Barclays fantasy premier league “ones to watch” game week 10


Here’s the GW10  fantasy premier league “ones to watch”.  This is a menu of fantasy premier league players to pick from for your team with factors stating why. (values as at Thursday  1/11 AM)

 If you’re not familiar with the format I’ve  put the removals from last week  in strikethrough to show you who has come off from last week.    The new fantasy premier league players and reasons why are added  in italics to make it easier to follow.

Ive added a new feature putting BUY HOLD or SELL next to players to clarify my position an all players except budget and bubbling under players.  It aso makes it easier for people wanting a quick look rather than going through the whole article.   Below each position if applicable is a “bubbling under”  category for monitoring certain fantasy premier league players before they are added to the “ones to watch” list.  Remember these are fantasy premier league players I would have in my team.   At the bottom is a key if you want a bit more detail on the factors listed


Hart – £6.9m – quality fixtures HOLD

Don’t listen to the doubters.   City are still statistically the best defence n the league in my view.  Fixtures are only ok but  the clean sheets will still come.   Hart is the cheapest secure option where the only other is Kompany at £7.3m

Ruddy £4.5m budget

Needs home and away rotation with another GK but fewer and fewer options in the budget section.  The Norwich defence again is not as bad as its painted.

Jaaskelainen £4.9m budget

Fixtures are dire and its a rotation only option.

Begovic £4.8m budget fixtures

The best of the cheap options and the best team apart from the elite teams.  Great fixtures.

McCarthy – £4.1m budget fixtures short term

Federici is now fit though so may only be short term.  Don’t buy just hold.

Mannone -£4.6m budget fixtures short term

Szczesny according to physio room will be back this week  so time is running out in theory.  Except we’ve heard it all before.

Guzan – £4.5m budget

Can anybody be first choice with Lambert in charge.   No defensive stats but if you’re looking for a filler its another option.  Rotation only.

Bubbling under


Rafael – £6.0m – value.  attack HOLD

Despite all the negative hype Utd’s defensive stats aren’t that bad, just not the best.  However Rafael, as he did on the weekend, always gives you the chance for attacking points to compensate.  After the weekend the fixtures are totally with Utd and a presence is absolutely necessary.   Rafael has risks with Smalling and Jones coming back but no one is safe from rotation.

Jagielka  – £6.1m fixtures. HOLD

If you’ve got the cash for Baines you’ll get the returnsThe defence hasn’t performed but has the underlying stats.  Still 4 games before the fixtures turn to rubbish.  Dont sell.

Hangeland £5.0m – value fixtures sleeping giant. SELL

Did I really think they could get a clean sheet away to Reading? Defensive stats are reasonable but bolstered by good fixtures.  Home to Everton where they have shown an ability to keep clean sheets but sell this week or next before they are away to Arsenal.

Jenkinson – £5.2m  value fixtures short term. SELL

He didn’t even last 1 game of Sagna being fit and to be honest 1 game was enough to show Sagnas class.  I cant see him getting back in the team.  Time to sell.

Johnson – £6.4m. attack   SELL

Only because of injury no return date but fixtures not great as well

Huth£5.5mfixtures attack BUY

Great fixtures and great attacking potential especially with Adam whipping in free kicks and corners.  Shawcross is cheaper at £5.0m and Wilkinson at £4.4m and Cameron at £4.5m.  All should play after the injury to Wilson.

Simpson £4.8m fixtures BUY

Fixtures are now with Newcastle.  Defensive stats aren’t anything to write home about but have got the potential for clean sheets at home.  Simpson has little attacking potential but unless you’re willing to gamble on Williamson holding his place at £4.3m then he’s the cheapest

Cuellar £4.5m fixtures BUY

Home to Aston Villa is a good time to buy.  Reasonably good fixtures and good value.  They’re also forced to play defensively as they really cant seem to score.


Clyne £4.0m– Saints attack.  fixtures.

Fonte £4.1m– Saints fixtures

Gorkks – £3.9m  Reading.  fixtures

Nelsen – QPR £4.0m    A short term batch of good fixtures coming.

Davies £4.0m– Seems to be holding his place as Swansea LB. Fixtures are now terrible.  Rotation only.

Wisdom – £4.5m budget

Enrique now fit but place secure for the moment as Johnson injured.  However Enrique doesnt suit Rodgers style so wisdom may even hold his place.  Great value for a Liverpool RB even if the fixtures are ordinary


Hazard – £10.3m pen quality HOLD

Poor fixtures.  I wouldn’t buy but away to Swansea is not the time to sell.  Underlying stats are nothing to write home and doesnt look fixture proof to me but this week is not the right time to sell.

Bale – £9.6m – Quality.HOLD

Fixtures go seriously against him after the  Wigan game but to me he has the quality n matter what the fixtures are.  Not sure I would buy him due to the fixtures and the captain issue

Pienaar –  £6.9m – fixtures.HOLD

4 good fixtures before I would start selling Everton assets.

Fellaini – £6.9m form.  fixtures. HOLD

Didnt have a great game in the derby but same principles apply as Pienaar.  Top of the midfield shooting stats.

Nolan – £6.5m  form SELL

Starting with City at home the fixtures badly turn.  Time to sell, I dont believe he’s fixture proof.

Cazorla – £9.5m  quality.  form.   BUY HOLD

Failed the captaincy test this week.  Underlying shooting stats have improved and keeps creating chances.  Don’t buy away to Utd but has the class and the stats to be given time when a few reasonable fixtures are around the corner.

Lallana – £6.0m – fixtures form BUY

Good underlying stats. The hub of the saints midfield.  Some good fixtures around the corner after WBA away this week.

Gervinho – £7.6m –   SELL

Injured for 4 weeks

Dempsey – £9.2m.  quality HOLD

Wigan in the next game but has City and Arsenal away after that as a test of whether he’s fixture proof.  I’m definitely reserving judgement on the underlying stats although the class is there.

Ben Arfa.   – £7.9m Quality.  form.  BUY

Good fixtures after the away game and the only option for Newcastle in the midfield.  Doesn’t really shoot enough and too much outside the box.  Assuming Ba is only a short term injury then he’s the best Newcastle coverage but Ben Arfa is the next best thing.

Walters – £6.4m fixtures BUY

Plays in an advanced position and the best person to take advantage of Stokes fixtures.

McAnuff – £5.1m fixtures buy

The only certain attacking starter in the Reading midfield.  An assist based player only but still the best option in the Reading midfield

Valencia £8.6m – fixtures BUY

You may want to leave it until after the Arsenal game when the fixtures hot up, but if RVP and Rooney are too expensive for you then he’s you’re next best bet for reliability of selection.  I probably prefer Young as a fantasy premier league player but Valencia has more game time prospects.  If you are having an assist based player then one who is feeding chances to RVP and Rooney is one to have.

Taarabt – £5.5m fixtures BUY

There’s not many better times to buy than home to Reading after conceding 7 goals in extra time mid week.  Hoilett has far better shooting stats but Taarabt has more game time security for some reason, so Im sticking with him for the moment.

Mata £9.4m form BUY

Proved again his quality with a goal and great underlying stats.  If youre going to buy him then aay to Swansea among the following fixtures is the time to do it.    SWA (A) LIV (H) WBA (A) MCY (H)  Same question as Hazard though.  Is he fixture proof.  Certainly is doing more than Hazard to advance that case.

Budget £4.5m ish

Schneiderlin – £4.4m  Saints

Sterling – £5.2 m  Now seems like he will hold his place.



Tevez £9.5m – quality. form fixtures. BUY

City definitely need some coverage in your team and its a pick between Tevez Aguero and Silva when fit.  Out of the Capital One and going out of the Champs league should reduce rotation.

RVP – £13.4m – QUALITY. BUY

The only really reliable coverage for the Utd team at the moment with the midfield rotation and Rooney dropping deeper.  Underlying stats aren’t fantastic but is finishing off chances when they come.

Jelavic – £8.5m – fixtures quality form HOLD

Lethal finisher who hasnt been in top form in last couple of games.  4 good games to go before you would think of selling him

Berbatov – £7.1m  quality.  form value.HOLD

He is great value and quality but I would sell him after the next game home to Everton when the fixtures turn.  There will be better options

Lambert – £6.2m  form. Fixtures.  value HOLD

Returned to the starting line up last week.  Should hold his place but the Roderiguiz position casts some doubt.

 Defoe – £8.0m –   Form.  quality. value HOLD

After the Wigan game on the weekend fixtures turn and you should consider selling

Ba – £8.4m  form. BUY

Fixtures are strong although  Has the ability to score against any opposition. Monitor the injury position for this week before buying

Podolski. – £8.6m SELL

hasnt performed in real or underlying terms.  Away to Man U is a good time to sell

Aguero – £11.1m.  QUALITY  BUY

As for Tevez.  Rotation should reduce.  Quiet game last week but has the quality to score anytime.

Suarez – £9.7m fixtures HOLD

Fantastic performance at Everton. Top of the shooting stats despite the hard fixtures start.  Just the final shot that has been the difference between being world class.

Giroud – £8.4m fixtures SELL

As for Podolski.  Has to be better option although role now assured with Gervinho injury.

Crouch £6.8m  value fixtures BUY

Fixtures now look good.

Lukaku £6.4m BUY

A bit of a gamble I know but home to Southampton is a great time to do it.  The only question is whether he will start.  Missed chances against Newcastle but showed his ability to get in to those positions 

Holt £6.0m BUY

Reasonable fixtures for the first time and now role seems assured.  Home to Stoke this week so you may want to wait to the Reading away game but an option if you don’t want to spend too much. 

I’m not putting a budget section for strikers.  I just think the position is too important and theres too much quality to put a filler in.  However Pogrebnyak at £4.7m is the best option if you really must and now has good fixtures

Bubbling under


24 thoughts on “Barclays fantasy premier league “ones to watch” game week 10”

    • Hi randell, i just dont think he shoots any where near enough and sunderland arent offensive enough. they do have good fixtures but at one point he had 5 shots 5 goals and thats just not sustainable.

      Hope that helps


  1. need a help… I accidentally (ok i will be honest here) … I foolishly transferred Ivanovic to Baird without even thinking that there is a midweek game between Chelsea and Manu which will lift the ban imposed on Ivanovic..

    Now i have 2.9M in the bank and have no free transfer this week.. although i have not played wildcard yet..

    My current team after making transfer which i mentioned above is as follows:

    Begovic, Vorm
    Cuellar, Clyne, Baird, Mcauley, Rafael
    Mata, Cazorla, Yaya, Bale, Fellaini
    Lambert, Berbatov, Ba

    now since Ba is not sure of playing and Vorm out for 4-6 weeks, should i use the wildcard now or should i take 4 or even 8 point hit?

    please reply with your suggestion… am looking forward to it…

    • HI, good to see you back. I like your team and definitely dont think that you need your wildcard. Only players Im not wild about are

      vorm – dont rate the Swansea defence
      YYT – doesnt shoot enough and too much outside the box

      I wouldnt sell Ba it seems like a one week injury and after that youve got West ham Swansea and Southampton.

      to me it would be worth selling YYT and vorm getting a cheap rotating keeper to rotate with begovic and then look to put Tevez or Aguero in for berba as fulhams fixtures go to pot and everyone needs some City coverage. Or even lambert is he has game time issues. Then i would sacrifice Bale or cazorla for a utd midfielder either Valencia or maybe Young.

      Hope that helps. i personally dont think you should take a 4 pointer unless youre looking to capt RVP this week as your Utd coverage and need Vorm and YYt to fund it

      hope that helps

  2. Thinking of using wild card this weekend, do you think it’s too soon in the year?

    Team doing well but slipping now, can i have your thoughts?

    Foster, Lescott, hangeland, Ivanovic, sterling, bale, michu, carzola, RVP, Tevez, Crouch

    ? Thanks

    • Hi, your team looks way to good for a wildcard and remember theres only 2 months to the january one. the players I would be looking to sell are

      Lescott – game time problems. hangeland-fixtures and Ivanovic. a stoke defender such as shawcross would work well as would Fellaini or Pienaar for the next 4 Everton games in addition to the 4 mids youve mentioned above. city will get clean shees if you can fit Kompany as will utd if you can get Evans or rafael in

      hope that gives you some food for thought


  3. I need some serious help with my team. I go a couple weeks without heeding your advice and my barclays side has gone to sh-t. I put too much faith in Torres. I think I should play my wildcard in an effort to fit RVP in. What do you think? This is the current side with 2 free transfers and 1.9 in the bank.

    Howard (Ruddy)
    Coloccini, Hangeland, Cole (Rangel, Zabaleta)
    Yaya, Cazorla, Sterling, Michu (Guthrie)
    Ba, Tevez, Torres

    What do you think?

    • HI Jason, sorry to see things have taken a tricky patch although these will always happen. The players that im not wild about at the moment in your team are
      Rangel, YYT, hangeland and Torres

      Youre definitely going to need some man u coverage as the fixtures really get strong after the arsenal home game. RVP is the best bet for me although Valencia is a poor mans second.

      i dont know your sale values but I would change Torres and put in RVP in take YYT out and that leaves round about £6.4m.which leaves you with the options of Lallana Hoillet Taarabt and Walters. All of which have merit. I would then probably change Hangeland or Rangel for Shawcross.

      hope that gives you some food for thought


    • Im planning on RVP being my captain. My second choice is Bale although DEmpsey would be my second in your choices. I think Berba is against a potentially strong defence. pienaar away from a home against a strong home defence. cazorla away to Man U is too difficult a fixtures. mata is a possibilty but i wouldnt go for hazard he seems better at stamford bridge.

      Hope that helps

  4. Great site…I am planning Valencia for YaYa next week as currently have Teves Crouch And Jelly up top and want to keep those three in situ meanwhile fixtures and all. I also have HBA in my midfield and to be honest was considering outing him as his returns recently have not set the pulse racing… But you are suggesting a hold so I am going to take your advise and hold

    • HI Jake, Yeah HBA is a hold due to fixtures only as after Liverpool newcastle have WHM H SWA H and SOUTH A. You would have to have everything perfect in your team to sell with those fixtures coming up. Im not a great fan of HBA fantasy wise he doesnt shoot enough and when he does its too often outside the box but to sell with those fixtures is only for soemone with nothing else to correct in their team.

      Good call on Valencia. utd coverage in the coming weeks is essential. valencia isnt my favourite fantasy option as never shoots but when youve got RVP to lay assits on to then thats when an assist based player is acceptable

      good luck this week!

  5. I need a cheap replacement for Wilson of Stoke and was looking At Cuellar but what was also considering Tamas of WBA. How secure is Tamas? and why is he being picked? is there a risk he will lose his place to a currently injured player? is there anyone else you would recommend for 4.5m to 4.7m? cheers

    • Hi paul, i believe Cuellar has an injury scare so if you have n other stoke defender then I would upgrade to cameron of stoke. stoke are a better bet than WBA. tamas is in due to injuries to jones and Reid and you cant consider him a long term signing. Stoke have far better fixtures and are by far a better statistical defence

  6. Hi FFG! As always, delighted to come back to your blog daily, awesome stuff, keep it going! Just wanted to ask you a question, would you say that Baines is overperforming right now? Had him since the start, and he has definitely proved worth the high price tag. But I wanted RVP in my team next week, and selling Baines would generate enough cash. Do you consider Baines a season keeper?
    My second option could be selling Michu. I am hesitant to do this, as he is playing as forward right now, and could sneak in a few goals despite the tough fixtures.
    What do you reckon? Any help would be much appreciated!

    • HI Gaurav, thanks for the comments on the site. I think if anything Baines is underperforming. everton have a strong statistical defence and should have returned far more clean sheets given their easy fixtures. Baines attacking returns are to be expected given the easy fixtures theyve had to date. Remember he has free kicks and Pens so should have got more for my money. Definitely dont sell baines yet, in my view it would be a major mistake. after Fulham away which is a tricky fixture Everton have SUN H, RDG A and NOR H. After that game is the time to sell as in my view as the fixtures go horribly wrong. The only defence that is fixture proof at the moment is City. Dont listen to the doubters City have the best defence in the league statistically and the returns will come.

      hope that helps

  7. Hey Man, great article as per usual! Got a dilemma for this week as to who I should play, Rangel or Sagna in defense and Wilshire or Michu in midfield? What do you reckon? Why? Cheers!

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