telegraph fantasy football – my final team (subject to a 3pm line up check)

Heres my final telegraph fantasy football team, its the same as the 2nd draft, I’ve just replaced Dempsey with Hazard.  Ive kept faith with Rooney until RVPs role becomes clearer and just as a check if theres any issues over the lack of pre-season.  Ive put the links to the earlier drafts of my telegraph fantasy football team which show the full explanations behind players



de Gea, Dde Gea, D

de Gea, D


Ivanovic, BIvanovic, B

Ivanovic, B


Zabaleta, PZabaleta, P

Zabaleta, P


Jagielka, PJagielka, P

Jagielka, P


van der Vaart, Rvan der Vaart, R

van der Vaart, R


Hazard, EHazard, E

Hazard, E





Cazorla, SCazorla, S

Cazorla, S


Rooney, WRooney, W

Rooney, W


Aguero, SAguero, S

Aguero, S



Telegraph fantasy football – my 2nd draft team

August 16, 2012

My telegraph fantasy football team – GW2

August 25, 2012


  • Fitzfans

    Hahaha Michu already, Thank you!!

  • DrunkenWomble

    Bugger. Last minute decision to put Carzorla in for Michu may not have been such a good plan. 🙁

  • James

    Stuck with Michu in my selection .. and went for Ivanovic .. My Telegraph start is a stark contrast to my Sky one! ..

  • Sean

    what is considered a good start on FPL format currently i am on 38 points i have Vidic and De Gea to play tomorrow and hazard to play Because of DGW i predict he will play as lampard got a full game today and hazard got took off 60 min or something like that

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