Best FPL forwards DGW22 – forward Player Rankings And Transfer Suggestions For DGW22


Here’s our Best FPL Forwards DGW22 article where we rank the FPL Forwards for DGW22 and beyond. There’s stats and transfer suggestions for your FPL team

Best FPL Forwards DGW22 – Forward Player Rankings And Transfer Suggestions For DGW22

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This article consists of a schedule ranking forwards based on their underlying stats over the season of the season. xG and xA per game are converted to FPL attacking points. Stats are from the excellent free site FBREF Players injured or suspended or with significant gametime risk are excluded from the schedule.

There’s also their FPL points per match as well as their value for money rating. The higher the better. Above 10 is the gold standard

I’ve also highlighted whether they have a DGW22 fixture and how many postponed games they have left after GW22 to make into potential DGWs. You can see these on the schedules below

The rankings are purely mathematical and there is no adjustment for fixtures coming up. The attacking players fixture ease schedule is below

Prices are a little historic as of the 4th January

The ranking schedule

As I said above the rankings are based on their xG and xA per game converted to FPL attacking points

There is no adjustment to a players rank for fixtures upcoming

Best FPL Forwards DGW22

Transfer suggestions for GW22

So as I said in the midfield rankings article generally I think if you are making a transfer it makes sense to roll the dice on DGW players. The fundamentals of looking for players that have a good entry point fixture as well as a good overall fixture ranking in the upcoming 6 gameweeks plus represent overall value for money and consistency of performances doesn’t change. The suggestions are not in any particular order

The choice among forwards is surprisingly good and here are the options although not in any particular order


So I’m surprisingly starting with the player that I expect will be replacing Jamie Vardy as the CF while Vardy is out. Firstly the caveats. He is an injury doubt and didn’t play any part in Leicester’s FA Cup tie yesterday. Secondly there are reports that Leicester will look to get their 2nd game of DGW21 postponed due to Covid cases and I guess that raises the question as to whether it could spill over into DGW22. It also prevents us from seeing if he has recovered from injury and will be fit for DGW22 and will be the preferred CF rather than Lookman or Perez. Lastly there is the possibility that Zambia could replace Zimbawbe at AFCON meaning he could be unavailable for that reason. Phew!

The reason why I’ve put him here though is due to his stats so far this season. 2 starts and 5 sub appearances for 286 minutes have seen 2 goals and 3 assists at a goal or assist every 57 minutes. This is backed up by exceptionally good underlying stats. The risk is it’s only 286 minutes and although his previous clubs record is also very good that is for Salzburg in the Austrian league. A differential pick for those looking to take risks.


I expect Ronaldo or Kane to be the captain favourite in this DGW although I won’t put a poll up until much later next week. 8 goals and 3 assists in 14 starts plus 2 sub appearances. His disappointing consistency rate of 7 returning games ie 44% reflects his underlying stats which are very much feast or famine. In his last 9 games we’ve seen 4 exceptionally good performances and a reasonable shot count if low by his historic standards. This inconsistency reflects Man Utd’s very inconsistent form


With Son injured for DGW22 I expect Kane to be one of the captain favourites for DGW22. Again a poll will be up later in the week.

This is about recent form and history only. 3 goals in the last 4 games and just put aside everything prior to that this season. As far as his underlying stats go the corner has been turned in the last 6 games with 3 good sets of stats in those games including his shooting volumes getting to where we would expect Kane to be.

It’s whether those 6 games are enough for you to restore the faith in him

Josh King

There’s no question that King has the best fixtures of the doubles and the luxury of penalties in his locker.

The question is how good is he really? 5 goals and 4 assists in 15 starts and 1 sub appearance for an OK PPM of 3.9 but a disappointing consistency return rate of 38% which reflects a hat trick in 1 game distorting the stats. 3 of his last 6 games have also seen him shunted to the left rather than be a CF.

His recent form has also tailed off significantly with only 1 assist in the last 5 games and poor underlying stat output in those last 5 games as well. This is about fixtures and penalties


3 goals and an assist in his last 5 starts shows the good form he has been in recently. 5 of his last 8 games have also produced decent underlying stats. The negative is the 2nd DGW22 game v Chelsea although Brighton did manage 18 shots in the reverse recent game at Stamford Bridge.

Good fixtures afterwards although you will need to navigate a blank in GW24

The fixture Ease schedule

Here you can see each players upcoming fixtures over the next 6 gameweeks

Best FPL Forwards DGW22

Postponed games sorted by club

Best FPL Forwards DGW22

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