Best FPL Tips GW12 – The FPL Transfer Planner Team For Gameweek 12

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Here’s our Best FPL tips GW12 article where we look the FPL team run by Joe’s FPL Transfer Planner and Points Projection Tool for GW12. The FPL team was made to road test the Transfer Planner and finished with an overall rank of 3k IN 21/22.

Best FPL Tips GW12 – The FPL Transfer Planner Team For Gameweek 12

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General points on the team

This is a team that is created using only the projections seen in the FFGeek Transfer Planner which is designed and developed by FFGeek Contributor and FPL expert Joseph Crilley. Joe’s last 7 seasons overall ranks were 16k, 5k, 93k, 68k 28k 7k and 13k

– Each gameweek, the squad will be assessed against potential transfers to decide whether there are any moves that are considered profitable in the projections model.

– Ownership plays absolutely no factor in our decision making and neither does formation. It is purely about maximising the projected points of the squad.

– The projections are based on historic long-term data so transfers will almost never be reactionary. Sustained performance over a few weeks would need to be seen before we transfer in any player. In terms of the article, I will only go into specific detail where I deem it necessary.

Joe’s personal team is also available on Patreon and will often operate very similar to the Planner team as its projections are a significant factor in my decision-making. Often there will be more information available in that article so be sure to check that out!

GW11 points

GW11 points:  48 (19 Top managers average 29) Total points: 662 Overall Rank: 601k, green  arrow: 637k   Team Value: £100.6

The team played it’s wildcard in GW10

GW11 review

Who knew that a score of 48 points would result in arguably our best gameweek of the season? It was our second best gameweek rank, but given that the average for engaged managers was somewhere around 28 points, this was a huge return for the Planner team. We have now risen from a rank of 1.6mil to 600k since using our wildcard in GW10 and our team remains in a strong position. In terms of GW11, we had 5/11 returners, but the real gains came from the Monday night game.

Only owning Palmer meant that we could expect a drop in rank from the Spurs-Chelsea fixture, but the craziness that ensued resulted in a positive swing. There were blanks (or minus points) for the highly owned Spurs assets while the budget midfielder walked away with a double figure haul. Some significant positive variance there for our team and it may continue as we do not own any Spurs players and the injury/suspension crisis could be a benefit in upcoming weeks

GW12 plans

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