Best Fantasy Premier League Managers – Introducing new FFGeek Contributor David N


We’re pleased to welcome one of the best Fantasy Premier League managers around in new FFGeek Contributor David N. David has a fantastic FPL record and has finished the last 4 seasons with the following overall ranks 17k, 10k, 598th and 265th. An incredible record

Best Fantasy Premier League Managers – Introducing new FFGeek Contributor David N

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Hi David thanks for taking the time to do an interview and it’s great to have you as one of the FFGeek Contributors this season. How long have you been playing FPL, how did you get into it and what is your motivation?

I have been playing for 8 or 9 years, and it all started as a result of some friendly competitive banter. I used to play fantasy baseball when I was a teenager but that did not last long as there are simply way too many games, hence too big of a commitment! I have never really taken it overly seriously, and it is genuinely just a game for me, so I will probably not have too many drafts before the season start and will simply look to finalise my team in the few days before the season starts. The main motivation is that I just love football!

What is your playing strategy?

I used to be a lot more aggressive, taking more hits and making early transfers to build TV in the first half of the season but I have obviously adjusted my approach over the past two years. I suspect I will remain more conservative this year, but I have no problem taking hits if I feel it will be more than beneficial over 4+ game weeks. I also like the odd differential and will generally try to play my game; the sheer quantum of information and opinions available mean that it is much easier to second guess ourselves and feel more inclined to follow the masses. That being said, I generally stick to the popular captain option, at least until much later in the season. And I generally never have more than two premiums until my TV is much higher as they generally do not represent good value for money unless I intend to captain them. I marginally value fixtures more than form, even though both are important, and love to target players who are facing bottom and/or out-of-form teams.

Are there any players you think will definitely be in your GW1 team for 22/23 through all the tinkering?

Notwithstanding the rotation risk, I will definitely have three Liverpool and (at least) two Manchester City players. They should fare just a well with year and they include Alexander-Arnold, Robertson (I prefer Robertson at 7M than Diaz at 8M) and Mo Salah (who I should captain quite a bit, at least until I am given a reason not to and given the good fixtures to start the year). As well as Haaland (especially if he is on penalties and as I currently do intend to captain him some game weeks, for example GW2). Also at least one defensive player, but may still move from Ederson to Cancelo. But let’s see how firm those views are when we have more information at the beginning of August.

Your best / worst FPL moment?

I forget the details but I remember a goal in the last minutes of GW38 a few years ago when I had gone against the majority in my captain choice (Mane from memory) which put me top of the most competitive mini league I was in in the last few minutes of the season, after having been c.100 points off the top with 4-5 game weeks to play. The worst from memory was a Triple Captain which got injured in the first 30 minutes of a double game week, but fortunately quite a few people were in the same predicament. I also got caught a few times with early transfers where an injury was disclosed or happened before the deadline!

Your favourite FPL player and your nightmare FPL player?

The likes of Aguero, Salah, Alexander-Arnold, etc. were or are unfortunately everyone’s favourite, so generally have very little impact on OR. But Son for example was good to me over the years as his ownership is never as high yet has consistently delivered for me when I owned him. The likes of Vardy, or even lowered priced players like Wilson and Ings often came into my team with high hopes (and every time I tell myself I will never own them again) but have more often then not, through inconsistency or injuries, disappointed.

Your first draft GW1 team and how did you approach it?

Best Fantasy Premier League Managers

Overall structure is two premiums then focusing of players which I see as best value for money. So Salah and Haaland are currently my two premium. The former is here to stay, the latter has more risk (e.g. game time, penalties). I would gladly have five premium defenders but currently prioritised having an 8M midfielder, which may still change; I simply do not like the 6/6.5M options as all are huge risks and I currently do not intend to have any spare value on the bench given that the first WC will certainly be used GW4-8 this year. That being said, Rashford is one I am monitoring, especially if it looks like he could be their go to striker this year.

In defence, Alexander Arnold and Robertson remain fantastic value. Ederson over Cancelo for now. Chilwell over James (but will probably change to James if it becomes clear that Chelsea will play 5 at the back instead of 4, and if they bring in 1 or 2 CBs to reduce the risk of James playing RCB). Perisic again great value on paper but will re-assess early August / post pre-season (will also monitor Doherty). Tomiyasu a placeholder for now. I also like Trippier (and believe he would be a worthy upgrade on any 4.5 defender) but given fixtures if anything he may come in when I WC.

I like Mahrez but for him to stay, I need more comfort that he will play more to keep him. Same with Foden, as Grealish should see more game time in his second year. And will Foden play false 9 when Haaland is subbed or rested? I would like another Manchester City player but one to monitor and re-assess closer to time. Kuluseviski is another one I considered, partly to potentially mitigate the pain of seeing Kane and/or Son haul early in the season, but I need to better understand how his game time is impacted by Richarlison’s arrival (as Kulu is likely to almost always be the first one of the front three subbed, with five subs this year, and Richarlison is a decent upgrade on Lucas Moura, so potentially a lot less minutes!) Martinelli is largely a question of game time with the new signings, so another one to monitor. Will also follow the likes of Neto and Wissa’s pre-season. Two bench fodders to complete the midfield (who unlike the third one provide minimal cover via appearance points!)

Up front, even more so if he is on penalties, Jesus should represent good value and not a key driver, but I do not want too many differentials to start the year and he is 50+% owned. If Jesus had been priced at 9+, I would have considered Toney or Bamford (or Wilson on my first WC once fixtures improve). Taylor is a placeholder. None of the 4.5 will realistically play so will stay away from the ones that take a slot in a team I may want three players from and hopefully I will not own one which drops in value before my WC!

See you in August!

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