Best FPL Attacking Defenders – GW22 Review


Here’s our best FPL attacking defenders article where we outline the best attacking defenders of the season so far.  We taken their xG and xA and converted them into theoretical FPL attacking points plus given additional information in our schedule

Best FPL Attacking Defenders – GW22 Review

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The stats are as the 12th January and before the GW21 West Ham v Norwich game 

I’ve take the xG90 and xA90 for the season to date and converted them into FPL attacking points having adjusted the total for average minutes played.  To qualify the players must have played 270 minutes.

I’ve also included their xG and xA as well as their  PPM.  In addition I’ve included their Shots per 90 minutes and key passes per 90 minutes.  All underlying stats are from the free site understat 

Under status the following abbreviations mean:   INJ = injured, INJD = injury doubt,   NFC = Not First Choice AFCON = at AFCON.

Best FPL Attacking Defenders
Best FPL Attacking Defenders

The importance of Volumes

The schedule above is based on xG and xA converted to FPL points but I personally think it’s worth looking at volumes as well as a base for attacking potential.

Here’s the top 20 volume schedule ordered by the combined SH90 and KP90 figures only

Best FPL Attacking Defenders

So what did we learn?

How you rate attacking defenders depends on whether you believe in quality (xG/xA) or Volume.

If you look at the relationship between quality and volume the link isn’t that strong.

If you value both quality and volume of those currently playing then clearly Alexander Arnold, Alonso and Cancelo are the premium attacking defenders.

Then it gets trickier to pick players unless you decide on quality or volume.

After that you have to go down alot lower in the volume schedule to find players in the top 20 of both schedules

Those in the top 20 of both are Lamptey, Robertson, Reguilon, Ben Davies and Laporte. These are all FBs although Davies is in a back 3 at the moment.

The lack of CBs in the above mentions is due to lack of volume. Only 3 have more than 1 shot per 90 in Laporte, Rudiger and Fernandez. In contrast 8 FBs have volumes better than that.

Hope you found it interesting

The fixture ease schedule for defenders over the next 6 gameweeks

Best FPL Attacking Defenders

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