The 71st FFGeek FPL Podcast with Kris O and Harry Vernon – A Free Hit Special

Here’s the 71st FFGeek FPL podcast on our Patreon site with FFGeek Contributors Kris O and Harry Vernon. They both discuss their draft Free Hit teams and we answer questions from the FFGeek Slack Channel


The 71st FFGeek FPL Podcast with Kris O and Harry Vernon – A Free Hit Special

I outline my FPL strategy along with 10 other FFGeek contributors in our new EBook.

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Kris’s last 4 seasons overall rank were 39k, 44k, 46k and 23k

Harry Vernon’s last 4 seasons are 22k, 6k, an incredible 224th and 6k.  Follow Harry on twitter here

Geek’s last 4 seasons are 17k, 36k, 17k and 21k

Here’s the link:

Whats on the pod?

Kris and Harry talk through their gameweek and theie draft free hit teams. I talk through my gameweek and potential transfers

We then answer questions from the FFGeek Slack Channel

The Questions

If I’m free hitting for the double gameweek, what teams should I be targeting?

What is a reasonable expectation for points gained from the BenchBoost chip? Does DGW19 offer a better chance to gain from this chip compared to yet to be fully known future opportunities?

Any changes to your GW18 plans based on the mid week cup games from Spurs, ManU and City? (Depends a little on what time you record!)

What 2 defenders would you pick for long term after GW20?

And do you think rotation will start to cause us problems and its good to have at least 2 playing subs??

Is Salah still an essential pick with Liverpool not firing or is KDB a good enough replacement for the coming 6 games weeks?

Is it time to trust Man United defenders with their upcoming fixture schedule or are they too risky? Who would you pick instead?

Is tripling up on players from one team a smart move based on fixtures (i.e. Man City) or has late covid positive cases made that too much of a risk?

What is the pod’s approach to picking players for a free hit (in any situation), do you favour bookie odds/transfer planner/stats/ fixtures for a one week punt.

What is the minimum number of players needed to not FH GW18? Would you take a -4 or -8 to get to how many players? Example of an answer might be: minimum is 8 otherwise free hit. If you choose right a -4 to get to the 8 would be ok, but otherwise free hit

My question is similar to Larry’s first question but related to the FH chip: how many additional points, according to you, is the FH chip worth compared to your original team?

Do the panel have their eye on any fixture runs coming up?

Is Calvert-Lewin worth holding onto? If not, who would you switch him out for?

Best options for clean sheets for GW 18 & 19?

Perfect question with @Kris on: are we making too much out of Arsenal smashing a lousy West Brom in the snow or are some of their assets actually good now? What do their stats look like when you exclude that game?

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