Telegraph fantasy football

telegraph fantasy football – my final team (subject to a 3pm line up check)

Heres my final telegraph fantasy football team, its the same as the 2nd draft, I’ve just replaced Dempsey with Hazard.  Ive kept faith with Rooney until RVPs role becomes clearer and just as a check if theres any issues over the lack of pre-season.  Ive put the links to the earlier drafts of my telegraph fantasy football team which show the full explanations behind players

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telegraph fantasy football heres my first draft team


OK so time to start putting out a few teams  to start some debate.  so here’s my first one for Telegraph fantasy football.  By the way I’ve assumed RVP is going to Juve for this team so everything may change!   the link to the telegraph fantasy football category is at the bottom of the page  to see the rest of the articles including a summary of the rules.

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Telegraph fantasy football – the best strikers rated

I’m going to outline in a series of articles the players I rate, beginning with strikers.  If you read my article on strategy “23 rules of play ” see link at bottom of article, you know that I believe that the underlying shooting stats are the key to a players success in fantasy premier league whether they be midfield or a striker.  Now I’m going to do a piece in each game format this one for Telegraph Fantasy Football on the players I think you should be considering based on their underlying stats. The articles will be tweaked for each format so only read the format you intend to play to avoid repetition.

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Telegraph Fantasy Football potential bargains – part 2

So heres the 2nd part on the Telegraph fantasy football potential bargains.  Ive put the link at the bottom of the site to the first part (paste it in to your browswer if it doesnt work as a link)

Ive repeated the context below of this article for people who havent read the 2 articles in order.  Remember these tips can change in their importance as transfers happen. Don’t worry though in the week before the opening game I will review all teams, including potential bargains,  so this can be updated

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