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telegraph fantasy football tips - top 1k finisher Stephen Troop gives his guide to TFF strategy
Here's Stephen Troop's Telegraph Fantasy Football tips article where last seasons top 1k finisher gives his guide to strategy...
telegraph fantasy football returns to FFGeek
Telegraph fantasy football has returned and we'll be covering it again at Fantasy Football Geek.  Here's a rule review, my first draft team, league details and plans for the season...
Telegraph fantasy football tips 16/17 - Looking at the FA Cup 5th round
Here's our look at the 5th round of FA Cup fixtures this season which counts in telegraph fantasy football 16/17.  We assess the players to look for in the lineups which not only could score big but also will have longevity in your TFF squad...
telegraph fantasy football - looking ahead to the FA Cup 4th round and February
The telegraph gives us fantasy football interest where many formats of the game don't by including the FA Cup in the scope of the game.  It means this weekend we'll at least stay glued to our phones for results that effect our TFF teams.  This article looks at the plum fixtures in the fourth...
telegraph fantasy football tips - a review of the season so far
Here's our telegraph fantasy football tips article where we outline the progress of the FFGeek team and outline some thoughts on the immediate weeks ahead.  We include some keys stats and come up with a TFF team if we could start again...
telegraph fantasy football - 5 players to draft in and FFGeek team changes
With a few changes coming to the FFGeek team I thought I would do an article featuring 5 players to draft in and the changes to the FFGeek team proposed for this weekend....
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telegraph fantasy football tips - a review of the season so far
Here we review how things have gone for the FFGeek telegraph fantasy football team and the lessons we have learnt from that...
Telegraph Fantasy Football tips 16/17: Midweek scout report
Here's another repost from our partner for Telegraph Fantasy Football the Telegraph newspaper...
Telegraph Fantasy Football 16/17 tips: Is now the time to transfer in Christian Benteke?
Here's the latest repost from our partner the Telegraph for Telegraph fantasy football.  A look at new Palace recruit fwd Benteke...
telegraph fantasy football - the FFGeek final team
After alot of debate here's the (hopefully) final FFGeek team for telegraph fantasy football....
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