An update on the additional content on the FFGeek Patreon site

Here’s just an update before the gameweek 1 deadline on the offerings on the FFGeek Patreon site where there’s a load of additional content.  There’s weekly podcasts with the FFGeek contributors, a transfer planner and points projection tool, a contributors tracker team updated weekly to show their favourite players , transfers and captains, an FFGeek league and access to discussion with members and contributors on a Slack channel.

An update on the additional content on the FFGeek Patreon site

Here’s a bit more info on each of the offerings in the FFGeek Patreon site

The transfer planner and points projection tool

As part of the FFGeek Patreon site, we have been offering an interactive transfer planner which includes points projections and fixture rankings as part of an automated spreadsheet. It is an upgraded version of the planner that I shared last season which some of you may have seen and I have spent time over the summer to make some significant improvements.

As a simple overview, the planner enables you to input your own FPL team and see two things:

1) A quick visual overview of the upcoming fixtures for your team with each fixture colour coded to show the easiness of a player’s fixture schedule

2) Each player in your squad will also have a points projection for the next 5 games. You are then able to assess potential transfers that you are looking to make in order to see if they improve your projected points.

Below you can find a Youtube video where I explain the finer details of the spreadsheet and provide a visual demonstration to help you understand how it works – this should also show how user-friendly it is.

There have been a few updates (starting%, 3-week transfer impact with colour coding etc) since I made the above video so below is an up-to-date screenshot which includes a sneak preview of my latest draft!

ffgeek patreon

As part of the project, I will also be creating a team which will base its decisions solely around the points projections model including starting XI, captains and transfers – it will be very interesting to see how this performs!

This will be included as part of a regular set of articles within the Patreon site along with Excel and Google Doc versions of the planner. Additionally, you are given access to the FFG slack channel when joining where I am always available for feedback and help with the planner

The FFGeek contributors tracker team

You maybe aware of the weekly “FFGeek contributors show their teams” article where during the season the FFGeek contributors outline their team, transfers and captain choice.  There’s now a FPL team run by myself team which shows you simply what players are the favourites among the contributors, what their weekly favourite transfers in and out are and who their favourite captain choice is all in one place.

There’s also a detailed schedule of each managers players, transfers and captain choice so you can drill down and see who’s choosing what in 1 place.  The transfers will always happen on the Friday or Saturday of the gameweek so you can always see live what the team is doing.

The individual weekly contributors teams will still be available on the main fantasy football geek site you’re on now.  That won’t change.

The weekly podcasts

Each week myself and 2 contributors will provide a podcast to discuss all matters relating to fantasy premier league including our team performance and transfer plans.  Here’s the schedule for the rest of August.

Wednesday 7 August – Joseph Crilley, Alex Ball and Rob Reid

Thursday 15 August – Andrew W and Kev from Canada

Thursday 22 August – Keith and Alex

Thursday 29 August – Sergio and Scott

Slack Channel

Here the members and contributors discuss all matters in various dedicated areas relating to FPL including a rate my team section, transfers and pre-season.

Private league

The cash prize leagues have all been filled now but there is an FFGeek private league where the top 6 go into one of the prize leagues which are intended to continue next season.


Podcasts and private league are available for $2 per calendar month.

The $2 content plus Joe’s transfer planner (and related FPL team), FFGeek contributors tracker team and Slack channel are available for a total of $3 per calendar month.

You are never committed to more than one calendar month when you join.  There’s no expensive season long joining option.

That’s so you know we can never rest on our laurels and have to be continually focused on providing the best content and FPL assistance so you want to stay.

If you like what you hear sign up to our Patreon site with this link:


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  1. Hi folks, would like to get some opinions for my pick and short term plan:

    1. Swap King with a Chelsea striker from GW3 onwards with the 0.5 ITB.
    2. Fraser to Martial or Moura, also on GW3 or Fraser to cheaper MF and upgrade Sharp

    Any opinion is greatly appreciated. May the FPL Lord smile on you.

  2. I think either plan should work well and I currently am tentatively planning something similar for my team. Probably best to see what happens in gw1 and 2.

  3. Geek, does this mean that unless we are a Patreon subscriber, we will no longer be able to see FPL Contributors teams here on this page?

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