best fantasy football team 2022 – 3 FFGeek Contributors FPL Teams


Here’s our Best Fantasy Football Team 2022 article where 3 FFGeek Contributors show their latest FPL teams. There’s Yaniv Salomon, Stephen Troop and Sergio Torija. Between them they have 8 top 30k finishes.

best fantasy football team 2022 – 3 FFGeek Contributors FPL Teams

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Here’s a few very early drafts to give you some ideas for your FPL teams. They will change prior to the GW1 deadline of August 5 although there will be updated versions before then.

Stephen Troop

Stephens last 4 seasons ORs were 16k, 22k, 86k and 43k

Follow Stephen on Twitter here

See also Stephens article analysing the most popular players


Here is my current draft. I’m not someone who makes lots of drafts because I find that it leads to overthinking and inevitable disappointment when a player you had in one of many drafts hauls, but you didn’t have him in your GW1 squad. There’s always a lot of unknowns and surprises at the start of the season. You might predict some correctly but more likely it’ll be a case of reacting to it. It could be expected starters not starting or those premiums not firing or a sudden cheap player you’ve never heard of hitting big scores. It’s easier to just chill a little and not overdo the drafts.

I feel the bulk of the team is decent with just a few choices to be made. I’ll outline my rationale for the current team and discuss my dilemmas. It’s worth noting I’m targetting GW8ish for my wildcard. There’s some nice fixture swings and 8 weeks of data is a good amount to set up for the next 8 weeks. I’m open to an earlier wildcard if needed though.


Goalkeeper I currently have Raya. I would like to stretch to a premium, and haven’t ruled it out but for now it’s Raya. I like Brentford’s fixtures for the first 8 and Raya kept up with premium points per match last season. The downside is the arrival of a new keeper making him a slight risk of starting. Sanchez and Mesilier are other 4.5s I’m considering. Mesilier for the fixtures/save points and Sanchez has the nice option of a 4.0m reserve keeper so you’re guaranteed if your main GK is injured you won’t need a transfer. Goalkeeper injuries are rarer though.


I’ve gone with a 4-4-2 with the 4th/5th defender rotating. This is a bit different to most drafts I’ve seen with 4 or 5 premium defenders. I do have Alexander-Arnold, Cancelo and James but have avoided double ups for now and removed Perisic from my initial draft as I want to watch Spurs play. They have multiple new signings, lots of wingbacks and Chelsea in GW2. Plus Perisic has yet to play in pre-season. I’ve little doubt a Spurs wingback could be in my squad during the season as the value and attacking threat is there and I’m expecting a big season from Spurs.

Lei/Bri rotate really nicely for the first 8 gameweeks getting me BRE (H) NEW (H) LEE (H) SOU (H) FUL (A) LEI (H) AVL (H) CRY (H) and Dunk and Justin at £4.5m seems great value. They both have attacking threat as well. This also saves me 1m vs an extra 6.0m player + Nico Williams.


Salah and Diaz are my main ammunition here. Tripling up on Liverpool feels a must with their fixtures and Diaz looks a bit underpriced given he’s likely a Mane role replacement. There are a lot of great 8.0m options though and I expect this to be a position I change a bit this season. Bailey at 5.0m looks a bargain based on pre-season form and I’m hoping he will start. Villa fans, from what I’ve seen, are expecting him to start but Buendia is still competition so is a risk. Even off the bench though he can still score (as he did vs Man United in a recent friendly). This is however a short term punt as after the first 3 weeks Villa’s fixtures turn bad and at 5.0m he is difficult to replace. Sancho is another punt based on pre-season form, new manager and decent price. This depends on the Ronaldo situation however.


Template forward of Haaland and Jesus. Jesus is just too cheap not to own with his form and fixtures. Arsenal and Jesus look hungry in pre-season and in interviews too which I feel bodes well.


1) Kane vs Haaland. I actually really want Kane for the first game but I hate booking in transfers and I won’t captain him anyway over Salah. I just think there’s more chance of 30 or 60 minutes for Haaland initially and the Community Shield game will be key.

2) Sancho/Bailey vs Guimarães/Martinelli+0.5m. The latter feels safer, more flexible and means I can do a .5m upgrade somewhere or keep in the bank. I even like Coutinho instead of Bailey and Sancho down to a 5.5m but I don’t like any 5.5 players at the moment. This will be a down to the wire decision.

3) More premium defenders? – I am relying on my 4.5m rotation matching an additional premium score such as Diaz or Chilwell.

4) Diaz vs Robertson – I could gamble on a Mahrez or Mount instead of Diaz and get in Robertson instead who I think will match Diaz. It does mean investing more into the back or sacrificing James and further downgrades in midfield which I’m not sure I want to make

Here’s the team as it stands

best fantasy football team 2022

Sergio Torija

Sergio’s last 6 seasons overall ranks were 45k, 262k 2k, 596k, 17k and 21k

So I’ve made a few changes since my last draft a few days ago

£4.5m Jansson out for the nailed £4.0m Nico Williams

£5.0m straight swap of Dewsbury Hall out for Villa’s £5.0m Bailey based on pre-season form

Then I’ve restructured my spending by taking £8.0m Mount out for fun pick £6.0m Lingard and invested that in defence by taking out Dunk for £7.5m Alexander Arnold.

The last change was £11.5m Haaland out for the same priced Kane. Just due to Haalands potential lack of minutes in GW1. I do fancy the switch though to Haaland in GW2 when he plays Bournemouth and Spurs play Chelsea

Here’s the current team

best fantasy football team 2022

Yaniv Salomon

Yaniv’s last 5 seasons overall ranks were 37k, 96k, 3k, 4k and 8k

Follow Yaniv on twitter here

Below is what I think is a beautiful balanced squad

The changes from my last draft are as follows:

Ederson out to Sanchez, Chilwell out to Cancelo, Cash out to Robertson, Diaz out to Neto, Dewsbury-Hall out to Bailey, Haaland out to Kane and Delap out to Greenwood

Here’s the team as it stands

best fantasy football team 2022

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