Telegraph fantasy football tips 16/17 – Looking at the FA Cup 5th round

Here’s our look at the 5th round of FA Cup fixtures this season which counts in telegraph fantasy football 16/17.  We assess the players to look for in the lineups which not only could score big but also will have longevity in your TFF squad

Telegraph fantasy football tips 16/17 – Looking at the FA Cup 5th round


In this article we’ll look at the teams with the best fixtures and then outline the players that if they lineup in the FA Cup games could be useful additions to your squads.  We’ve got a table of stats for the attacking players and list the defenders in order that I would put them into your team if they line up.  Then there’s some narrative on the prospects of the players.  We’ve concentrated on the teams in the 5th round with the best fixtures.

Remember in telegraph fantasy football 16/17 you can make transfers between games so you will be able to see the lineups for each of the games highlighted.

The stats include the amount of minutes they’ve played so far in the FA Cup.  Also, their TFF points to date.  Lastly it also gives minutes it takes for a TFF point to be gained.  The lower the figure the better


Here’s the fixtures from the BBC football website



Somehow Barnes seems to have got ahead of Gray as the striker option and could be a good cheap addition to your TFF team.  His returns are pretty ordinary but he does give a cheap 3rd striker option


It’s difficult to predict what Guardiola is going to do at the best of times and the FA Cup wont be any different.

I personally can’t see Aguero starting.  I think Iheanacho is more likely.  The rest of the players are less predictable as Huddersfield won’t be a pushover


Chelsea are in a better position than some teams as they have no European competitions so can afford to put a strong team out.  The fact that Wolves put Liverpool out may help motivation to put a full Chelsea team out.  However given the importance of the Costa and Hazard to the team’s title challenge I can’t see them playing.  Pedro is far more likely though and could be a future pick.  Anyone of the defence, if you don’t have someone already, are worth putting in your team


Impossible to think that Ibrahimovic will start given his importance to Man Utd and his age.  Mkhitaryan is another matter.  He could very easily start but also there’s alot of rotation anyway in the midfield so putting him in your team is a long term gametime risk.  De Gea and Valencia if they start are great options.


Impossible to believe that Sanchez could start.  Ozil is also unlikely given he played against Bayern.  Walcott considering he didn’t start against Bayern is a much better option.  Going forward though he is a gametime risk but could nail a spot in the team.  1 of the defence should start.  The problem is that the defence hasn’t matched their rather expensive price

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