Barclays fantasy premier league “ones to watch” game week 22


Here’s the GW22  Barclays fantasy premier league “ones to watch”.  This is a menu of fantasy premier league players to pick from for your team with factors stating why. (values as at Thursday 10/1 AM)

 With the Wildcard available and I’m guess with 2 consecutive double game weeks ahead that most people are using it so I’ve concentrated on Buys .

At the bottom is a key if you want a bit more detail on the factors listed in the decsion


Hart – £6.9m – quality  HOLD

As per each week, the best defence and only Kompany is secure at a similar price.

Begovic £5.8m  form HOLD

Fixtures are ok and better home than away but with the right rotation (Bunn works nicely) he’s still a good option.  Getting a bit expensive (more than De Gea and Szczesny) so I’m not sure I would be buying given the alternatives in defence especially Cameron at £4.9m.  Stoke continue to show their defensive strength and I now rate them the one of the better defences especially at home

Bunn £4.1m Budget BUY

One of the better value defences and ok at home so should be rotated.  Ruddy is out until mid Feb and he’s cheap.  A good buy

Szczesny £5.3m fixtures DGW23 BUY 

Good fixtures good defence despite what you’re told.

Turnbull £4.3m short term DGW22 BUY

Just for the double gameweek.  Should play both games with Cech injured

Budget (chose those that rotate home and away as home games get more clean sheets if youre going for 2 budget keepers) 

Federici – £4.3m

Bunn £4.1m


Sagna £5.1m fixtures DGW23 BUY

Surprisingly returned last week.   The Arsenal defence is underrated and Sagna also brings good attacking potential at a really reasonable price.  Reasonable fixtures  as well.    Gibbs at the slightly higher price is also an option.

Zabaleta £5.9m value  BUY

With Maicon and Richards injured Zabaleta looks to have the RB position sewn up.  Definitely the best defence in the league and apart from the certainty of Kompany at £6.9m this is the best option.  Has experienced a strong upturn in attacking returns this year as well

Cameron £4.9m value BUY

The cheapest buy in a great defensive team especially at home.  Doesn’t give you the bonus or attacking potential of the other players but great value.  Reasonable fixtures fixtures now but good enough at home and cheap enough to warrant rotation

Wilson £4.0m  value BUY(injured)

For anyone wanting to take a gamble this is a great way of getting exposure to the best defence outside the elite at a cut rate price. According to Pulis should be back in a couple of weeks a few days ago so should be back for GW23/24

Wisdom £4.3m value short term BUY

With Enrique injured for 6 weeks this is a great short term buy even with the poor fixtures.  Only risk is Downing to LB with Sturridge joining but I cant see that myself.  Worth the gamble.

David Luiz £6.7m DGW22 BUY

The best buy among the defence with him playing in midfield and Mikel going to ACON.  Cahill or Azpili will be sacrificed if Terry comes back so Cole is the only other option at the moment


Clyne £4.0m (injury doubt)  

Shaw £4.0m

Davies £4.2m budget  

Turner –  £4.1m

R Martin – £4.1m 

Demel – £4.0m

O’Brien injury doubt £4.5m

 Gunter £3.9m



Mata £9.9m quality DGW22 BUY

Probably the obvious captain pick for the Chelsea DGW 22 although I can honestly not name 1 Chelsea player who’s guaranteed 2 games when you consider the Capital One semis are thrown in there as well.  7th in the last 6 shooting stats despite very difficult fixtures and creeping in to the overall season shooting stats. With Bale the only one who’s also in the season chance creating top 10.  I’ve criticised him before but stats are stats and I’m converted now

Bale £9.8m Quality  BUY 

4th in the overall shooting stats despite a low number of fixtures due to injury and suspension.  The best all round midfielder in my mind and also with Mata the only one also in the season chances created top 10 table.  fixtures are only ok though not that it seems to matter for him.

Walcott £9.0m fixtures DGW23 BUY

Playing up front as a midfielder, David Villa is out of the picture and Arsenal have a double game week in GW23.  What more do you need to know

Michu £8.2m form value BUY

2nd in the overall shooting stats and top of the last 6.  Playing as a striker and as well as shooting alot seems to be a clinical finisher

Fellaini £7.4m fixtures BUY

Marked his comeback with an assist but quiet on the stat front despite playing against an awful Newcastle defence and in his favoured position supporting Jelavic.  He is top of the shooting stats for the season despite playing far less games than anyone but isn’t as lethal as Michu.  With Everton having some of the best fixtures of everyone he’s worth purchasing and keeping the faith for those days when he’s unplayable.

Nolan £6.5m fixtures DGW23 BUY

Its now 1 return in 9 games but still 3rd  overall shooting stats although has slipped out of the last 6.  Last couple of games have been disappointing but Carroll will be back soon and with the West ham double game week in GW23 he’s worth the gamble in my mind

Sessegnon fixtures £7.2m

I think there are better options at the moment but he is 5th in  the last 6 shooting stats and has fixtures on his side.  Another playing in that advanced midfield position.  Will give you a difference against your league opponents

Puncheon value £4.9m BUY

A couple of quiet performances have seen him drop out of the last 6 shooting stats although still in the overall season stats.  Still the best cheap midfielder by my reckoning and has a double game week in GW22 so worth holding or buying if you haven’t already


Schneiderlin – £4.5m  Saints

 McCarthy – £4.8m

Maloney – £4.8m

Guthrie £4.1m


RVP – £14.0m – QUALITY  BUY

With Rooney still out RVP looks like he should be locked in to everyones team.  Fixtures aren’t as strong but seems to produce no matter what the fixtures

Ba – £8.6m  form DGW22 BUY

Didn’t start last night and showed far more than Fernando Torres in the 10 minutes he came on.  This is a positive sign but he still could be rotated virtually every game.  The dream scenario is that Torres plays the domestic cups and the Europa league.  Is total quality though if you want to take a punt on fixtures.

Suarez – £10.4m Quality HOLD

Top of both the last 6 and the overall shooting stats plus chances created albeit on the back of kinder fixtures.  Now enters a  period when fixtures are trickier so it will be interesting to see how he fares.  I’m backing him to continue.

Tevez value £8.9m

Good value considering that Aguero is out and he should play virtually every game.  Hasnt returned in last 3 starts but stats indicate returns should come.  Fixtures are tailing off but City look like they can score again

Dzeko value £7.4m

Significantly cheaper than Tevez but more prone to rotation with Ballotelli than Tevez.  With Aguero injured for some time though will get his share of games.  Hasn’t had enough games to appear anywhere on the shooting stats but returns have been self evident

Lambert DGW23 £6.3m

For the Saints double game week and because they are away to Villa in game 1.  Not a longer term option due to fixtures and lack of representation in the shooting stats

Jelavic fixtues £8.1m

Fellaini would probably be my Everon coverage of choice as he’s also cheaper but Everton have the fixtures for fantasy premier league managers to prosper with.  In the overall shooting stats but hasn’t been producing lately

Budget – for those wanting to squeeze in to the midfield

Jones – £5.0m

Pogrebnyak – £4.3m



quality – an elite player for his position

value – a player at a value that is less than the returns I expect

fixtures – a player facing good fixtures over the next 6 games

budget – filler at the minimum price the position allows. Should play

sleeping giant – a player with past form who may have had a quiet season last year but has the potential for far greater returns than his value

YC – card magnet

DGW – has 2 games in the specified game week

pre-season – has pre-season form

pens – should take penalties

short term – will only play for a few games

Form – current form

hope that stimulates some thought for your fantasy premier league team.

11 thoughts on “Barclays fantasy premier league “ones to watch” game week 22”

  1. Hi, wanted your opinion on my squad – I have my January Wildcard activated at the moment. I’ve made 5 changes so far and my current squad is –

    GK – Begovic, Turnbull
    DEF – Luiz, Gibbs, Zabaleta, Demel, Wilson
    MID – Bale, Michu, Walcott, Fellini, Puncheon
    STR – Van Persie, Ba, Berbatov

    I’ve kept 1.9m in the bank as I intend to sub out Ba for Suarez after Ba’s double gameweek. My main concerns are with Turnbull & Wilson. Obviously I’ll be wanting to transfer Turnbull out ASAP, but I won’t have a lot of cash to upgrade much. I would take out Begovic too but I purchased him at 4.6m so it would only give me 5.2m back which wouldn’t help a huge amount. Bunn the most obvious option, but Norwich don’t have great fixtures.

    Another thought was to exchange Gibbs, Zabaleta and Luiz for Sagna, Nastasic and Cahill/Azpilicueta, but I think as I can afford it, I’m much more confident with those first 3 for gametime and attacking potential.

    Would you consider putting Podolski in for Ba for Arsenal’s double gameweek instead of Suarez (But Suarez is playing Norwich so he’s bound to get 3!)

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Keep up the good work.

      • Where did you read that? BBC website today says “Demba Ba and Frank Lampard will hope to earn recalls, but Petr Cech remains injured and Victor Moses and John Mikel Obi are on international duty.”

        • Hi jack, Ive have read various things today. Moses and Mikel are at ACON Ba i think will start against Stoke but maybe not against Saints. I expect lamps to play 1 and Ramires to play 1

    • First 3 choice of defenders look better but i wouldnt put Podolski in instaed of Suarez. Only walcotts worth the hassle at the moment in my mind. giroud would be a better bet if you could guarantee him playing but thats not easy

      good luck

  2. Just curious, I have a similar lineup of midfielders and forwards (the only differences being I have Mata vice Bale, and Suarez instead of Ba). Given the DGW for Southampton, I plan on keeping Puncheon in my starting lineup. The question is who do I bench? I’m thinking Berbatov, but Wigan at home could offer big dividends.

    • Tracy sorry if you give me your line up I’ll tell you who i would bench, Im a little unsure what yours is. sorry if i have missed something obvious


      • Sorry for the confusion. I was referring to my MF and F lineup being similar to Jack’s above (the very first post above).

        MF: Mata, Michu, Walcott, Fellaini, Puncheon
        STR – Van Persie, Suarez, Berbatov

        Under normal circumstances, with such a strong set of midfielders and forwards I’d keep Puncheon on the bench and play all of rest (4 MF and 3 F). However, the challenge this week is the DGW for Southampton, which in my thinking keeps him in my lineup. Berbatov’s form is much better now over the last 3 weeks or so and I’m tempted to keep him in my lineup since Fulham is playing Wigan at home. I’d appreciate your thoughts and thanks for your excellent analysis.

        • wow what a nightmare choice. I cant even believe Im saying this but it seems a choice between Michu and Walcott as I agree re berba. I would probably go for Mchu althouh the guy is a finishing machine. City have a good defence away and will probably play defnsively but I would still probably go for Michu but it doesnt rest easy

          Whatever you do I hope it works out

          cheers and good luck!

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