barclays fantasy premier league – GW3 transfer done early

Its not normally my policy but With Rooneys injury looking like a 4 week layoff and 134k transfers out already this week in fantasy premier league and RVP 64k transfers in I decided that a transfer out of Rooney and a transfer in of RVP was required in the Barclays premier league format.

With United facing Southampton away and Wigan at home in the next 2 fantasy premier league game weeks  and with a natural captain home and away rotation with Manchester City it seemed the right thing to do.  Apart from Arsenal home to Southampton and Chelsea away to QPR there’s no natural captain choice in GW4.

The facebook format is the only other format where prices move and  transfer there is likely but i’ll be watching price movements and keeping everyone updated.



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  1. If I decide to take -4 point hit in the Barclays Fantasy League, does that effect the next GW3´s point total or GW2.

    With the deduction (due to my abundance of Chelsea/Reading players, and the injury to Rooney), this is what I propose:

    Howard (Ruddy)
    Coloccini, Rangel, Hangeland, Zabaleta (Cole)
    Yaya, Fellaini, Valencia, MIchu (Guthrie)
    Tevez (V), Van Persie (C), (Po)

    What do you think?

    What´s the deal with Jenkinson? Is he for real, and will continue to start?

  2. I am getting mata off this GW. I am confused about my replacement. I have a thought of putting in Bale or Kagawa. What are is your suggestion.

    • yes Mata has done nothing in either stats returns or actual returns and its everything I can do to not take a 4 point hit.

      The answer may depend on the rest of your squad. both are viable although bale has the better longer terms fixtures after Utds next 2.

      If you have coverage of either team elsewhere then go for the other player. Personally i think bale is the best Spurs coverage right now with VDV and Siggy in some bizarre AVB rotation game. Ive gone for RVP over kagawa but hes the next best option for Utd at the moment.

      hope that helps

  3. Went with your advice and transferred early this week. Torres out, RVP in. I will probably swap them back round after GW4 due to fixtures maybe with United having tougher games. Undecided who to give the captaincy to this week…RVP away to Saints or Tevez home to QPR?

  4. You won’t see Rooney Back for awhile (longer then a Month) Tevez isthe Best forward to Keep.Mata will perform better next 2 GW so will Torres. Why would anyone get RID! I don’t rate BALE myself. Who know’s lol Good Luck with your Tranfer’s OK.It’s a long Season ahead

    • hi thanks for the comments. everything on the site is appreciated. Right choice or wrong choice Im always willing to outline my reasons for my choices so here goes

      yeah it seems Rooney could be out for 8 weeks

      tevez is a keeper and captain option agreed

      my rationale re mata is at the moment is that in 8 goals he has not provided a goal or assist and has poor underlying stats to back that up. hazard is the complete opposite and a better option in my mind

      Torres apart from the Reading game had poor stats as he did for the newcastle game but it was 1 shot 1 goal. rooney ironically in my mind was the was the only Utd player guaranteed to play in what was going to be a goal feast so there was no other logical way to get him in. Bale was the 2nd top scoring mid last year behind Dempsey who had a freak year. Although no returns to date Bale had great underlying stats against WBA. this week they are home to norwich so hopefully he will return.

      youre right its only GW2 so heres hoping for better. keep coming to the site cheers

  5. I want to replace torres this gameweek.Who is my best choice(not tevez)?
    is adebayor the best choice with tottenhams easy fixtures.
    whom should i replace van der vaart with? BALE OR KAGAWA??
    PLEASE REPLY……………………….

    • im just not sure if adebayor will jump straight in against norwich especially as Defoes in good form. Can you afford bale and RVP? You need some spurs coverage and some Utd coverage is possible. ill reply if you come back tonight. its going to be a late one…..

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