Barclays fantasy premier league “ones to watch” game week 12


Here’s the GW12  fantasy premier league “ones to watch”.  This is a menu of fantasy premier league players to pick from for your team with factors stating why. (values as at Wednesday  14/11 PM)

 If you’re not familiar with the format I’ve  put the removals from last week  in strikethrough to show you who has come off from last week.    The new fantasy premier league players and reasons why are added  in italics to make it easier to follow.

Ive added a new feature putting BUY HOLD or SELL next to players to clarify my position an all players except budget and bubbling under players.  It aso makes it easier for people wanting a quick look rather than going through the whole article.       At the bottom is a key if you want a bit more detail on the factors listed


Hart – £6.9m – quality fixtures HOLD

No clean sheet last week but a good defensive performance and its still 3 CSs in the last 5.  The fixtures get tough but this is still the best defence in the league and he’s still the cheapest reliable route after Kompany who’s more expensive at £7.2m

Ruddy £4.5m budget

Needs home and away rotation with another GK but fewer and fewer options in the budget section.  The Norwich defence again is not as bad as its painted

Jaaskelainen £5.1m budget

Fixtures are dire and its a rotation only option as the clean sheets will disappear believe me.

Begovic £5.1m budget fixtures

They’ve had the golden period of fixtures but they’re still the best defence outside the elite teams

McCarthy – £4.1m budget SELL

Now injured with no return

Mannone -£4.6m budget fixtures short term

Szczesny, every week I hear he’s supposed to be back and he isnt.  Wait until it happens before you sell

Guzan – £4.5m budget

Can anybody be first choice with Lambert in charge.   Defensive stats actually improving but fixtures still ordinary but if you’re looking for a filler its another option.  Rotation only.

De Gea – £5.6m BUY

Great fixtures start now.  Defensive stats are the worst for the elite clubs but by no means bad and lets not forget the same defence got 20 clean sheets last year.  Nows the time to gamble.  At this price he’s a steal. I mean Krul is £5.3m and the defence is nothing like Utd’s.  Have a back up who plays as anything could happen selection wise if the season so far is anything to go buy.  Maybe Gazzaniga or Tremmel at £4.0 although they both have serious game time risk.


Rafael – £6.4m –  attack HOLD

Despite all the negative hype Utd’s defensive stats aren’t that bad, just not the best.  However Rafael  always gives you the chance for attacking points to compensate.   The great fixtures start now and a presence is necessary.  Smallings  performance at Villa helped Rafaels case although Jones coming back from injury is another risk.  However there’s no security in the Utd defence anywhere with everyone having some game time issues

Jagielka  – £6.1m fixtures. HOLD

2 more games before its time to sell.  The defence hasn’t performed but has the underlying stats.

Huth£5.5m fixtures attack HOLD

Maybe not the time to buy with the fixtures getting a little trickier but definitely too good to sell.  Huth hasn’t delivered his attacking potential but its there especially with Adam on set pieces.  Shawcross is cheaper at £5.1m and Wilkinson at £4.4m and Cameron at £4.6m.  All should play after the injury to Wilson.

Simpson £4.8m fixtures HOLD

Im personally not a fan of the Newcastle defence and the  stats aren’t anything to write home about but have got the potential for clean sheets at home.  Fixtures arent too bad.

Santon £5.0m BUY

Same comments apply.  I’m not a fan of the Newcastle defence but fixtures are good and if you’re looking for someone relatively cheap then its as good as any other option.

Cuellar £4.5m fixtures BUY

3 clean sheets over play what is a pretty poor statistical defence but a good goalkeeper has helped that.  The good news is they’re  forced to play defensively as they really cant seem to score.

Johnson £6.3m fixtures BUY

The class act in the Liverpool defence with the most attacking potential of any defender in the league apart from maybe Baines.  The Liverpool defence is statistically very strong and unless Wisdom fixes his place he’s good value compared to Skrtel and Agger who are the only other 2 people in the defence that have some security


Clyne £4.0m– Saints attack.  fixtures.

Fonte £4.1m– Saints fixtures attack

Gorkks – £4.0m  Reading.  fixtures

Nelsen – QPR £4.0m fixtures – International break “injury”

Davies £4.0m– Seems to be holding his place as Swansea LB. Fixtures are now ordinary.  Rotation only.

Wisdom – £4.5m budget short term

The great fixtures now start for Liverpool and the Wigan game will say alot for Wisdom vs Enrique in the Liverpool line up.  If he survives not being on the bench this week then hes a real value option


Pienaar –  £6.9m – fixtures.HOLD

2 good fixtures before I would start selling Everton assets.

Fellaini – £7.6m form.  fixtures. HOLD

Top of the midfield shooting stats with Nolan by a reasonable distance.  May very well be fixture proof.  2 good games to go before that theory is tested in the mean time Ive moved him to a hold

Cazorla – £9.4m  quality.  HOLD

Last weeks home performance to Fulham was pretty disturbing as far as Cazorla was concerned and even with the fixtures to me he is a hold rather than a buy.  Still has good underlying stats if not Fellaini or Mata standard and unless you believe that Walcott will suddenly become an option again the best in the Arsenal midfield

Lallana – £6.0m – fixtures form HOLD

Hasn’t really produced actual returns or underlying stats  despite early promise and good fixtures and I’ve moved him to a hold for the moment.  Fixtures too good to sell though unless your team is perfect apart from him.

Ben Arfa.   – £7.8m Quality.  form.  HOLD

Like Lallana has been a dissapointment despite good fixtures and again has fallen out of the stats tables.  For me he just doesn’t  shoot enough and too much outside the box however the next best Newcastle to coverage at the moment apart from Ba.   Cabaye remains just an assist player and the goals are an aberration to me

Walters – £6.4m fixtures HOLD

Hasnt returned in 5 games despite good fixtures and is part of a fairly dire attacking team.  Fixtures are still reasonable and the underlying stats are reasonable so I would hold on

McAnuff – £5.1m fixtures HOLD

The only certain attacking starter in the Reading midfield.  An assist based player only but still the best option in the Reading midfield

Valencia £8.6m – fixtures BUY

If RVP is too expensive for your Utd coverage then he’s you’re next best bet for reliability of selection.  I probably prefer Young as a fantasy premier league player but Valencia has more game time prospects.  If you are having an assist based player then one who is feeding chances to RVP and Rooney is one to have.

Taarabt – £5.5m fixtures BUY

How he hasn’t scored in the last 2 is beyond totally me as he’s done everything but.  Has good shooting stats and getting in the box to shoot far more often than last year.  Home to Saints is a good time to start and at a reasonable price wih excellent fixtures I’m still recommending him for BUY

Mata £9.5m form BUY

Fixtures aren’t easy but he’s the closest to a fixture proof midfielder that there is.  Bale is more proven after last season but Mata intuitively looks like a better captain option if needed.    WBA (A) MCY (H) FUL (H) WHM (A) are tricky fixtures though apart from the Fulham game.

Sterling £5.3m BUY

Place seems assured.  An attacking midfielder for Liverpool at this price with these fixtures is an absolute steal

Budget £4.5m ish

Schneiderlin – £4.4m  Saints


Tevez £9.5m – quality. form fixtures. HOLD

Home to Villa could be the last game before you sell as fixtures get tough and better options could tempt you.  Only on the fringes of the shooting stats tables.  On the plus side didn’t play for Argentina like Aguero so should start against Villa.  Longer term with City out of the Capital One and going out of the Champs league should reduce rotation.

RVP – £13.7m – QUALITY. BUY

The only really reliable coverage for the Utd team at the moment with the midfield rotation and Rooney dropping deeper.  Underlying stats aren’t as good as last year but is finishing off chances when they come.  Fixtures are now fantastic

Jelavic – £8.5m – fixtures quality form HOLD

Lethal finisher who  returning to scoring ways last game week.  RDG and NOR next before you should even think about selling good games to go before you would think of selling him

Lambert – £6.1m  form. Fixtures.  value HOLD

Fixtures are still holding up.  Broke a 5 game non returning streak on the week with an assist.  A few good fixtures yet before you should sell starting with QPR away.

Ba – £8.3m  form. BUY

Fixtures are still strong although  has the ability to score against any opposition. Monitor the injury position for this week before buying.

Aguero – £11.0m.  QUALITY  HOLD

Benn rotated far too much and has a patchy record for him but showed his finishing quality on the weekend and home to Villa is definitely not the time to sell

Suarez – £10.0m fixtures BUY

If you havent got him now is the time to do it.  Great fixtures.  Miles ahead of everyone in the shooting stats and now seems to have turned it in to goals

Crouch £6.9m  value fixtures HOLD

Returned with an assist on the weekend after not returning in the 2 easy games before.  Has good fixtures and time to sell is only when you’ve sorted out rest of the team or after the 2 home games that follow West Ham A

Holt £6.0m HOLD

Has 2 difficult games but then fixtures look very good. Seems to be an assured starter.  Not in the stats table though so don’t buy.

Giroud £8.4m BUY

Now features prominently in the shooting stats tables and with good fixtures this is definitely the time to buy

I’m not putting a budget section for strikers.  I just think the position is too important and there’s too much quality to put a filler in.


quality – an elite player for his position

value – a player at a value that is less than the returns I expect

fixtures – a player facing good fixtures over the next 6 games

budget – filler at the minimum price the position allows. Should play

sleeping giant – a player with past form who may have had a quiet season last year but has the potential for far greater returns than his value

YC – card magnet

DGW – has 2 games in the specified game week

pre-season – has pre-season form

pens – should take penalties

short term – will only play for a few games

Form – current form

hope that stimulates some thought for your fantasy premier league team.  Heres the link to the latest fantasy premier league fixtures article if you want to look at that again

8 thoughts on “Barclays fantasy premier league “ones to watch” game week 12”

  1. This is how I would work my wildcard. What do you think?

    Jaaskelainen, Ruddy
    Cuellar, Fonte, Johnson, Gorkss, Zabaleta
    Taarabt, Mata, Fellaini, Sterling, Michu
    Berbatov, RVP, Suarez

    It is a complete change from my original team (minus, Zabaleta, Sterling, Michu, and RVP).

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I was tinkering a little bit more with the lineup, and in the process jettisoned all of my City players. The big risk here is obviously with Wilshire and my lack of depth at midfield. What do you think? I feel like Wilshire will only get the PT and I think he will do well. Better to get him now, right?

    Begovic (Ruddy)
    Ivanovic, Rafael, Gorkss (Fonte, O’brien)
    Fellaini, Mata, Sterling, Wilshere (Mccarthy)
    Suarez, RVP, Berba

    • Hi jason, sorry been out of commission a couple of days. I’ll be doing an imaginary wildcard team tonight. but here’s a few of my views

      IM in favour of all of the following

      Begovic, Ruddy, rafael Gorkks Fonte, fellaini mata sterling suarez rvp

      On the rest

      Ivanovic, I just think for the money he costs the fixtures are just too difficult. Liverpool are a better bet at the momment. johnson if you can afford it or wisdom if you want to gamble.

      I think Wilshire is too dear at £6.4m for a player who is so deep. Im keeping faith with taarabt

      McCarthy if you want to go for a really cheap filler I still theink Scneirderlin is the answer. if you really want a Wigan player maloney for £0.2m more is the better bet

      Berba. im a big fan dont get me wrong but i think i would go for giroud. arsenal have excellent fixtures and youve got no coverage

      hope that helps

  3. awesome. looking forward to seeing your mock wildcard team. taarabt does not convince me, and that goes for the whole QPR team in general. as for liverpool, they are just not scoring enough goals and winning enough for my to justify having three of them on my starting side (i.e. Suarez, Sterling, and Johnson). so if ivanovic is out, who is my stud in defense? Baines? Zabaleta? even though we are speaking the same language, i am lost in translation about your reasoning for not going with wilshire. will definitely change to Scneirderlin. as for berba, his attitude has surprised me and i think he is going to kick some more a–.

  4. My new team

    Rafael, Nelson, Zabaleta (Fonte, Gorkss)
    Yaya, Fellaini, Mata, Sterling (Schneiderlin)
    Suarez (C) RVP (VC) Berba

    Thoughts? I have .4 in the bank.

    I keep coming back to Yaya and Zabaleta. Is this safe? I feel like a team without city players is no fantasy team.

    • hi, the team is definitely over the £100m mark. I use a bit of artistic licence sorry.

      just going through a few of your things. With wilshire arsenal play 4-2-3-1. Wilshire and Arteta will play as the 2 screening midfielders as I call them and I think its just too deep. £6.4m is also pretty pricey.

      Zabaleta definitely isnt safe. The only trouble is that no one is apart from Kompany and hart and their fixtures are not good. I still like the liverpool defence and their fixtures are good. You could always take a gamble with Wisdom although its a big gamble as he could easily not play this week.
      Im not sure about YYT, I would go for Silva instead if you want city coverage. If you want a bit more potential in your cheap midfielder then Kacaniklic with the Richardson injury and the Ruiz change of position is an interesting gamble. Schneiderlin I think will always line up.

      In your cheap defence I would possibly take out Fonye for demel. west ham have a bit more clean sheet potenial or turner of Norwch who are a good defensive team

      Im ok with Berba, just a shame no Arsenal coverage anywhere.

      Now on to the Morrocan…. He has good shooting stats and good fixtures. how he didnt score in the last 2 games is beyond me and plays sainst next. Still i can understand the reluctance he’s not for everyone thats for sure

      hope all that gives you something to think about

      cheers FFGeek

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