Aubameyang: An overrated FPL player?


Here’s Jonny with his opinion article on Arsenal forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as an overrated FPL player.

Aubameyang: An overrated FPL player?

Singling players out for criticism is not a nice business, but when those players are in one of the perceived ‘top six’ of the Premier League, underperforming is not an excuse.

Though the Gunners’ start to 2018/19 – and life under Unai Emergy – has been less than distinguished, one cannot ignore the tough opening run the club was faced with. However, the most star-studded attacker of the team will always shoulder the most pressure, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is currently under the spotlight like never before.

Although Aubameyang is a regular feature in the various weekly run-downs of top picks, much of that is due to economics. Priced at significantly less than Harry Kane and Mo Salah, whose dominance would have single-handedly won leagues for many users last term, Arsenal forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang seemed like the perfect solution when the FPL price lists were revealed in the summer.

Aubameyang likes only ‘easy meat’

Wins over West Ham and Cardiff City, prior to the international break of September 2018, did little to assuage the doubts surrounding Emery, and his main hitmen, Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette. While he may yet come good, it is currently difficult to envision him doing any better than the leading attackers of last season.

His track record against the teams that really matter, specifically Arsenal’s ‘top six’ peers of 2016-18, is none too impressive. He has yet to score a single goal against any of them, and there can be no guarantees that he will not continue to struggle against them.

Credibility still an option

Nothing will change the fact that he will always figure largely in EPL betting tips – especially those pertaining to the first or last goalscorer. However, by the end of this season’s opening month, Aubameyang also lagged behind players that he really should be leaving in the distance. Among them was Aleksandar Mitrovic, who spent last season in the Championship, Joselu (enigmatic for Newcastle United last term) and Liverpool reject Danny Ings.

Seen here destroying a ‘star-studded’ West Ham, Callum Wilson put many better players to shame in the opening month of 2018/19. Now everyone wants him as cheaper backup if using an overpowered midfielder this campaign.

As the old adage goes, to be the best, you have to beat the best, and those that doubt Aubameyang’s ability to do so have more than enough in the way of ‘pub ammo’. That noted, Emery has publicly displayed faith in his partnership with Lacazette, hinting that all is not lost.

With three home games in four weeks coming immediately, the early autumn period will be a hugely telling one – particularly with another gruelling Europa League campaign looming.

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