The Sun Dream Team comes to Fantasy football geek – rule summary and views

I haven’t played before but I’m going to bring my fantasy skills and player knowledge to have a go at the sun dream team  version of the game .  It seems quite time friendly wih limited transfers and fairly simple.

Here’s a summary of the rules for the sun dream team firstly using the points I made for the other formats before plus a detailed cut and paste from the site

Summary of rules:

Premier league games plus FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League and Europa League
4 transfer windows. 3  transfers per window.  Only 12 in total!
captain seems to be for tokens for the predictor game?
No wildcard
No substitutes 11 players only
Player values don’t appear to change
No vice captain
No 3-4-3 only 4-4-2, 4-3-3 or 4-5-1
No limits on players from anyone team
Every position has same points (5) for a goal
A one off  go-1 goals against points for conceding more than 1 goal
No clean sheet points for midfielders
scoring is for goals and clean sheets plus sun man of match and scoring in sun player points afterwards no points for an assist
Man of the match points  guidelines seem to suggest all round play though – star man plus points if you get a certain score in their player ratings
Clean sheet no time on pitch rule so Im assuming its being in the starting lineup
Decent prizes


The sun dream team game is so different than every other game but very time friendly and straight forward.

Heres some key points to the sun dream team game:

With only 12 transfers your initial selection will be crucial.  Luck will play a major part as will injuries.

With no assists, the focus will be on goal scoring midfielders and strikers.

To get the bonus points you will need those players who contribute overall to the game.

The lack of subs and 12 transfers only  with  no wildcard makes you very  vulnerable to injuries and rotation.

The emphasis on goals scored and lack of differentiation in points between goals for positions will mean an emphasis on elite attackers.

Defenders will see a focus on clean sheets

It will be hard to recover from a bad opening team selection given the lack of transfers and wildcard

4-3-3 seems the only realistic formation

To me you should pick on a teams marquee player who dominates the team in always


I will be opening a sun dream team league and giving advice and tips soon on players in the sun dream team game.

Below is a copy and paste on the key points in detail taken from the site:

We have given each player a fantasy value based on previous and prospective the sun  Dream Team performance and you need to choose 11 players for a combined total of £50 million or less.
Players are allocated a position on the list (Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, Strikers) and must fit in to either a 4-4-2, 4-3-3 and new this year, a 4-5-1 formation.

Your Sun Dream Team players will gain or lose you points based on their appearances through the season. Points are scored depending on how your players perform for their club in Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League and Europa League matches.

Rule Points
Goal Scored 5
Scoring three or more goals per match 5
Clean Sheet (keeper/defender) 5
Clean Sheet (midfielder) 2
Conceded more than one goal (keeper/defender) -1 per goal
Penalty save (keeper) 3
Booking -1
Sent off -3 in total
Star Man in Sun Sport’s player ratings 5
Awarded seven or more in Sun Sport’s Player Ratings 3

You can make unlimited changes to your team up until 23:59:59 on Friday 17th August and, from then, there are four Transfer Windows where, at each one, you can make up to three changes to your side.
The first Transfer Window will open at 09:00.00 BST Tuesday 4 September and close at 11:59.59 BST on Saturday 15 September 2012 or 15 minutes prior to the first kick-off if earlier with transfers scoring starting with Eligible Matches after this time.
The second Transfer Window will open at 09:00.00 BST Tuesday 9 October 2012 and close at 11.59.59 BST on Saturday 20 October 2012 or 15 minutes prior to the first kick-off if earlier with transfers scoring starting with Eligible Matches after this time.
The third Transfer Window will open at 09:00.00 GMT Monday 28 January 2013 and close at 11:59.59 GMT on Saturday 02 February 2013 or 15 minutes prior to the first kick-off if earlier with transfers scoring starting with Eligible Matches after this time.
The fourth and last Transfer Window will open at 09:00.00 GMT Tuesday 19 March 2013 and close at 11:59.59 GMT on Saturday 30 March 2013 or 15 minutes prior to the first kick-off if earlier with transfers scoring starting with Eligible Matches after this time.=

New to the 2012/13 game. You will be asked to select one of your fantasy XI. Pick the player you think will be awarded Star Man awards by The Sun’s sun dream team match reporters and you will earn tokens for our new Predictor game. You can change your Captain as much as you like.

How are the ratings points decided?
A unique component of the Sun Dream Team scoring is the points awarded based on the player ratings published with match reports in The Sun Dream Team.
At the beginning of the season each reporter is issued with strict guidelines – which we have reproduced here.
Any player given a mark of seven or more by our reporters gets three points in the Sun Dream Team. And the Star Man (i.e. the reporter’s man of the match) picks up a five-point bonus.
But what are the criteria used by our reporters in calculating those all-important player ratings?
The player ratings are calculated taking both general and specific positional considerations into account.
The criteria are:
Involvement In The Sun Dream team Game
If during the overall course of a game a player does not make a positive contribution to his team, then he should not normally get a rating greater than 6.
Inspirational Play
A positive effect on other team members merits a higher rating. Because Sun Dream Team points are allocated for specific events – goals, cautions, clean sheets etc. – there is no need to take these into account in the player rating, unless they stem from the specific positional consideration given below. By way of example, a striker might score two goals in a single game and gets ten Sun Dream Team points for doing so. However both goals could have been complete flukes and, those aside, the striker had no other material involvement in the game. In this case he would not merit a rating of seven or more.
Ratings for goalkeepers additionally take the following specific positional criteria into consideration:
Command of the box and set-piece control
Confidence and concentration
Aerial effect
Shot stopping
Minimising the goal as a target
Building offence from defence

Ratings for defenders additionally take the following specific positional criteria into consideration:
Protection given to the goal
Clearing the ball from the danger area
Set-piece performance
Aerial ability
Tackles made and possession won
Building offence from defence

Ratings for midfielders additionally take the following specific positional criteria into consideration:
Defensive contribution
Winning and retaining possession
Offence building and creation of goal-scoring opportunities
Work-rate and work off the ball
Attacking power
Goal attempts

Ratings for strikers additionally take the following specific positional criteria into consideration:
Work-rate and work off the ball
Offence creation
Positional awareness
Creation of goal scoring opportunities
Achieving one-on-one situations
Attacking power
Goal attempts

All criteria have both positive and negative elements and the final rating awarded by a reporter is a combination of these. The Star Man award goes to the player deemed to have made the greatest contribution to the performance of the team.
Who decides who scored a goal?
We check all match statistics that affect game scoring with the relevant organisation and make an immediate decision. Due to awarding prizes etc, any goal scorer details amended after the day of the game will not be changed on Dream Team.
I still need help
Just drop an email to the Sun Dream Team help desk here. Please include your email address and Password on all correspondence. Alternatively, you can speak to a customer service representative by calling 0203 060 1668 (calls charged at national rate, lines will be open from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday).

You can make up to three changes to your team’s line up during a Transfer Window. These do not all have to be made at the same time but after a transfer is confirmed it is committed and you are not able to reverse it (even whilst pending) so please choose carefully.
It is not possible to carry over transfers from one window to the next and the maximum limit of three transfers will remain.

You are able to change between a 4-4-2, 4-3-3 and a 4-5-1 formation during a transfer window. Simply tap the formation you wish to use and your formation will automatically switch




All formats – Gameweek 1 2012/13 – Game week start time and GW1 -double game week

August 11, 2012


  • JC

    There is an additional random element, that cannot be analysed nor predicted. The ratings out of 10 and star man bonus sometimes don’t correlate with what actually happened on the pitch, an often infuriating quirk that has become quite infamous with regular players.

    • admin Post author

      thanks for the tip. it sounds a fairly bizarre game anyway. i have some ideas on which players people should focus on in dream team so it would be interesting to hear your views when done


  • Aaron

    Does the captain attain double points if selected

    Eg; Steven Gerrard- 14 points if captain X2??= 28

  • Wes

    Does a player loose points for an own goal

  • david anderson

    Do you acquire points from the club world cup games?

  • Jay

    Hi mate ,
    Could you help me with my transfers please
    My team is krul Cahill ivanovic kibbs shawcross
    Mata cazorla hazard
    Podolski Suarez v.persie

    What would you do thanks

    • admin Post author

      Jay, youre obviously a Chelsea fan!

      gibbs is injured i would change him for johnson

      i dont think the newcastle defence s up to much so i would transfer him for begovic

      Lastly I would only have 1 chelsea defender so i would always have a City deefnder in there so i wuld swap cahill for zabaleta

      hope that helps

  • mark

    Hi, I entered me team and I scored 52 points in week 1, my friend has just asked me to join his mini league which I have done. However the points that I scored have not been awarded in the new mini league. I am bottom on 0 points in one mini league and have 52 in another mini league. Is this correct ?

  • ronnie

    does the champion leauge qualifiers count

  • natalie

    The points I have been awarded r different than those in the sum newspaper why is this

  • john

    Hi it wont let me change formation? Any info on how to?

  • Dan

    I am also having trouble finding how to change formation. Can someone help please!

  • Grog

    Might need an update on the new rules. 🙂

  • Darren

    What happens for a own goal???

  • jeff thompson

    What is the last game for scoring points

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