones £2.7m

MID:  De Bruyne  £5.6m Eriksen £6.2m   Pogba £6.9m

FWD:  Sanchez £10.4m  Ibrahimovic £8.1m  Aguero £7.5m

Total Cost: £63.5m

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