Telegraph fantasy football

Telegraph Fantasy Football – potential bargains part 1


Here’s the replication of my article for sky sports for the telegraph fantasy football format. I’m going to repeat parts of that article in order to set the scene for Telegraph Fantasy Football managers who didn’t read the sky Sports article. As I said with quality over all the premier league this season and the likes of Rooney and Aguero looking near must haves in our Telegraph Fantasy Football team, finding value elsewhere is going to be essential. Here’s the first of a series of articles identifying value in a player (ie a potential bargain) after looking through all teams in the Telegraph Fantasy Football format.

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Goalkeeper strategy and tips for Sky Sports Fantasy Football and Telegraph FF

What’s the best way of approaching the choice of goal keeper for your Sky Sports fantasy football and Telegraph team. What type of team should the goal keeper play for and how much money should I spend are questions that will be asked by Sky Sports fantasy football and Telegraph managers.    I’ll help solve these questions and give you some choices for this year.   This article will split the analysis in to 2 halves.  Firstly the single goal keeping format of the Sky Sports Fantasy Football and the Telegraph  format and then a further article for the 2 goal keeper format of the barclays fantasy premier league and facebook fantasy premier league game.  It will also give you some hints on who to choose this year.

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Telegraph fantasy football – summary and key points

So the Telegraph fantasy football site is now open and then there were 2 now that sky has opened. Again I haven’t done it before but it seems like Sky based on the 30 transfer fixed value model but with no captain. . and weirdly includes FA cup games.

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