The 95th FFGeek FPL Podcast With Myself And FFGeek Contributor Costas Chari


Here’s the 95th FFGeek FPL podcast with myself and FFGeek Contributor Costas Chari who’s last 5 seasons overall ranks were 191k, 17k, 84k, 29k and 27k. We review GW1 as well as our plans for GW2 teams including captains, transfers, lineup issues and strategy for the early gameweeks plus when we are thinking of wildcarding. We also answer loads of questions from the FFGeek Slack Channel which you can see below

The 95th FFGeek FPL Podcast With Myself And FFGeek Contributor Costas Chari

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Please note this podcast was recorded on Thursday 19th of August Evening

Costas’ last 5 seasons were 191k, 17k, 84k, 29k and 27k

Geek’s last 5 seasons were 17k, 17k, 36k, 17k and 21k.

Here’s the link

What’s on the Pod?

We discuss our teams performance in GW1 and discuss our potential transfers, lineup issues and captain choices for GW2 

We also talk about how we deal with the early gameweeks and again about Harry Kane and when we are thinking of Wildcarding 

We then answer questions from the FFGeek Slack Channel

The Questions

At this stage of the season, if ever, is it reasonable to chase price rises somewhat? Or at least consider them pretty strongly when making transfer decisions.

Raphinha vs Benrahma? Short term and long term.

If confirmed that Salah is to miss week 4 on return from international duty due to COVID restrictions Salah to Son for weeks 3 Watford and 4 Crystal Palace becomes an attractive option ( Salah would have Chelsea in 3 and blank 4) transferring back to Salah for Crystal Palace in week 5? Thoughts on doing this?

What are your thoughts on Robertson being back in training? When will you think about moving off Tsimikas, and will you bring Robertson back in?

Who are some off-the-radar players that we should be monitoring over the next couple of weeks?

If you’ve rolled your transfer, any early thoughts on how you might use it?

Am I just crazy for seeing Fernandes as a viable choice over Salah this week for captain?

The last time MUN played Southampton the score was 9-0.  Bruno had 1G and 3A. Does this play into your captain decision at all?

Last year I tried shifting C around all the time this year I thought to stick it on Bruno and leave it there. Unless derby games.. What are your expectations regarding this do you like to shift your  C or do you leave it.

Is a move to a £5m keeper sooner rather than later on your radar as the options at that price point v the 4.5 ones look tempting eg Leics, Man U, Leeds etc? 

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