All formats – Gameweek 1 2012/13 – Game week start time and GW1 -double game week

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In this article we will look at all the different formats and look at the game week start time and when is the latest you can make a transfer and how the extra game of Chelsea v Reading is dealt with and the implications.  Lets  start at the top with the Barclays fantasy premier league which you will all know.  All times will be in British time

Barclays fantasy premier league

game week start time  – Aug 18 11.30am British time

Chelsea v Reading – Accounted for in GW1.  With it being a captain based format the likes of Hazard Torres and lampard are the likely captains playing 2 games.

GW3 then sees Chelsea and Reading have byes.  This means you can have a maximum 5 players from Chelsea and Reading  in GW1 (not including a GK ) to have a full playing team in GW3.  This would be dealt with by  2 transfers out of Chelsea or Reading players plus 3 reserves of either team on the bench.

Telegraph fantasy football

game week start time – Right up until 3pm August 18

Chelsea v Reading – with it being a non captain based and a non reserve based format the implications are less far reaching.  However you cant make any transfers until the Tuesday which is before the Chelsea Reading game on Wednesday.    I must admit I find the transfer rules baffling.  It seems that you can make transfers up to the next game week although I cant find the definition of the game weeks anywhere.  For example can you transfer a player out on a Saturday and score points for that player transfer in someone who plays on a Sunday and score points for him as well.  that would allow the Torres to Rooney transfer after  the Wednesday to Rooney at Home to Fulham on the Tuesday.  Can anyone help?

Heres the definitions under Terms and Conditions


9.1 Managers may alter their teams by effecting transfers, which may be actioned on-line via or official Telegraph Fantasy Football mobile app(s). A total of 30 transfers are available during the Competition. Managers may use a maximum of five transfers in any game week. Transfers beyond the maximum number allowed in any game week will be rejected as will any transfer requests beyond the seasonal maximum of 30.

9.2 Transfer requests shall be acknowledged via on-screen confirmation. TMG shall not be responsible for transfer applications lost in transmission or received late due to high on-line traffic levels or for incomplete transfer applications.

9.3 Transfers may be submitted at any time from the start of game week two at 00:01 (BST) Tuesday, August 21, 2012 until the scheduled kick-off of the first scoring match on the last day of the season.

9.4 Players must be transferred before the earliest scheduled kick-off featuring a Premier League team on any match day in order to score points on that day. Players transferred after the earliest scheduled kick-off on any day will score points from the following match day. With all transfers, Managers must ensure that their teams continue to meet the selection criteria. Once submitted, transfer requests cannot be altered under any circumstances.

9.5 In addition to the transfer allocation above, a transfer amnesty shall operate from July 10, 2012 until 3.00pm on Saturday, August 18, 2012 which allows Managers to make unlimited changes to their line-up without it affecting their season’s allocation of 30 transfers.


 Sky Sports Fantasy Football

game week start time – Right up until 3pm August 18

Chelsea v Reading – As a captain based game with no reserves and the captain game week running from Saturday to Friiday you can put as many players in for GW1 and then transfer out for GW3 subject to the 5 per calender month rule.

Heres the detail


TEAM CHANGES & TRANSFERS: Unlimited team and formation changes are permitted prior to the first Premier League kick off on Saturday 18th August 2012. After the first Premier League kick off on Saturday 18th August, Managers will be permitted a maximum of 30 transfers during the season. Transfers made prior to the kick off of any day’s first eligible match will be effective from the kick off of that match. Transfers made after the scheduled start of any day’s first eligible match will take effect from the kick off of the first eligible match on the next match day. No more than five transfers may be used in any calendar month. Managers will be required to use transfers when making a change to their team formation. Eligible Fantasy Teams must at all times comply with the terms of the Game and must remain within the team budget of £75 million. Sky Sports and GFM will not be responsible for incomplete transfers, transfers lost in transmission or transfers received late due to high online traffic levels. Transfers may be made on the Game Website at or via the mobile game app.

CAPTAIN CHANGES: Managers may make one captain change each game week throughout the Game. The game week runs from Saturday to Friday and to be effective for a game week, captain changes must be completed before the first Premier League kick-off in a game week to be eligible for that game week. Captain changes made after the kick-off of the first scheduled game in a game week will be effective from the first scheduled Premier League kick-off of the next game week. The nominated captain will score double points both positive and negative. Sky Sports and GFM will not be responsible for incomplete captain changes, captain changes lost in transmission or captain changes received late due to high online and app traffic levels. Captain changes may only be made on the Game Website at or via the mobile game app.

Facebook fantasy premier league

game week start time – Right up until 2.45pm August 18

Chelsea v Reading – There are 2 transfers every week and the Reading Chelsea double gameweek is in round 1 and the game when both teams dont play round 3.  With 3 reserves that means you can have 7 players in both teams and still have a full compliment for GW3.  For this reason Ive started with 3 chelsea and 3 Reading players.

the sun dream team

game week start time – Right up until 11.59pm August 17

Chelsea v Reading – a no captain based team with no reserves and no game weeks this makes no difference whatsover.










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  1. Hi Admin
    Re the telegraph transfers, yes you can transfer in between game weeks as long as you do it before the start of the first game on that day, makes it easy to eat into your transfers if you get greedy though, this is one of the ways to gain extra points if done correctly.

    • thanks so just for clarity you can score points on the saturday with a player, transfer him out on the sunday and retain those points while scoring points for the new transfer on Sunday?

      interesting if it is

  2. The Sun

    Harte, Clyne, Cuellar, Enrique
    Silva, Sigurdson, Bale
    Rooney, Torres (capt), Tevez.

    If theres anything really stupid standing out let me know. Thanks

    • the sun isnt my expert area but i like this team. I just wouldnt bank on Harte for the whole season. Maybe Pearce would be a safer option. i like Clyne hes a good player and you should get good attacking stats but i would at the same price for Hooiveld as safer or R Martin of norwich

      hope that gives you some thoughts

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