Andrew Ferguson finished in the top 1k in FPL, TFF and Sky – Here’s his updated teams in these formats plus Sun DT

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FFGeek contributor Andrew Ferguson finished in the top 1k in FPL, TFF and Sky and 15k in Sun Dream Team. Here he outlines his current draft teams as they stand in all the 4 different formats

 Andrew Ferguson finished in the top 1k in FPL, TFF and Sky – Here’s his updated teams in these formats plus Sun DT

Andrew has also done an introductory interview article for us

So after much weeks of tinkering and re-tinkering I have landed on the following teams as my current starting XIs in FPL, TFF and Sun. Sky will be a last minute scramble as I return from holiday on Friday afternoon and can’t VPN in whilst in Spain. Last minute tweaks may happen following the Premier League transfer deadline closure but they won’t be wholesale changes particularly around team structure which I am settled on.

Fantasy Premier league

I’m not totally settled on my keeper yet but will probably go with a £5.0m/£5.5m option but am waiting on final keeper transfers before confirming.

I’m going heavy in defence with Robertson, Mendy, Luiz and Van Aanholt with Wan-Bissaka a seemingly playing £4.0m fifth defender.

In midfield I have captain-option Salah with Mane and have gone to Bernardo Silva for his price and potential following Pep’s comments. He will probably be short term but allows me funds to upgrade a striker for captaincy reasons as mentioned later. Richarlison looks very dangerous and is in with Will Hughes who will be on the bench but looks good value if needed.

Up front I’m going with Aguero for captaincy reasons as he alternates perfectly with Salah and is very highly owned among serious players but also to add some flexibility in this position. For the second spot I’ll be going with either King, Mitrovic or Arnautovic with a £4.5m filler.

As you can see I’m going with 3 Liverpool and 3 City and will probably move to some Arsenal assets in from GW3. The team has some flexibility in all positions to allow me to jump on most players quickly in one move which is important and also has at least 2 playing bench players. I will be in no rush to wildcard and will only do it when necessary… I have good captain options for the opening 8-10 weeks and a solid structure based on maximising value to build from.

Here’s how it looks so far (ignore the players in Grey)

top 1k in FPL

Telegraph fantasy football

I am again going heavy at the back with Allison, Robertson, Rudiger, Walker and Mendy as hopefully a set and forget defence. I plan to use my transfers this season on rotating attacking options for good fixture runs. With this in mind I am going with Salah, Mane, Sane, Richarlison and the budget Jota in midfield with Aguero up front in a 4-5-1 to start. Again, plenty of Liverpool and City coverage supported by players with good fixtures and hopefully good value. It is a flexible formation allowing me again to bring in most players quickly and shift formation if needed. I hope to save most of my transfers until after Christmas to maximise multi-games later in the season so only plan to use around 10-12 before then.

Here’s how it looks:

top1k in FPL

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Sun Dream Team

Again the keeper is my problem area and will be resolved following completion of the merry-go-round; I will have around 3m/3.5m to play with. In defence I am opting for Robertson, Luiz, Sanchez and maybe Mendy again as hopefully a set and forget defence. I think they are all good value for their prices and allow me to get in some great options further upfield where the real points are. In midfield I have Mane, Mahrez and either Bernardo Silva/Keita/Ozil. Up front I have Salah, Aguero and Aubemeyang. Depending on who I go with in midfield will dictate whether I go with Mendy and also my keeper funds which I am still undecided on and will likely leave until the team news. Again, hopefully nailing the early fixtures with a flexible formation to shift around easily.

Here’s it so far:

top1k in FPL

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Sky Sports fantasy football

My team won’t change too much from my last article and will be focussed on daily captaincy, maximising value in defence and nailing the early fixtures pre-overhaul. My transfers strategy will be similar to TFF although the overhaul means I can use more earlier so I will probably enter the new year having used around 15-18.

The team will be based around the previous article which was:

Allison, Robertson, Van Aanholt, Mendy, cheap def, Mane, Sane, Mahrez, Zaha, Salah, Arnautovic

I will post my final teams on Friday afternoon/evening on my twitter account @Fergi222 following finalised transfers and team news.

Good luck everyone and here’s to a great GW1!

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top 1k finisher Andrew Ferguson’s team and thoughts

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