Telegraph fantasy football – FFGeek team update and some player stats

Here’s an update on the FFGeek telegraph fantasy football team together with some player stats as well a team if I were to start again.  We also give brief updates on the FFGeek teams in the Championship and UEFA Champions League versions

Telegraph fantasy football – FFGeek team update and some player stats

The FFGeek team

Total Points 393  Overall Rank 8362  Transfers used 3/40 ITB £0.8m

telegraph fantasy football

So I’m reasonably happy with my position given that in my last update I was around the 30k mark.  All the players have pulled their weight and I’m only 3 transfers down.  The defence looks fairly settled although I made a mistake putting in Vertonghen for Davies but nonetheless you can see from the season points that the defence have pulled their weight.

Attack seems fairly settled to.  I have 4 of the top 6 teams.  I’m fine with 3 of them it’s just De Bruyne I’m not wild about.  However he has performed ok and TFF with the Key Contribution rule does assist the assister more than other formats.  Unfortunately no Chelsea who now have a good run of a few games.  Choupo Moting can stay where he is as Stoke after Man City next have a great run of fixtures.  I’ll probably keep Ritchie (assuming he’s fit)  for 4 more fixtures until after Bournemouth at home unless I do the transfers I mention below

I’ve only used 3 transfers and I may just do the following transfers to afford get Hazard in

De Bruyne to Hazard

Ritchie to D Silva

Vertonghen to B Davies

Forster to Pope

Works exactly money wise.  I haven’t decided yet whether to do it or not

Player stats

Here’s the google spreadsheet which has about 100 players for each schedule if you’re interested

Points per game

So firstly here’s a schedule of the top 23 points per game players.  Basically I’ve come up with it by dividing the points by the number of games played.  I’ve made an arbitrary adjustment to the game number by applying a factor to the substitute appearances.  It was quicker than trying to find it in minutes.

I’ve given a minimum requirement of 3 starts and I’ve not filtered it for gametime security.  You’ll also see their the value coefficient.  The higher the number the better the value it is.  I’ve basically just related the adjusted PPG to the player value to give a rough indication of how good a value they are.

Here’s the PPG schedule

telegraph fantasy football

In the schedule there are:

5 strikers all from the expected top 6

6 midfielders again all from the expected top 6

11 defenders again all from the expected top 6

1 GK De Gea

So the importance of defenders using this can’t be underestimated

Value coefficient

As I said above the value coefficient relates the adjusted PPG to the players value to give a rough indication of how good value they are

telegraph fantasy football

This table tends to give emphasis to the lower value players.

There are no strikers

3 midfielders appear in Fellaini, Richarlison and Gross

There is 1 GK in Pope of Burnley

All of the rest are defenders.  4 from Man Utd, Burnley and Huddersfield.  3 from Man City.  2 from Spurs and 1 each from Swansea, Watford, Southampton and Liverpool

The table may not be the most accurate way of representing value but it does give a rough guide and again backs up defenders.  It also gives you an idea about where to get some value picks

My Team if I could start again 

telegraph fantasy football

Apart from having 4 defenders I didn’t start with any preconceptions over formation but tried to cover the top 6 teams with the best player taking into account points potential and value.

Telegraph fantasy football Championship version

I’m really enjoying this and it’s going quite well.  To do another competition with different players is quite a breath of fresh air.  It may also give me some clue for next season’s premier league.  I’m doing well at 1k out of I think about 30k managers

Here’s my team and believe it or not I do have £4.1m in the bank?

Total Points 393  Overall Rank 1067  Transfers used 5/40  ITB £4.1m

telegraph fantasy football

Telegraph Champions League team

This isn’t going so well.  It’s not my area at all.  My main advantage is I’ve yet to do a transfer.

Total Points 97  Overall Rank 4,365  Transfers used 0/20  ITB £0.6m

telegraph fantasy football

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  1. Looking in a good position. I wouldn’t be getting pope as it will just be another transfer down the line plus 4 transfers is a lot to do in one go.

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