barclays fantasy premier league – the “I’m considering them” player list GW1 – updated 18/8/2012

Here’s a list of the players I’m considering for barclays fantasy premier league GW1 with a couple of words as to why.  The intention is to refresh this every game week.  Ill also rate the captain choices.  They aren’t in order, its more like a menu if you like, rather than a ordered list.  Im going to try and only pick one player per club for each position.  Remember this is not just for the next game it looks about 6 games ahead and follows my overall fantasy premier league philosophy of looking for teams and players with groups of easy fixtures coming ahead but remembering the quality almost fantasy premier league fixture proof players and the need to plan ahead for your captain choices

Firstly heres the key for the comments:

quality – an elite player for his position

value – a player at a value that is less than the returns I expect

fixtures – a player facing good fixtures over the next 6 games

budget – filler at the minimum price the position allows. Should play

sleeping giant – a player with past form who may have had a quiet season last year but has the potential for far greater returns than his value

YC – card magnet

DGW – has 2 games in the specified game week

pre-season – has pre-season form

pens – should take penalties

short term – will only play for a few games

ive also put the changes since the last post in strikethrough and new wording in italics to make it easier to follow


Hart – £7.0m quality – seems like he will play

De Gea – £6.0m quality value

Cech – £6.5m DGW1  fixtures

All £4.5m and budget






£4.0m best back up even though wont play  – cerny  im now convinced by henderson of West Ham as the back up due to bogdan unsurping him jaas last year and Jaas being 37 


Zabaleta-£6.0m – value best value city def  Richards injury has added to this

Rafael – £5.5m – value GW1 risk but no RB competition.  hint from SAF he will play

Ivanovic – £6.5m DGW1 attack value

Hibbert  £5.5m – fixtures and value

Hangeland £5.0m – value sleeping giant

Budget £4.0m

Stevens – Villa  maybe a threat from lichaj also rotation risk from Lambert

Clyne – Saints attack

fonte – saints

Nelsen – QPR – Boswinga gives an issue over Onouha as a possible CB

Demel – west ham

Gorkks – Reading


tierney – norwich   garrido signing makes this too risky although should play GW1

R bennett – although risk from ward when returns next week




Mata/Hazard – £9.5m – DGW1.  Quality. fixtures both have positives and negatives.  Hazard is more of a goal scorer so hes my choice.  now opted for Mata. mainly due to him being centrally behind Torres.  

Bale /VDV – £9.5m/£9.0m – Quality. fixtures. Im leaning towards Bale.  bale is my choice

Young /Kagawa – £8.5m – Quality.  GW2 on fixtures. both game time risk.  leaning towards Kagawa

Lampard – £9.0m – DGW – Can you ever write him off, even in 4-2-3-1?  11 goals last year. pens

Nzogbia – £6.5m – fixtures sleeping giant

Michu – £6.5m – fixtures pre-season (15 la liga goals last season)

Noble – £5.0m – fixtures pens

Pienaar/Osman £6.5m – fixtures.  Osman more shooting based.  pienaar more assists.  cant decide!

Dempsey – £9.5m – quality been written off before   now not playing due to being “on strike”

Budget at £4.5m

Guthrie – Reading – best choice

Britton – Swansea

Whitehead  – stoke

Cattermole – sunderland YC risk

Diakite – QPR YC risk

Marveaux – newcastle – short term

Schneiderlin – Saints


Aguero/ Tevez £11.5m/£9.0m – quality.  How much more debate can we have?  Im leaning towards Tevez.

Rooney £12.0m – quality.  pens

RVP – £13.0m – QUALITY – I havent got him in at the moment due to all the speculation. Not even sure he will play?

Torres – £10m – DGW  only.  fixtures – captain

Defoe – £7.5m – fixtures value (only if Adebayor doesnt sign)

Jelavic – £8.5m – fixtures quality

Bent – £8.5m fixtures sleeping giant

Petric – £6.0m  pre-season

Graham – £6.0m pre-season fixtures

Cisse QPR – £6.5m quality.  has underlying stats which rival the best

I’m not putting a budget section for strikers.  I just think the position is too important and theres too much quality to put a filler in.


hope that stimulates some thought.  heres the link to the fixtures article if you want to look at that again









14 thoughts on “barclays fantasy premier league – the “I’m considering them” player list GW1 – updated 18/8/2012”

  1. Great article again, liking the sleeping giant category, my whole team is in your selections. Though I am considering a punt on Podolski as my 3rd striker. I like the guy’s style

  2. How can you be sure Ivanovic will play, Cahill was on the bench on saturday. I think you wont get both games out of him (even though its a two game week)

    • Hi BAR, another draft will be on tonight. Will be looking forward to the comments as its very different!


    • RK has been playing well in pre-season. Only isue is that he is in the Wales squad and kebe I believe is fit so hes a bit more of a risk in my mind than Guthrie who I’m going with

  3. My Team:
    Gk – Green, Cerny (sub)
    Def – Hangeland, Simpson, Pearce, McCartney (sub), Clyne (sub)
    Mid – Mata, Kagawa, Dempsey, Bale, Whitehead (sub)
    Att – Defore, Tevez, Torres.

    Any feedback?
    Great articles by the way, spent work reading through a lot!!

    • firstly wow that’s some midfield!

      Here’s a few suggestions

      Having just defended putting Cerny in I think you would get a better return from a home and away rotation with davis of southampton for the additional £0.5m. otherwise you’ll go in to some away games with no chance of a clean sheet

      McCartney isnt a cert to start due to injury so maybe Demel at the same price which is what Ive done

      Im not fan of the Newcastle defence. you cat argue with 15 clean sheets but their underlying stats were terrible. can you squeeze in Hibbert?

      I think with Mata he may not play both games n GW1 but that risk exists with hazard as well

      Only other thing is having enough cash for Rooney or RVP for GW2 which i personally think is important

      looks good though


  4. What do you guys think of having both Bale and VDV in the squad? I know it’s a risk having two players from the same team who play in the same zone in your team, but it’s tempting, given that it almost guarantees you a steady flow of points in the MDF every week (Tottenham also have very good opening fixtures). VDV in place of Kagawa. I also have Hazard so it would be a big risk imo having both Hazard and Kagawa from the start, plus Kagawa is caught in the whole messed-up RVP/Man Utd rotation situation. Any insight from the admin? Thanks.

    • Bale and VDV are 2 of my favourite fantasy premier league players because even if they don’t score or assist their underlying shot and chances created stats are still good. I had them both in last year towards the end and didn’t regret it one bit. Im just starting conservatively and not putting all my attacking eggs in one basket (apart from Chelsea for GW1) plus the whole AVB Chelsea train wreck makes me a touch nervous.

      Im also nervous about Kagawa and the RVP situation. Welbeck was always going to play further up the field than Rooney as I imagine RVP will but at least there would be some games where he would play in the hole with just Rooney up top which wont happen now. He is good at getting in to the box lampard style though so maybe he can still score within a 4-4-2. Am planning an article today on it


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